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ConocoPhillips (COP)

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  • Here we are as I predicted a month ago when we were at $50, we will hit $43 then $40. If these levels are realized, reluctantly I will bite to more to position and wait for the announcement to increase dividend. ONLY way this stock moves back to $50.
    I do not see analysts assumptions of $59 in the near future, maybe 3 years from now or when acquired.
  • rumor that XOM may in talks to buy COP for $55
  • This the most manipulated stock on the market. No wonder Millennials are staying clear from it. Only 2 posts on this board in 1 week. Wow!
  • rumor ??
  • COP is up 5.06% to 45.25
  • go🌱uncalled🌱to🌱thy🌱poor🌱friend's🌱house. http://dataunion.tistory.com/7863

    ConocoPhillips NYSE $COP Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.2 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • COP now back to pre Permian Basin sale....so much for infusion of cash. Oil prices just prior to sale was $47-$48, jumping to $50 around the sale date. In other words COP trading at $43-$44 with oil prices at $47. Then COP sells assets for HUGE MONEY. Fast forward today we are back to March 27-28 levels.
    Management needs to raise the dividend to get this stock price moving up, or do something with those billions because shareholder value is deteriorating.
  • Analysts Opinion on COP-As of June 2, 2017,
    ~46% of the total 24 analysts covering ConocoPhillips (COP)
    have given “BUY” recommendations on ConocoPhillips (COP) stock.
    Of these:
    • 7 analysts have given “STRONG BUY” recommendations
    • 11 analysts have recommended a “BUY”
  • ✔️🌐 Remember 6+ years of Obama gas prices over $4 dollars sometimes over $5.
    Just bought Trump gas on the way to church $2.09. 👍 nice💰
  • Current management has to go.
  • Current management is way overpaid, for years it was working for the investors, now its working to make the upper 15% rich. No accountability for the waste and graft ( under the table) while 100 millions for contractors are paid and then % paid back to unaccountable employees.
  • EIA reported 6.238 million draw on oil stock in storage and today is also dividend payment day.
  • Let's see. The market is approaching record highs. Oil is above $ 51. Analysts rate COP - 6 "strong buy", 11 "buy", 7 "hold". COP is still at multi-year lows and trending lower. I have waited too long to dump this dog. I believe it will eventually rise, but it will not be fully valued until the CEO and Board of Directors is replaced.
  • Credit Suisse upgraded CVE to outperform. Remember COP now owns 208 million shares of CVE. Every point increase of CVE means 208 million for COP with no expenses A 5 point increase in CVE means over a billion profit for COP according to my calcs.
  • Would love to see COP hit 50
  • $43 then $40 very soon? I do not feel it is warranted. I do not get it, stock jumped to $51+ when they sold off asset at significant prices. Oil prices are shaky but not something we have not been dealing with for years. COP is still ahead of their goals to buy back shares and pay down debt and hopefully in the future raise dividend again. COP claimed last earning call they can make money at these barrel price levels.
    I think we drop and then we will need to wait until next earnings for something to maybe get back to a $48-$50 range.
  • FireWallDown; What is your opinion on shareholders voting 68% against executive pay increase? Do you think management understands shareholders are not happy with stock performance and dividend cut? Thank you for your opinion.
  • As of May 19, 24 analysts provided recommendations on ConocoPhillips (COP) including six "strong buy," 11 "buy," and seven "hold" recommendations.
  • $50 Oil and ABOVE -COP is a "BUY"!----ConocoPhillips' plan is the cash flow it can produce from its current portfolio at $50 Brent oil, which it set as the break-even level. After adjusting for its two most recent asset sales, the company anticipates that it can generate about $6.2 billion in operating cash flow this year at that oil price. ConocoPhillips' first priority for that capital is investing what's necessary to keep production flat -- currently less than $5 billion per year -- and paying a sustainable dividend, which has a run rate of about $1.3 billion per year. Any excess cash generated would then go toward its next priorities in the following order: annual dividend growth, reducing debt, repurchasing shares, and investing in high-return projects that deliver modest production growth.
  • Would you know how many COP!s shares that Cop Co. would buy back ? Thanks. Fat