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Credit Suisse Group AG (CS)

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10.07-0.03 (-0.30%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT

10.13 +0.06 (0.60%)
After hours: 5:06PM EDT

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    I established a position at 10.31 to target 10.72. I have a stop loss set at 10.25
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    Newest pivot points are as follows: Support exists at 10.16 and resistance is 10.68 If we can break resistance next target is 10.91. Best entry points to establish, add, and sell are during these pivot points. You can keep track of any support or resistance levels here. There are day trading strategies as well as swing trading strategies and long term hold strategies. I’ll attach a link. Many of you know I only buy during support or resistance levels and sell out of my position when I am down 1/2 of a percentage point from my entry price (A pivot point) minimizing losses allows us to practice good risk management strategies.
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    Investors who like value trade, check out BAP. Its a bank out of Peru.
    Profits are up, revenue is up and so are taxes.
    Price of commodities are rising. Peru is a major exporter of Copper.
    It's prices dropped recently b/c of Round 1 of Presidential Elections. Nothing to do with the bank.
    The US April Jobs Market was lower than expected. So expect investment to start going back to international markets.

    I been losing $$ for a week on BAP. Come on, you ultra wealthy Swiss Cheese, join me in losing your disposable income in BAP, as misery needs company.
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    now buying puts on CS.....there is more bad news to come plus talent leaving and no good ones coming....CS will have to pay big time to get back....CS now replacing DB as the bad bank!!
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    We need to recapture and hold 10.64 and next leg up is 12.36. If we can’t hold resistance of 10.64 we will visit support of 10.44. In my opinion a good entry positions are support or resistance only & using a stop loss when you lost 1/2 a percentage point from entry point. Long term this stock is worth $17 all day long. However i’m not an investor i’m a trader.
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    In my opinion if we can hold 10.38 next stop will be 12.14. I will add to my position again at 10.38. I only buy or sell on support or resistance
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    Just established a position. Long as of 10.38 price target 12.36 . I only buy in support or resistance for the best price. My stop loss is set at 10.25
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    Ohh ex-dividend day is 2d.
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    So this company is work in progress.

    It is not going away.

    It took a few big bets and lost.

    Incompetent or overrated officers not performing their jobs.

    But.......... at half of book value when peers are priced over book.
    New management.....

    I think the stock price will be up.

    This will take time, but will happen.
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    Market realizing the steep discount this is trading to peers...... 23 yrs of bad news.
    Housing crisis
    European Nanking crisis
    Sovereign Debt crisis
    Spying Scandal
    CEO change
    Covid crisis
    slow European rollout of vaccine
    Greensill debacle
    crazy gambling Hwang

    All these are ‘hopefully’ priced in and CS is trading at a 20yr discount to peers and earnings potential. Europe gets its act together and this will be $20 by late fall. A major gamble but the market will reward any decent news in this stock. People will no longer remember Archegos in 2yrs when this rebounds to 3X to $30. Market will love their wealth mgt potential Asia focus and expanding global economy...... buy a few here after the Market has already fled the still floating ship headed for more favorable sailing...,,,,imho
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    Notice how Yahoo news cannot print word one about Credit Suisse LOSING THE APPEAL OF THEIR MOTION TO DISMISS by the plaintiff, for the XIV class action, where with just 15 minute of massive buying of the VIX futures index by Credit Suisse, Credit Suisse was able to steal the assets of XIV shareholders and post a tidy $450M profit on top of that. So it's back in court for Credit Suisse on this complicated Ponzi scheme.
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    Down 5% in Europe Open pre-market. I am looking for an opportunity to buy this on a dip as a long term hold for upside.
  • j
    Not a bad price. 25 billion dollar company - 5 Billion. 20 billion dollar company for 10 dollars a share. Good Deal.
  • J
    Really $17 million of revenue to lose $5 billion. This is unbelievable. I few people got bonuses and they destroyed their company. This company should be merger with the other Swiss bank and all the executives should lose their jobs. Just sayin
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    I just read they are taking a roughly 900 million loss for the quarter ... the total loss just reported was 4.7 B from this scandal ... that means CS was on track for almost a 4B dollar Q1 until this derailment. That’s actually a great quarter other than two huge losses equaling almost 5.5B. That’s a phenomenal quarter other than the two most recent blips.
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    Worse news to come. See you at $5.
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    Karma finally took its toll on Credit Suisse. They got a severe taste of their own financial medicine by inadvertently doing leveraged lending to Archegos and deciding to remain in a highly risky position despite signs of doom ahead. Class action lawsuits started in the past against them take an indefinite amount of time, while this blew up in their faces within days to the tune of $5B. Alas, there is a God working her magic on behalf of past shareholders harmed by this bank's negligence in their creation of risky products that they then mishandle by shuttering at the worst time after market implosion, making matters far worse than necessary. It's judgment day, CS.
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    The fact this hasnt been cut in half already blows my mind... They rack up a 4billion dollar loss on ONE client, which additional losses continuing as they keep dumping leftover stocks, haven't even discussed the other multi-billion dollar Greensill disaster, and yet there are people insane enough to buy this stock. Someone is going to enjoy holding the bag on the next 30% drop.
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    Reported now 20B exposure to Archegos just from credit Suisse alone. This is not good for overall markets...
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    Breaking “Cramer says Boeing secondary shares offer will create attractive entry in a fast opening economy. He says $200 is a good price for a long term position!