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Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST)

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    CHINA starting to RE OPEN
    Bonus here.
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    The market could be about to tank...Do this now.For more info
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    Greg J
    To start the week off. I'd like to clear up some misconception by some, which includes analysis who made a deal of Costco's margins that was the only thing in the latest GREAT earnings left open for unwarranted punishment in the selling, (along with one of the biggest weekly overall market dumps for the monthof September).
    Costco's margins beings as they came out are a fabric of a the best run retail company doing it's best to not make life harder on shoppers during this very difficult time of inflation...
    they inturn when charged higher for products did their very best working between there highly skilled buyers and suppliers to share some of the price increase, rather than pass it onto the consumers. Surely as in many ways of life... you can't make everyone happy, especially critics or trators looking to embellish falsely that the company failed in some way when they are outright smoking the competition & the tuff situation all retailers face. So, we have on this very message board a couple big mouths that think they can scare twist or make all kinds of accusations of the last stellar earning considering all obsticals today along with giving us great performance of the company as is expected by many as me.
    So..... my thoughts of the abuse, picking on fake margin problems, are an array of folks/investment companies trying to make a buck "IF" they can push stock price down to buy up cheap.
    HAHA I say, they know why the margins aren't critical and why they came out as did nicely actually. They know Costco is a big time winner! So, listen up if your confused or uncertain. Especially don't listen to a couple posters on this MB bashing or doing what's known as "SUBLIMINALLY BASHING", pretenting they post front a neutral position or flat out negative.
    God Bless, invest n make the best.
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    valuation is nonsensical. waiting for 425
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    Not sure what I would do with! Their daily emails keep me up to date on the best stocks to watch and have made all the difference for me as an investor!
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    recession proof...right?
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    After 5 rate hikes Inflation continues, tells me that Powell tools are NOT working, as I said this type of inflation will NOT be won by raising rates.
    GDP is now in the 3rd moth od negative growth, with labor market fully employed why do we have NEGATIVE Growth Mr. Powell ?????? why are you continuing to raise rates?????
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    Building wealth: "Plan your work and work your plan."

    (I have never seen anyone on these boards [since the '90s] w/ any plan, at all.)
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    All I know is my COSTCO is always always always sure they may not have as big a profit but I am sure they are not losing money and will be here long after all of us..
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    Costco will be or should be on a downtrend with their deteriorating service specially in their logistics team which doesn’t monitor their contractors it hires;
    Don’t expect the service you deserve since they hire contractors on the cheap.
    Very displeased with Costco.
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    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
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    Home Depot is now forecast to earn more in 2023 than Costco. If you want to look HD share price,that might provide a sense as to how much more downside is still possible from here.
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    PE compression may not be over.
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    normally red on Friday..extra red today
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    As we await Costco’s 2022 earnings report on Thursday, here are my projections. As I have mentioned before, the 4th quarter is 17 weeks (once every 5 years) vs 16 weeks and it seems that most of the analysts are only looking at 16 weeks. That being said, my estimates for Sales around 75B, higher than 73B on Yahoo + 1.4B in membership for revenue at $75.5 to 76.5B. This is notably higher than the analysts (all of them) so I rank this estimate at nearly 100% of beating.
    In terms of earning this is more difficult as Costco may do a few things with the numbers that we don’t have access to (charges, currency adjustments, etc). Therefore, my estimate is for $4.49 with a range $4.41 to $4.56 per share. The range is from the firm $4.42 from revenue plus the change due to the acquisition of the Taiwan assets. Hard to say if Taiwan is all the partnership assets so that number could vary (didn’t dig into this one), but that is about $.05 to $.07 depending on exchange rates. Other variance comes from the 17 week being missed in the single analysts sheet I have access to.
    Given these estimates and I appreciate debate, I think Costco is in for a good earnings report in a generally bad market. Hopefully this results in our march toward 600/share, but the recent week was difficult to watch. Go longs and good luck on Thursday and a soaring Friday.
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    If it got cut in half the PE would still be 20, Kroger PE is 14.
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    is there an end?
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    this hurts when you have 1000 shares
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    Can’t find the right stocks to trade? I have the fix for free
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    Can't say no one saw this snap back up coming. It's Costco lol.