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CuriosityStream Inc. (CURI)

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  • p
    Short term bearish long term bullish . Right now entire market is a bear market. 700 commons holding strong
  • R
    Money is rolling out of growth to value. This isn’t a surprise.

    Holding individual stocks is difficult. There will be epic collapses and increases over the years. Just hold.

    Good luck
  • J
    Jimbo Wimbo
    Under $13 is a serious discount it won't be this price for long. Buy the dip - rather than it being a bad company it's a poor stock market at the moment.
  • R
    Well. Normally I wouldn’t cheer for unemployment to rise, but the numbers this morning were a massive disappointment. Expect to see a rebound in the Nasdaq and growth stocks this month as the 10yr cools off.

    This is why it’s hard to time the market or day trade. Go long on the companies that you believe have long term potential.
  • N
    Anyone know why the 3% dip today?
  • A
    help me out guys. i need a pep talk.
  • A
    what's going on with that stock? can't be just the overall market...
  • D
    Good buy in price
  • D
    Deepak N
    Today's drop is algorithmic trading. Look at the charts for other high growth/SPACs (e.g. GHVI, IPOE, SKLZ, etc.) all rise and fall same times basically. Lower the float means more volatile. This morning was a great opportunity to average down or even day trade if that's your thing.
  • m
    Whew! Finally gaining momentum! We need to get back to 20s no reason we should be this low!
  • k
    This is my favorite stock!
  • A
    it hurts.
  • A
    For those who invest based on fundamental analysis and valuations, CURI is a screaming buy under $20 (let alone now that it is in the $12's). Her is why:

    PSG or price to sales to growth ratio is a solid indication of how cheap a stock is.

    PSG = p/s divided by revenue growth rate. A value of 1 means stock is priced fairly, under 1 represents undervaluation and above 1 indicates stock is overvalued.

    For CURI: The company has said, 2021 Revenue will AT LEAST be $71.0 million, or 80% year-over-year growth.

    P/s = $675 million market cap (as of 11:34AM PST 4/22/2021 with stock trading at $12.83) divided by $71 million revenue = 9.4 (i.e. stock is selling only at 9.4 times 2021 sales).

    PSG = p/s divided by growth rate = 9.4 divided by 80 = 0.11

    PSG of 1 = fair value
    PSG below 1 = undervalued (obviously 0.11 is < 1 :)-
    PSG over 1 = overvalued.

    I leave the rest to you to decide whether to invest in this super great well managed company or not.
  • D
    CURI made a filing today with respect to how they will deal with the treatment of warrants:

    On April 12, 2021, the SEC staff issued a statement (the ?Statement?) on the accounting and reporting considerations for warrants issued by special purpose acquisition companies. The Statement referenced the guidance included in U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles that entities must consider in determining whether to classify contracts that may be settled in its own stock, such as warrants, as equity or as an asset or liability.

    After considering the Statement, the Company re-evaluated its historical accounting for its warrants and concluded it must amend the accounting treatment of the private placement warrants (the ?Warrants?) issued to Software Acquisition Holdings LLC, the former sponsor of Software Acquisition Group, Inc. (?SWAG?), in connection with a private placement that closed concurrently with the initial public offering of SWAG and recorded in the Company?s consolidated financial statements as a result of the business combination between SWAG and CuriosityStream Operating Inc. (formerly named CuriosityStream Inc.) (the ?Merger?) and the reverse recapitalization that occurred on October 14, 2020. At that time, the Warrants were presented within equity and did not impact any reporting periods prior to the Merger.

    Based on the Company?s reassessment, it determined that the Warrants should have been classified as liabilities measured at fair value on the closing date of the Merger, with subsequent changes in fair value reported in the Company?s consolidated statements of operations each reporting period. The Company intends to promptly file restated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2020 on Form 10-K/A.

    In light of the restatement discussed above, the Company reassessed the effectiveness of its disclosure controls and procedures and internal controls over financial reporting as of December 31, 2020 and determined that a material weakness existed related to the Company?s accounting for the Warrants. As a result of the restatement discussed above, the Company expects to recognize incremental non-operating expense of $8 million to $12 million for the year ended December 31, 2020. The Company anticipates that the first quarter 2021 non-operating expense related to this issue will be between $3 million and $5 million. The Company expects that there will be no material impact to its historically reported cash and cash equivalents, or cash flows from operating, investing or financing activities.
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    i know the moment i sell, this will explode.
  • d
    die Hard
    Not bad, todays curi buyers is tomorrow winners, nice roku
  • J
    No descending opinions allowed o guess.
  • 5
    is it true that they have a 40% insider ownership and a 10% institutional ownership? for a company that has just debuted on the market this year that is pretty significant confidence
  • D
    Are we witnessing a reversal in trend? Maybe. Sure would be nice!
  • D
    CURI is the main bright spot that I have among my otherwise depressed pre and post merger SPACs. At least there's one shoot of green popping up. What a treacherous market it is for SPACworld.