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    They good news is the volume. With so many shares short when the pain and momentum shift it will be hard for shorts to cover at price that doesn’t hurt and move the price drastically.
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    I hope this thing opens up one morning between $13-$25 pre market. I really could use the $250k-$500k
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    Stay strong.
    West Texas Intermediate crude oil, meanwhile, is expected to rally 36% to $55.90 per barrel. With inventories remaining high, the firm (Goldman Sachs) believes prices will begin to gain momentum “after winter.” $CPE $MRO
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    I think the rally today in oil stocks is due to B*den's comments on wanting to phase out the oil industry. He's been trying to tiptoe around it and backtrack on this but when he said in the debate even he knew he slipped up. I think the perception is this is going to hurt his chances and reduce the chances of him getting elected. And the less chance of him getting elected the less chance of the oil industry getting pushed down. This tell me that in a couple weeks, and actually either way whoever wins, that once the uncertainty about the industry is no longer an overhang, I think we see a rally in oil stocks. Could be a major short squeeze even before as people get out early as well. I think it will be a nice time to be long oil stocks here shortly. jmho
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    Nice day for CPE with oil down 2%, CPE up nicely but that's what can happen when a stock already hit rock bottom.
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    I see some are wondering about why oil companies jumped so much on a subtle up day for oil. You have to realize that oil companies are extremely cheap. They are also massively shorted. To track the sector use the ETF XOP. XOP (reverse split adjusted) was never lower then $20 (which would be $80 now) in its entire history. 2015-2016 oil crash XOP never lower then the current $80, same with 2008. XOP is half the price right now then in previous times when oil was $30. Oil companies right now are basically priced for $10 oil. Therefore oil really doesn't need to go up really much at all for oil companies to jump because oil companies are artificially way too low. Then add the very facts that the actual real numbers from EIA and IEA (not silly headlines) are actually fairly decent and you have fundamentals that are no longer a headwind.
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    When oil is up just 50 cents, CPE is spiking.
    Think about when oil will be up from $5 to $10 in the coming days as the travel increased.
    Also, Election will be over in 2 weeks.
    CPE earnings in 2 weeks.
    Vaccine approval in 4 weeks..
    Next Stimulus..could be bigger next time irrespective of when it comes.
    All looks positive..
    Stay HOLD...you will never get the cheap price anymore..
    CPE is for WIN ...
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    I see people buying volumes like 30k, 40k and someone bought 51k shares now.
    looks like big fishes are coming in now..
    bit scary but feels good to see the price go up :)
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    D P
    "Democrats, Republicans and independents know that the U.S. natural gas and oil industry delivers affordable and reliable energy to American families and businesses and all over the world,” the organization said in its statement. “We aren’t going anywhere.”
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    I have seen this twice before in this stock. Before the R/S .50 to 1.13 in three days end of April then In couple of days in the first week of June .68 to a high of 2.75. New shares would be from about 7 to 27.50 - Rest in peace shorts!!!
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    $QEP conversation
    Sleepy Jo openly said that he's gonna SHUT DOWN the oil industry because they're major polluters. Thats it, he blew it!! Now the fine folks in TX, PA, OK, NM, ND, CO and everywhere oil/gas provides stable well paying jobs will swing into gear and throw creepy Mo to the lions. HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE SAID THAT.

    XOM closed almost $2 up today, 5%. BP and Shell will follow, as will the small and micro caps. Oil will soon stage a rebound rally that will go thru the roof...... go $CDEV, $QEP, $HLX, $SM, $RIG, $CPE, $AR ....
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    Who knows but I can't see them being stellar with the current price of oil but I'm no expect on breaking this information down. I know guidance had 100k barrels a day...Do the math at current oil prices. Here are some things I do know and like though; Steven Webster (former CEO of Carrizo, purchased over 2 million shares of CPE in March and hasn't sold a share since. I really feel comfortable with whatever happens that the float is 39M. That gives a huge possibility for a monumental short squeeze if things go further south. I like that pretty much ALL oil is in the same boat with regard to chart trajectory. I love that CPE has proven reserves of over 500 million barrels. I love the direct pipeline access to the Gulf. I love that the ALL CPE is on shore in the most oil rich permian region. I love that several institutions have increased their position in CPE recently. I love the current draw down on supply. I love that the election is almost OVER and the fact that Covid-19 death rates are going down not up. Another lock down won't happen. Mark my words. We are moving out of this nightmare not further into it. The world runs on oil and many countries are yet emerging. Oil isn't going away. If you look at a 5 day graph vs. a 1 month vs. a 1 year vs. a max, I love that we very well could be headed into a super cycle. It all depends on the graph movement in relation to time what can really be seen. OPEC know what they're doing and trust me, oil is selling at a bargain currently. It WILL recover shortly. Last comment, tech is way over priced. When it corrects where will they all flock? Maybe to a beaten down sector trading at pennies on the dollar?!
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    Up nicely, merely on an AVERAGE trading volume day. NOT if, but WHEN the VOLUME pumps UP, this thing is going to FLY!
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    CPE- Last 30 mins trend - 37K bought and 13k sold with Technical indicator of "Strong buy" now.
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    Who is ready for $5.50 today?
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    Guys, could somebody explain the recent oil industry movement?
    It is not just $CPE
    All oil stocks jumped about 4-5%
    I understand oil price increased, but not that much.
    Stimulus? but DowJow index is flat, S&P500 is flat.
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    what happen if lots of people want to buy but no one will sell until $10?
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    $QEP conversation
    WATCH! Market slowly beginning to realize its 2016 all over again - hop aboard MAGA train!! Based on whats going on around the country, and if you have any faith in folks like JD Vance, it'll very likely be a LANDSLIDE win for trump .... Dems will again be grasping at straws, trying to postmortem what went WONG with their "predictions" and "polling". The invisible / hidden voter is a big factor thats in favor of Trump ....

    Comms: Go. Capcom: Go. Power: Go. Auxiliary: Go. Boosters: Go... 7 -- 6 -- 5 -- 4 -- 3 -- 2 -- 1 -- 0 -- IGNITION, and we have a GO for liftoff.

    Go $QEP, $SM, $CPE, $CDEV, $HLX, $HPR, $RIG................ godspeed. Signing off Houston.
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    ConnocoPhillops is paying about an 18% premium over shareholder equity for Concho Resources. If CPE were to be bought out at the same premium, it would be over $58 per share.
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    Interest that they raised rates on borrowing shares for CPE.