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    HISTORY (Feng Zhang Can Not Edit): CRISPR Patent Fight Turns Ugly as UC Accuses Broad Researchers of Lying About Claims
    Aug 01, 2019 by Christie Rizk

    ""Inequitable… untrue… materially false"

    UC's next motion, alleging the Broad engaged in "inequitable conduct" is the most explosive, however.

    The university said that the Broad's claims are unpatentable because it made "at least one affirmative material misstatement" in each of its applications. Specifically, UC alleges that Zhang made statements he knew to be "untrue" at the time he made them, and that Sanjana had made a "materially false declaration."

    Zhang alleged in his declaration that he had a complete conception and reduction to practice of the technology he'd claimed he'd invented, USC said. But the university alleges that the evidence shows Zhang's experiments failed to include tracrRNA, which is a required component of a functional CRISPR-Cas9 cleavage complex.

    "The evidence shows that Dr. Zhang did not include tracrRNA in his experiments to form a CRISPR-Cas9 complex at that time and therefore could not have had a complete conception, much less a reduction to practice, of a functional CRISPR-Cas9 system for cleaving DNA," UC wrote.

    The university also claimed that Zhang didn't include tracrRNA in his CRISPR-Cas9 complex until after he'd read a 2012 Science paper co-authored by Doudna, Charpentier, and Martin Jinek, which showed that tracrRNA is essential for cleavage of target DNA.

    "Dr. Zhang was aware of the Jinek paper, and cited it in his own publications before he signed his declaration and before his counsel submitted it to the [USPTO]," UC said.

    UC also accused Zhang of omitting unfavorable data and context from a summary panel the Broad showed the patent office. The full data would have showed the experimental failure of not including tracrRNA, as well as Zhang's "failure to understand the criticality of tracrRNA at the time he conducted the experiments," UC said.

    "The Broad's affirmative mischaracterization of data… is part of a larger pattern of deception," the university added. In filing a claim for one of the involved patents, the Broad submitted a declaration from Sanjana, stating that the researchers had achieved successful cleavage of target DNA in eukaryotic cells by a CRISPR-Cas9 system comprising a single-guide RNA. As evidence, the team included a copy of an experimental gel. But UC said that gel was misrepresented, and clearly shows that Zhang and Sanjana's experiment was "a failure."

    By presenting the gel as proof of a successful experiment, UC added, "Sanjana materially misstated facts in an attempt to prove an even earlier date of invention. Those acts evidence Broad's pattern of deceptive behavior in its dealings with the patent office."

    In its supporting documents, UC submitted a February 2015 email from Shuailiang Lin, a researcher who had worked in Zhang's lab from 2011 to 2012 and who was listed as an inventor on the Broad's provisional applications.

    "The 15-page declaration of [Feng Zhang] and Le Cong's luciferase data is mis- and overstated to change the examiner's decision, which seems to be a joke. After seeing your in virto [sic, in vitro] paper, Feng Zhang and Le Cong quickly jumped to the project without letting me know. My lab notebooks, emails and other files like dropbox or gel pictures recorded every step of the lab's failure process. I am willing to give more details and records if you are interested or whoever is interested to clear the truth. We did not work it out before seeing your paper, it's really a pity," the e-mail said, according to UC's filing.

    The bottom line, UC concluded, is that the Broad's patents should be canceled."
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    We should actually be happy about this market correction. Just imagine, if all the big 4 were trading at their highs now, what would we have thought to ourselves?
    Two things:
    1) These companies are the future. They will each be worth XXX (Fill in the blank according to your point of view).
    2) I wish I could have bought more at half the price.

    Well, guess what. These companies are still the future. Nothing in their story changed. And we got our chance to buy more shares in prices we thought we will never see again.

    Look at the glass half full.

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    Jim Smith
    Cathy said this would be bigger than FAANG. buy more when it's on sale.
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    CRSP has now seen three major corrections since IPO (updated):
    May 30, 2018 ($73.88) to Dec 24, 2018 ($22.36) (70%)
    Dec 04 2019 ($74.00) to Mar 16, 2020 ($32.30) (56%)
    Jan 15, 2021 ($220.20) to Feb 23, 2021 ($121.00) (45%) (current)
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    ark is going to add 6 more million shares soon. quickly buy now. mark my words.
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    The whole biotech sector-small cap growth stocks as well-have had quite the ride the last several years. A major correction off of over valuations in small caps was coming and has been occurring. You will see mid cap growth and then large cap growth come next. (This will be the year for value stock investing). The best small cap growth stocks, and this is one of the best, will come back with upward price momentum with a vengeance and the next rise will far surpass the last several years. So, add to shares on lows and wait for the next small cap growth cycle. The cycles do not last as long as they used to, for various reasons, so be patient, a $1,000 dollar investment today gets you 7 whole shares. At $220 it could you 4 whole shares. So buy low and pick up almost twice the shares. You will be glad you did. The market movers are shaking out the non committed and buying those shares, so don't play into their wealth building strategies. Have your own. Keep focused.
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    I will have funds clear tomorrow and am looking to go all in. I have been thinking about many different plays but am now leaning towards this one. Plenty of time to change my mind but I keep hearing that if you go in, do it for 5 years and not for quick trades. I am ok with that if it can generate major growth in that time.
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    Apologies for the long post and any typos...

    People need to stop bashing CSPR...
    If you’re a long term holder already, that is you bought a few years ago; then you know what you have. If you’re new then yes I understand that it is very disappointing that you have bought in at $180-$220 and now it’s down just under $140. I could have sold @ $220 or above $200 and bought back in at $140’s price but I did not. For reference I bought in around $48 at end Feb 2018, we’ll before the first patient
    was dosed.

    You have to know what you hold and hold on. Don’t get the jitters because of Bluebird or the -ve posters. CRISPR-Cas9 is a very different precise method go read up and do your own research don’t ask questions to which answers are readily available.

    You can’t say for certain that someone got the cancer because of the treatment. How many people get Cancer each day who have not had a form for gene therapy. So many!

    That is like saying sell your Tesla shares /drop The Tesla share price/MC by half because a few have crashed and people died. I mean how many cars crash each day that are not Tesla’s far far more. People need to see the overall bigger picture here.

    Victoria now leads a normal life like you and I as do all the other patients. Their life’s have changed for the better. Granted they have to have follow ups to check on progress and to gather the proof/evidence that is needed for filling for approval. But far better than the constant hospitalisations, pain and the impact to life, and to family & friends around. As they treat more patients... yes some could get Cancer but not because of the treatment but because they were naturally pre-disposed to getting it. (That for the uneducated means they would have got the cancer regardless of having any treatment). Or they could get other illness... that does not mean it was because of the treatment.

    How many people smoke cigarettes and get cancer because of it and other diseases. People still start (before addiction) to smoke knowing those facts... I mean it says it on box that It will kill you... eventually.

    Now a medical cure which currently is 100% so what if it turns out that it only works 80-90% of the time. That would still be a big deal. Even if a small percentage of those we’re getting cancer.. well there are treatments out there perhaps even other gene edits(cure’s).

    All relax this is cure that works if this were going to fail it would have done so by now. Just hold on no matter how low it goes and note that it’s not just CRSP that down it’s also their peers and CRSP will go back up and will end of higher than the $220 high of Jan 15, 2021.
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    Stock Guru gives Crispr Therapeutics a 500$ billion market cap in 10 years.. in 10 years I’ll only be 42 😎
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    CRSP is back to price action from Nov 27, 2020
  • Z
    Todays Day Candle is a Red 9...
    pre-market is $125.50, which is a 43% correction from 220.20 on January 15th, 2021.
    December 04, 2020 price was $74.00, and corrected down to $32.30 on March 16, 2020, which is 56% (ongoing correction increased with covid lockdowns).
    Charts do not lie. It is all about price action, and CRSP is just confirming a bullish breakout from accumulation which ended at $74. Price will turn arround, and $220.20 will be revisited.
    $300-330 is the magnet.
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    Bluebird’s stumble could be a positive for Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) and CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP), which are collaborating on a gene-editing therapy to treat beta-thalassemia and sickle cell disease that would compete with bluebird’s gene therapies. “the delay in the bluebird studies is a big positive for VRTX/CRISPR since whoever gets to the market first may take more share,” per Cantor Fitzgerald analyst. Before this update, we assumed BLUE would get there before Vertex, however, the Vertex data is very robust”
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    What kind of revenue will these guys make after 2022?
  • O
    Would you sell at loss NTLA to jump on CRSP? Y/N thumbs up and down
  • S
    The diligent investors will be rewarded at the end. Stay patient during this rough times. Focus on the BIG pic, Nothing has changed about the company! Goodluck and go CRSP!
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    Has anyone watched Human Nature on Netflix? A good watch if you're interested in this.
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    There are so many weak, paper-handed individuals in this chat. It's no wonder the vast majority of retail traders lose money. You look at the daily chart and it looks like an apocalypse, you look at the monthly chart and to YOU it looks like a rocket ship. There's no in-between for some of you guys. Just because it drops from all-time highs then the stock MUST go to $50, the stock MUST be a pump & dump. Wise investors know what they're buying and hold it regardless of where the price goes if your time horizon ends whenever the price drops you'll NEVER make money in this market. Go buy real estate or a us 10 year note. The stock market ISN'T for you.

    For those of you that know what you're buying you know there's WAY too much upside we KNOW CTX001 is a cure, we KNOW CTX110,120,130 dose-dependent tumour therapy works and is being increased (Guggenheim conference), to say the least. The near-term catalysts are unbelievable also with other projects in the pipeline.
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    Came across this video yesterday. Really liked his take on the overall CRSP mentality. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQAf-YSUOgM)
    This Stock Is Bigger Than TESLA or Apple
  • A
    From 210 to 133, it is now a good buy
  • R
    ok, I did my part today, bought more cspr. I believe I was that 10 $$ bump you saw at 10:30 LOL.