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Neuralstem, Inc. (CUR)

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  • (((((ALERT)))) ((( GREAT NEWS IS OUT))))
    Neuralstem Added to the Russell Microcap® Index

    GlobeNewswire•June 26, 2017Comment
    GERMANTOWN, Md., June 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Neuralstem, Inc. (CUR), a biopharmaceutical company developing novel treatments for nervous system diseases, today announced that it has been added to the Russell Microcap® Index as part of the FTSE’s annual reconstitution of its family of U.S. indexes. The addition will take effect after the U.S. market opens on June 26.

    The Russell Microcap® Index measures the performance of the microcap segment of the U.S. equity market. Microcap stocks make up less than 3 percent of the U.S. equity market (by market cap) and consist of the smallest 1,000 securities in the small-cap Russell 2000® Index, plus the next 1,000 smallest eligible securities by market cap.
  • The "short Interest" in Neuralstem is 932,000 shares and the time to cover is approximately 15 days. That is a very large short position considering Neuralstem's float and now many of the brokerage house prevent investors from buying shares on-line, they must call their broker if they want to buy shares, however if an investor wants to SELL shares of Neuralstem they can enter that order on-line. What kind of game is that?
  • Wanted to bring this thread to the top.............

    I asked if NSI-189 could be separated in a partnership agreement, so that potential opportunities with the drug for some of the many potential pre-clinical indications could be saved for Neuralstem. Given that some of the off-label uses for NSI-189 could be really, really big. Based on comments from our very own, and very much appreciated Neuralstem IR dept (Jon and Edit), it does not appear that such a separation is likely to be possible. So, assuming that the MDD results are good to great, how does CUR strike a deal?

    Imagine if newly approved NSI-189 was given to diabetic patients off-label, and improved their neuropathy. Does this then become a new drug for treatment of diabetic neuropathy, even though it does not have to go thru the clinical trial process?. And given that safety and tolerability profiles for NSI-189 are already known, it might be relatively fast and easy to do a phase I/II diabetic neuropathy trial if required. It's just a pill - does your foot feel better. And imagine if NSI-189 was available and given to Alzheimer's patients, and was found to improve the quality of their lives. This is one of the holy grails of medicine.

    How does CUR strike a deal with a partner for NSI-189 for MDD, without potentially giving away what could be a much bigger deal. Just curious what the board sees as a deal structure. This is certainly where Daly will earn the big bucks. I am pretty sure this falls into the category of "a good problem to have", but what would you do?
  • Calm the F down. We haven't even hit $.50 presplit......Unless you are newbie long you are still screwed.
  • looks like yahoo erased a great post by FTG.
  • So I have spent approximately 50% of the amount I have allocated for this stock and was going to buy more. However, the SP started to increase and now I face the dilemma: should I quickly buy the rest using the remaining 50% before it increases even more or should I wait and see if it decreases a little bit within the next few days. Any tips on strategy from the pros here? :) Thanks
  • Mr. Market is down for the day but CUR is up BIG TIME and I bet it closes above 6.45 .... I think. We should be seeing more than double ave. volume. Good likelihood tomorrow approaches $7.00.
    From early last week, it looks like a big deal. But it's not. Stock should honestly be $30 or more now !!!
    I'm not selling ANY of my large core position until $20 plus..and more likely $30.00
  • Shareholder meeting:

    Jon (formerly Tripsdad) and I were the only shareholders who made it. I flew in from Kansas City because, given the unusual setting and timing of the meeting, I was expecting some momentous announcement, but none was forthcoming. Mostly, Daly reiterated the progress reports that had already been issued. I followed up with some rather probing questions. Daly's answers were mostly vague and veiled, which was to be expected. After all, he can't make important announcements without first making them public to all investors. What follows is a combination of what Daly actually said, and what I read between the lines. I was so focused on getting whatever information I could, that I can't really differentiate between what was actually said and my own interpretation. Jon, please feel free to correct me or add your own interpretation. That said, here's what I gleaned:

    1. Only NSI-189 is being valued into the share price at this time. However, the company feels that their true value lies in the technology of NSI-566 (which led to the discovery of NSI-189 in the first place).

    2. Because the true core value of the company lies in the stem cell progress, which it not fairly valued, the company is not for sale. They are only looking for a partner for the Phase III NSI-189 trial only. The rest of the company will remain solely under the control of Neuralstem.

    3. Daly dodged my questions about the China Stroke Trial, saying it was too early to release any results. The Chinese site reporting on the study was taken down as too anecdotal to contribute to contribute scientifically reliable information.

    4. NSI-189 has many potential suitors expressing strong interest in partnering on the Phase III study. Neuralstem intends to carry on alone into 2018, because they have the finances to do so, and the more advanced their own studies, the stronger their bargaining position;

    5. There seemed to be a great deal of optimism about the progress of the NSI-189 trials. No details, but they definitely seemed to be very positive about the (presumably blinded) data to date. I'd be surprised if they didn't know something we don't/

    6. The profits from the NSI-189 partnership deal will allow them to return to developing their core stem cell technologies.

    I'll probably add more tomorrow, but I'm too exhausted to continue tonight. I will close by saying I bought another 1K shares Tuesday, and will probably buy more tomorrow.
  • Consolidation today, not unusual after such a big move. I think $5.70 holds, but might go as low #$%$40, probably no lower than that this week. Rally likely to re-start some time on Thursday, IMO. Should reach $8-10 in July, again IMO. Other thoughts today?
  • Fantastic close. More than I expected as per my previous post. Again, I don't think $6.10 has holding power. Be ready for a long ride.
  • Moving up nicely on low volume. Nice move to and thru 5.70 area, one of Drew's TA resistance levels - Now on to the big one at 6.2.
    FWIW, it appears that the trading restrictions I have noted for this stock, have been removed - at least mine have.
    Much tougher for shorts to run wild, when retail can put in bids when the price is falling. Picked up some on the dip this morning, but had to buy some more at the ask. The effort to push this down this morning was weak and shows there is plenty of demand. Buying begets more buying. Just wait for big money to take an interest.
  • now down only 90% from 2014 high. reeling new ones in.
  • Every single person who built a position shorting this stock in the last 13 months is underwater. When will green turn to fear? Rate is still negative 55%. Tick tock tick tock...
  • Anybody going to the Shareholders Meeting in NYC on Thurs 6/22?
    I am not able to be there.
  • Breakout?
  • I posted about today's meeting under Huck's topic from 2 days ago asking if anybody was going to the shareholder meeting.
  • I see tons of support at $5, lots of resistance near $5.40 and more at 5.10, a rising trendline from $3, an ascending flag that began on the 1st of the month, although very lateral. I am on my cell phone and not getting indicators, but it appears to me the bollinger bands are getting tight again. The flag is at or near the inflection point and the stock is at the high for the day. Clearly the odds are in favor of the Bulls (and Dogs, including the CURS, which, by the way, is a type of Dog, one that doesn't get the respect it deserves. Am I digressing? :)
    There is most certainly a lot of programmed trades set up. The next few hours or days shall be interesting, to say the least.
  • Any news from the Shareholder Meeting?
  • I am not surprised to see shares going down today. indicators pointed to overbought yesterday, and many started selling. I am holding my shares, waiting for real news, and not the technical noise. This is not the real price anyways. If drug is a success the real price is way above $5.60, and if a failure, the real price would be way lower. Thoughts?