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Calpine Corporation (CPN)

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13.65+0.15 (+1.11%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • I have a feeling CPN will see a pullback now. What yall think? check out awesome_stock_s, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • CPN is up 6.11% to 13.55
  • Overall I think we will see upside for CPN in the short-term. Perhaps a pullback next day or so could occur I suppose but are yall also seeing a further leg higher? I started receiving notifications from awesome.stock.s the other week and so far they have presented interesting new trade ideas.
  • I think CPN is due for a pullback. What are your thoughts? I started receiving notifications from awesome-STOCKS the other week and so far they have presented interesting new trade ideas.
  • makes me sad I sold prematurely...oh well! Good luck everyone....
  • I would love to hear your rationale as to why the fact that CPN has offered itself up for sale would result in a justified increase market price? If anything, it would seem an admission by mgmt and the board that it is flailing, with little upside for the future. As a publicly traded stock, it is for sale anyway on a daily basis and would be subject to a tender offer. Any piecemeal sale of assets would have to be justified to shareholders, and the stock would tank if mgmt were to execute a bad deal. Does not make sense to me - welcome sane thoughts.
  • Do not know why CPN published that they want to be sold?
  • options up 2000% just like that...I sold and rolled it into ZSAN (small bio-tech) for anyone who wants to make money!!! Today is capitulation day meaning...Buying when others fear!!!!!
  • oh yeah baby!!!!
  • Earnings, cash and growth are horrible. Lower from here. Will eventually trade for what their assets are worth less debt. Since each asset is in a SPV, it is possible lenders will foreclose and eliminate CPN's for that SPV.

    I am extremely bearish and think a buyout is possible. Certainly not at a premium. Vultures may buy the bonds at deep discounts and force a bankruptcy. This is a bad situation.
  • I'm in the business, and have no position in CPN, but it is a dead dog and will never recover. Lower from here. Never been an earnings play, but an asset play. And power assets will be way down for a long, long time. Efficiency, slack demand, and renewables. And coal is even more "deader." LNG is the way to play energy. No position in Cheneire, but that's the premier company. Dump CPN.
  • I think CPN is due for a pullback. What are your thoughts? google awesomesto-cks - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • We may have here an upside runner to watch. Technical strong buy at stolxine. Long to $13.02.
  • I've lost SO much money with this trash stock, my financial advisor has been telling me for years to sell and write the losses off on my taxes. This is the worst ran/managed Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the country. This company will NOT be around in 10 years. They have been selling off plants left and right just to stay a float. Prior to Calpine, Thad Hill couldn't keep a job, 2 years at NRG, 1 year at Texas Genco. Only Calpine's Board is stupid enough to keep him around....thus the great condition of the company and the wonderful trends you see with their stock prices.
  • Never a good time to buy this junk stock, still about $11 in the hole from when I purchased this trash. Until Calpine's Board decides to dump that #$%$ Thad Hill that they have as President & CEO you will never make money on CPN stock!
  • Mark, This stock is at a 5 year low with her history only lower in 2008 when the market tanked.

    Thank you for your 2c but I think I will my chances.

    FYI natural gas bottomed in Feb and is over double close to triple now.

    Earnings Surprise is an understatement, more like double digit growth.
  • Andy, I've been holding Calpine Stock for 10 plus years, I guarantee you, you will NEVER see double digit earnings...ever! Calpine is a company in decline with talented employees being let go by the company and less talented employees quitting because they hate working for Calpine. The good days of when Peter Cartwright ran the company are long gone. Jack Fusco sucked enough money from the company to buy the Flying Horse Ranch for $12 million dollars, then he turned the reigns over the Thad Hill, now he's trying to suck enough money to buy his own "Flying Ranch" then he'll turn it over to another leach and so on....
  • buy when others fear!
  • alpine has easily been my worst stock I bought it and so did billionaire and we're both sucking
  • we are in nat gas peak season...glad this bottomed in February...means surprise earnings...