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    sap_vp, are of your numbers are suspect. In the June 1, 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting Presentation (on their website) They state 131,000 + cumulative treatments. They state an incredible 81% blended product gross margins and climbing, you stated 70%. TTM Product Sales were as of , March 31, 2021 at $41,439,889. As of March 31, 2020 they were $26,345,244, that is an incredible 57% increase YOY! They have zero debt outstanding, also from their presentation. They also state greater than 131,000 CytoSorb treatments since 2011 and plus 49% treatments since April 1st, 2020 on slide 19. Trailing 12 month treatments were up 58% per slide 20. Looks like you need to go from the dark, short side to the sunshine.

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    Shelf registration: CTSO has plenty of cash on hand. $150 million is huge, unnecessary and intriguing. Do they have anything in mind? The earnings report next week could be more than routine. I don't think that a capital raise would be any time soon, certainly not at these prices.
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    Truly amazing when you have a life saving device like this. Even more amazing is when the vaccine issues kick in with enhanced immune responses to future covid and the higher likelyhood of sepsis. If you've been vaccinated, you might want access to filters in the future. Hope your medical centers and Doctors are wired in.
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    I am no short........I am just DISGUSTED with Chan and have been here from the INCEPTION when you had to have a certain amount of money to even buy in...before OTC even...... RENAL TECH..Even the little clock they gave out with Renal Tech inscribed on it is BROKEN!!
    This SHOULD be a 100 stock as Greg said...
    Get a GodDam Business man to run this company!!
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    Now Keith, for the last 3 years you've been saying it's going to zero. This predicting business seems harder than it originally looks.
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    Wow, shorts are working hard, posting in mass. The truth is that the co.pany will have it's product approved for removing blood thinners within a year and this wl be a $ 100 stock soon after that. Ask yourself why all of these new aliases are posting. Grab more shares while they are on sale.
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    To think that all of our hopes and dreams rests on the shoulders of the Senior VP of Sales Dr Steiner stationed in Germany. He’s the guy Dr Chan has chosen him above all else to sell the product. He ultimately determines whether our investment dollars succeed or failure. Sales drive the bus.

    We all pray each and every quarter with fingers and toes crossed that units sold beat the previous quarter. And honestly, they barely do and before Covid, not all the time. This is a life saving product people. Sales should be exceeding expectations. Not slogging across the finish line quarter after quarter.

    When its Dr Steiner’s turn to speak at the financial meetings I’m like “what”? This low keyed, mumbling ex-casket salesman is responsible for sales worldwide? What? Of all the possible people to sell a life saving device, Dr Chan chose him? Why? Because he speaks German?

    Lets not forget that Dr Steiner is the same person that recruited, hired and trained the initial salespersons to roll out the commercialization of Cytosorb back in the day. It was he who then threw them under the bus when they failed stating they were not a good fit. What? You recruited them. Hired them. Trained them. It was you. Dr Chan backed him stating some salespersons were good but most were a bad fit. A competent CEO would have immediately fired Dr Steiner for incompetence. Instead, he was retained. Where was the leadership of Dr Chan? The holding accountable? There wasn’t any. Sadly, A harbinger of a Dr Chan’s leadership style. Our share price then dove into the $3s for the better part of a year. We lost the confidence of the investment community that lingers today. We possess no investment leeway after that debacle.

    Dr Steiner was recently promoted to lead for all global sales. Say What? Would a highly qualified, business trained, high achieving CEO put Dr Steiner in charge of all company sales? On what track record? On what salesperson personality Traits? Where’s the aggressiveness we expect from a growth company? Where’s the high percentage risk taking? Would Elon Musk settle for just barely over the finish line? Would Warren Buffett tolerate slow growth. Would any successful CEO continue without changes?

    In the meantime our share price continually depreciates. Wall Street has turned their sights away from us. No matter the news, it doesn’t move the needle. We wallow as we have always wallowed. In mediocrity. Will FDA approval save us as we all hope it will? Is success around the next bend? If not the next bend maybe around the bend after that? Or the bend after that? We need some change people. What is it?
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    Everyone read the PR on the CARES contribution. 31k units of the product was sold in the last year. That does not bode well for the revenue numbers. This is an observation and all comments insights are welcomed.
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    I have to keep reminding myself that Dr Chan:

    IS a professionally trained Healthcare Provider.
    He is NOT a professionally trained Business Management Professional

    Has sworn to a Hippocratic Oath upon becoming a physician to prevent disease whenever possible. Paramount
    Has Not been educated to protect and manage shareholder interests in the company. They are only in it to make money.

    Views product development as the primary driver of the company.
    Does Not view company development on equal footing with product development.

    Behaves ultra-conservatively using scientific processes/principles to all decisions both product and/or “business”. (Outcomes be repeatable)
    Does Not decide with speed and conviction. Slow decision making resulting in numerous bottlenecks and/or missed opportunities.

    Views scientific intellect and education as exclusive and need not be questioned or challenged
    Does Not effectively or timely communicate with investors. Investors need not be included in company decisions, strategy or goings on. Keep company news to a minimum.

    …to be continued
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    Question: Is it too early for the company to be initiating the establishment of a billing code for filter usage in the United States? We know that takes time.
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    After 14 years invested, since the Medasorb days, I am no longer excited about CTSO and the endless possibilities this filter can offer to mankind. It's in over 63 countries and sales are dismal. Perhaps its not the breakthrough lifesaver that we all thought it would be. Just another procedure in the endless myriad of medical procedures. I have not sold a single share, but it's time to put this in the back of the portfolio, forget about it and maybe one day, like my old vintage Plymouth Roadrunner, it will be worth 35 times what I paid for it.
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    Everyone buy. This is going to $9,999,999,999,999 per share, because Greg said everyone has shorted shares.
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    I'm here since Renal Tech...
    I'm too angry to comment but I will say Andrew Braverman the former President of Renal Tech completely screwed up the company and that is why they had reverse mergers and reverse stock splits many years ago..to save the company even though it's an amazing device and company ..he did NOT help it...he stole from it!
    This stock should have been 35 .....5 years ago if they had a businesses man at the helm and let Chan be the Doctor!
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    Copper Don
    Chan the fundraiser! Good job, now resign and do it full time. Finally found something he is good at. Fire Chan!
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    They finally put out a PR and it is about giving away money instead of making money..
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    I think even one summer class in Business Management would help Dr Chan begin to understand the basics principles of business. Though it impresses the office staff, wearing a lab coat and carrying a stethoscope around his neck during the working day is not helping to run the business or increase share price. How far will our share price drop with a medical doctor failing as qualified business professional? Unknown.

    Lets face it, whatever “good will” we may have had with the investment community in years past has long evaporated. Let’s just call it the Lord Farquaad syndrome. Self explanatory
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    We closed below $7.40 this past 7/2/21 the day before full FDA protocol approval at $7.35. And before that on 9/8/20 at $7.37; 10 months earlier

    Clearly we are regressing. Shameful performance.
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    I am no longer excited about the market as a whole.
    Have $130k cash and nowhere to put it.
    Have stable sources of income for living and happy but inflation reduces the value of cash without interest.
    what would you do if you were in my shoes?
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    I came across another message board touting NXRP and their inhaler for the prevention of cytokine storm. Early stage for a drug, I am not sure of EAU designation or even efficacy. But it certainly appears everyone is trying to address cytokine storm, no surprise there. CTSO hemo-filtration cartridge works but others are promoting filtration as well.

    For years, Dr. Chan has touted how large the sepsis market is, billions of dollars. Yet we only seem to barely be able to penetrate the market. Dr. Steiner said in the last cc he has sold 132k filters I could not tell if he considers that as an accomplishment, but he certainly needs to do better.
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    I am looking for sales revs to have rebounded to around $12.5 mil in Q2 at a minimum. Any others with expectations?