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Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP)

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  • D
    Anyone here invested in both CP and CN Rail? Does it make sense to invest in both Canadian railways?
  • j
    https://youtu.be/ltFpUmo0heA the company is now being investigated for criminal negligence by the RCMP for train 301 derailment in 2019 February
  • J
    Well sitting at an average of 80 can’t average down anymore I guess I’ll hold the bag
  • J
    I keep buying the dip but forgetting to wait for the dip to the dip 😂
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    Merger scorecard since the Harrison era:

    CN purchase of IC...friendly deal, completed.
    CN merger with BNSF: friendly deal, blocked by STB. (Eventually taken private by Warren Buffett)
    CP acquisition of CSX, v.1: friendly offer, abandoned "for reasons that will go unsaid" (Harrison's words). CP CP acquisition of NSC: initiated as friendly, became hostile, abandoned due to highly likely STB rejection.
    CP acquisition of CSX, v.2: hostile approach, didn't get to formal offer stage before being dropped
    CP acquisition of KSU: friendly deal, broken by superior offer from interloper CN....ongoing.

    Amazingly over this timespan, NONE of the US Class 1 railroads have pursued any major acquisitions.
    Despite there not being even ONE trans-continental network, none being operated nearly as efficiently as the Canadian railroads, and none having been able to significantly grow their freight volumes or market share organically.

    But all those rail CEOs are extremely well paid in just the condition they're in now.
    Which pretty much solves the mystery.
  • W
    Do you guys know how much cad is dividend? As far as I know $0.19. Am I right?
  • T
    I just posted a comment about unusual options activity and CP stock asking a genuine question... it was evidently deleted. Why?
  • J
    I’ve been watching this stock ever since. This will go down for 2more days or $2 more and continue to go back up.. manipulation
  • M
    Is it a good idea to buy CP just for the possibility that it will be most likely acquired in the not-too-distant future?
    1. CN will dominate Canadian rails (direct connection to Mexico) which means customers are more likely to pick CN.
    2. CP will suffer losses as CN can operate at greater efficiency with less assets
    3. In face of losing to CN, CP will reach out to buyers for a takeover/merger - possibly UP
    4. Once news that CP will be acquired is public, enjoy a nice payday from the stock increase?
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    Friends. On the day of the split we had several posts asking why the stock had “dropped” 80%. One response said the tracks had been torn up overnight & sold for scrap. I stated Management was involved with an exotic dancer. I recall other mocking answers as well.

    Yahoo has deleted those posts.

    Obviously Yahoo has no sense of humour,

    How much “respect” do we owe to those who post having failed to read the news articles accompanying the CP listings?

    That posts confusing the split with a price drop exist; what does that say about those posting here? Are they really investing money knowing so little about what’s going on in the company? Are they following some AI notice?

    Is the stock market really just a giant roulette wheel?
  • S
    Thanks for the dip CP and CNR
    Added both
    Bullish on both
  • D
    Hello everybody, I have a question to you all, What should I buy now CP or CN? Please help!
  • S
    We need to break $84.
  • D
    When JJ Ruest was asked by the Wolfe Research moderator why the single railroad offered in the CN-KCS deal would offer better service than simply continuing with an inter-line agreement between CN and KCS, his answer was interesting:

    His answer included "when you look at intermodal, the real solid intermodal...they basically only run end-to-end on a single railroad....... to really connect Canada and Mexico, you really need a network that's run by one, that's owned by one, that's maintained by one.....to have an interline connection, you "really don't get there from here" ...... you need a single-line to really compete with trucks.

    And he even (briefly) referenced the inefficiencies of having to interchange in Chicago. (where the CN main line is).

    So, in summary: Ruest's answer.....touting this CN deal....was exactly the same as one Keith Creel would give to promote the CP deal.
    *Except*.... CP already has a route that bypasses Chicago enroute to KC.

    Well done, JJ.
  • B
    Reading articles about the CNI-KSU acceptance deal, it appears that KSU has paid CP the $700 million break up fee already? The articles don’t mention the STB review at all.anymore. Why not, is a far gone conclusion? I hope CP keeps the $700 million in a separate holding account for now, because CNI is going to have to appease BNSF, UNP as well with trackage issues. This is far from over IMHO. Knowledgeable rail friends told me CNI’s approval for the merger was about 25%. They all felt CP in the end, would get the STB approval over CNI. Now we just have to wait it all out, 🥵!
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    CP is a core holding, it’s not a meme stock for Moon Bois. Sell and I’ll buy up your shares.
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    The 2 offers" : from CP Rail US$282.20 per share, from CN Rail US$320.14 per share. The key issues are regulatory. The US DOJ and the Surface Transportation Board are making statements that seem to cast some "shade" over the CN offer. The DOJ are raising significant competition concerns with CN. There will be a clearer view tomorrow (Friday) before 5 pm E.
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    Valueline report for 5/21/21 says that if the KSU deal were to fall apart, CP could be seen as a takeover target. I am guessing that there aren't any other Class I rails that would be potential buyers, so maybe a merger of equals with a larger Class II or Class III group? It could be a takeover target by the Brookfield group that bought out Genesee & Wyoming or another group.

    I'm not sure what they are getting at with the assessment, but figured I would share.

    My money would be on CP staying around and looking to buy up smaller rail lines and logistics companies (like CSX buying up Pan-Am lines in New England and the recent bulk carriers trucking deal). Might even be worth looking outside rail at something like the Kirby barge lines so in a sense both CP and CNI would have duplicated lines down the middle of the US.
  • S
    Nice rally to close the day
  • J
    Can anyone share as to why CP is rising and CNR is still falling after KSU accepted CNR offer. I just don't get it. Isn't this is a bad new for CP? (disclaimer: I am holding CP)