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    Dear all,
    Novartis will support Curevac production with go live in summer 2021.
    See below press release.

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    @Chris, thanks for the article on CVAC's printer and collaboration with Tesla. Translation thanks to Google Translate ;) The key phrase is "first product on the printer by the middle of the year, although not the corona vaccine." Here is the article translated:

    **Curevac - vaccine from the printer**

    The pharmaceutical company Curevac is not only working on a corona vaccine, it also wants to revolutionize the production of active ingredients - with a kind of printer

    When Florian von der Mülbe talks about how the pharmaceutical company Curevac wants to revolutionize vaccine production, the production director likes to pick up the "egg". The oval piece of metal, the size of a hand, is the most important component of a system with which Curevac would like to manufacture vaccines and active ingredients more flexibly in the future.

    When in Germany only a few outside of specialist circles were interested in vaccines, Curevac was already researching new technologies for biopharmaceuticals after it was founded in 2000. Mülbes co-founder Ingmar Hoerr discovered the messenger substance RNA (mRNA) as the basis for vaccines and therapeutics, for example in cancer medicine. Curevac was the first company in the world to begin developing mRNA vaccines - even before Biontech and Moderna, whose vaccines against Covid-19 have now made the technology on everyone's lips.

    For its own vaccine, for which Curevac is also cooperating with the pharmaceutical giant Bayer, the company expects approval in the second quarter. But approval is one thing. In the current phase, the "bottleneck" is primarily production, says the von der Mülbe board of directors. "The big issue is to produce many millions of doses of vaccine in a short period of time."
    The printer from Curevac can be used worldwide

    In Tübingen they not only built a large factory early on. In 2015 von der Mülbe gave up a project team to develop a method that could be used to produce quickly on a smaller scale - with a kind of printer. To this end, Curevac allied itself with the mechanical engineering company Grohmann, who was later bought by Tesla. The global vaccine foundation Cepi funded the development with 30 million euros. In 2019 the printer was registered as a patent.

    Similar to 3D printers, the researchers enter the recipe for a vaccine or a drug from mRNA molecules, which is then produced in the machine's “egg”. With the mini-factory, extremely small batches, even tailored to individual patients, can be produced, but also hundreds of thousands of doses in a short time.

    "I can imagine a world in which every large hospital has such a system"
    Florian von der Mülbe

    A prototype of the mRNA printer is currently being installed in the Curevac laboratories. If all permits are in place, von der Mülbe wants to produce a first product on the printer by the middle of the year, although not the corona vaccine. The machines, which are the size of a car and easy to transport, could soon be used worldwide - even in developing countries, where decentralized production would make costly cold chains superfluous.

    The invention from Tübingen could then not only help in the fight against the next pandemic or regional outbreaks of as yet unknown infectious diseases. It also enables new, individual therapies, for example in oncology. From the Mülbes vision: "I can imagine a world in which every large hospital has such a system."
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    UK to fast-track vaccine approvals, relying on original EUAs in the same way as we have for influenza. Just as Franz predicted! CVAC gets a mention too. Yes CVAC misses out on the 2021 vaccine bonanza from western nations but it's well positioned for late 2021 (boosters) and 2022 onwards. It's also for certain to sign a deal with COVAX

    Rapid approval without lengthy tests can happen if new vaccines are needed to fight variants, say regulators.
    Rapid approval without lengthy tests can happen if new vaccines are needed to fight variants, say regulators.
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    Finally some good news and positive news...company was forecast 146 usd price before the general market downturn

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    $NVAX conversation
    If you compare $NVAX to $CVAC the price movements are almost identical today!
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    Another day in paradise, - 5%
    Jesus will this go on forever?
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    Hi - I am new to this board. Could someone update me on when efficacy data is expected?
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    Efficacy result for Phase 2b/3 will be announced soon...
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    Is phase 3 INTERIM data due this month ?
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    Dr. Roc.
    The trial of German pharmaceutical company CureVac’s coronavirus vaccine has entered the third and final phase in Belgium, bringing it one step closer to approval.
    This final stage, for which 2,000 Belgian residents have volunteered, will help improve the general understanding of the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.
    “Phases 1 and 2 have indicated that the vaccine is safe and there are no side effects. Now, we want to generate a large amount of data to commercialise the vaccine,” said Kristel Knops of Mensura, one of the occupational health services organising the trial.
    The Belgian segment of the worldwide phase 3 trial involving a total of 32,500 people will start on Tuesday, when Mensura and occupational health services Cohezio will each welcome 1,000 participants for the final stage.
    Only half of the volunteers will be administered the vaccine, the other half will receive a placebo to successfully test the efficacy of the vaccine.
    Alongside receiving five physical check-ups and several follow-ups by phone, an application will also be at the volunteers’ disposal, on which they will have to report whether they are experiencing any side-effects or have any complaints.

    Belgium has signed up for 2,9 million doses of the CureVac vaccine, which can be kept at standard fridge temperatures, instead of at extremely cold temperatures like the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.
    CureVac hopes to have sufficient evidence and results about its vaccine around mid-May.
    Lauren Walker
    The Brussels Times

    Wednesday, 24 February 2021
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    When do they publish 2020 financial results?
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    Bullish article in the FT regarding CVAX. Nothing new in there but it simply pulls together all the positives in one place:
    - non chemically modified mRNA (possibly resulting a strong immune response)
    - refridgerated storage of up to 3 months
    - cheap and scaleable
    - lowest vaccine dosage from the mRNA vaccines, enabling more efficient distribution (and assisting in multi-variant vaccines?)
    - For the UK (with arguably the most advanced sequencing capabilities - half of all variants were sequenced there) to partner with CVAC from all the vaccine companies is a strong seal of approval.

    The sentence of most significance, right now, is "An initial readout from large-scale phase 3 trials is expected in March". So any time between a week and month from now. It's going to be a long wait!

    One additional observation from my part: developing booster shots for mutations is where the long term money is going to be made from Covid. 2021 might be a bumper year but in my estimations it'll be a one off. The companies which manage to develop effective booster shots have the strongest long term prospects. In my mind both CVAC and NVAX will be leaders in this respect.

    The article does however miss out on mentioning celebrity Elon Musk, his relationship with CVAC and the star power he brings to the stock.

    A transatlantic tug of love and a CEO brain haemorrhage afflicted the Bill Gates-backed biotech
    A transatlantic tug of love and a CEO brain haemorrhage afflicted the Bill Gates-backed biotech
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    Here is CVAC's (sales-pitch) deck from the conference yesterday. Worth a read as it clarifies current status of other non-covid trials it is running and more info on the agreements it has made:

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    This is tough to watch but I’m still bullish. Why? Both MRNA and BNTX have held into their value pretty well these last few days not because of Covid but because their technology is proven and future prospects. CVAC will be amongst the best place to develop boosters which is the long term money is to be made from Covid. P3 is not guaranteed and thus a minimum of 50% increase is assured if comparable results come through.
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    mRNA printers are game changers...guys patience is the key here
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    Curevac momentum has just begun. They have great collaborations. I like the one with Bayern but I really like the one with the UK. It looks like the UK variation will be the dominant one worldwide and this will create a whole new market. Curevac will push to the limit to produce a lot of vaccines. I think they could be the number 1 contender against Moderna (market cap 75 billion).
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    Sorry, 4Q :)
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    The closing of the FT article:
    Two weeks ago, CureVac began submitting approval data to the European regulator, and with the first batch of doses secured by the EU, the vaccine could also offer the bloc a chance to repair some of the political damage caused by the much-criticised procurement of the BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs.
    If successful, the company built by Hoerr, who has reportedly been nominated for a Nobel Prize, could even eclipse Bayer’s €64bn market value, said von Bohlen, and along with BioNTech, reshape the entire sector.
    “MRNA has the potential to become, by orders of magnitude, the broadest therapeutic class in medicine,” he said. “It’s a bit of a revival of the German strength in the pharmaceutical industry.”
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    It is tough, i also gone in too expensive, now seeing it tumble
    in last 2 weeks like butter.
    Lets hope enough sales will be left for CVAC.
    Anyone how much the will sell in usd in 2021?
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    Today's article in the FT on NVAX highlights the importance of the booster as the main area in which future vaccine revenues will come from. CVAC with its collaboration with the UK government on variants shows CVAC might well become the leader in this respect. The key sentence is: "trial for a new variant, which could lead to more regular sales if boosters are required. "
    I think it's almost certain that boosters will be required given the continuing mutations seen.