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  • Hey, Robert: I was wrong!
    I missed the filing where Aristeia dumped all of its stock on 14 feb 2017!!
    So the potential coalition against Team Burton is actually 6.92% smaller than I thought.
    This means that if there is to be a hostile takeover, Puri and/or some allies would have to buy more stock.
    (Probably later, after the price declines again, after the effect of Burton's $1 million spending spree wears off.)
    These Form 4s and Form 13s are new to me.
    I gotta write a Macro Scheduler program to scan the whole SEC Cenveo file and spreadsheet all of the Form 4s and Form 13s, going back to Day 1.
    From such a spreadsheet, linked to historical stock prices, and to the BLS inflation index, we could figure out exactly how much everybody (Allianz, Burton, Puri, Rotation, et al.) paid for their stock... and how much they have lost over the years in both nominal dollars and in inflation-adjusted purchasing power.
    It would be very, very informative ... and I'll look into it.
    BTW, strange things are happening; Rotation bought a lot more stock early this year in Feb, just a month before Puri did in March.

  • With 82,500 shares traded today,which is double the normal daily amount and the stock only goes up $.03 you have to ask where are all these shares coming from? Based on past observation of the stock trades I expect to see another Form 4 from Nat in the next couple of days.
    $00.763 = stock price in historical terms (Was $26.50 on 02-May-2007!)
    $48.18M = 30-day avg mkt cap ($50M+ is required to remain on the NYSE.)

  • Hey Sally, let's you and I and Robert hazard guesses as to when Puri & his allies vote Team Burton off the island!
    There will have to be a "proxy contest" ... but Puri's >= 50%+1 wins.
    Here is Burton's letter of 07 Apr 2005 to then-Directors of Cenveo -- What goes around, comes around -- enjoy the delicious irony:

  • Robert: Hat tip to you for noticing Nathu Puri's SEC Form 4 stock purchase notifications.
    I never paid any attention to the Form 4's because they were always Cenveo managers buying on Burton's orders.
    Hey, we're a tag team now -- check out "Nathu of Nottingham!"

    Nathu of Nottingham
  • When ever you see Cenveo's stock price, remember to divide by 8. That will give you the pre stock split to avoid delisting. $6.30/8 = $.79/share. How embarrassing for the best management team in the business. So long Robert!
  • Burton buh-bye! It doesn't matter how many Cenveo shares Burton and his wife and his sons own.
    Puri and the other >=5% shareholders now own 51.9139% and could give Burton boot just like Burton did to Reilly!
    Allianz/15% + Aristeia/14.4% + Puri/11.9839% + Brigade/5.6% + PMG/4.93% = Controlling Interest/51.9139%

  • Note to Bob (the commenter, not Chairman Bob) ...
    Burton's $1 million stock purchases, May 10-12, have driven the market cap up over $50 million -- for now.
    If Chairman Bob does that every month, he can save Cenveo ... by owning it!
  • Nat has now crossed the million share count with 1,025,000 shares. It looks like almost every day he adds more to the count. Carb can you determine how many shares he needs to out vote Bob & the boy's?
  • When are they closing the mount pleasant pa plant ????
  • Great article below. Tells a story of how a man took care of two of his workers by giving them each $1,000,000.00. Bob did the same amazing thing. He gave a couple million to each of his kids and the yes stooges that sit on the board. Not to mention how he also gave the most generous raises to the number one leader of the best management team in the business, himself. Millions upon millions!


    CEO recalls surprising 2 warehouse workers with $1 million bonuses
    Billionaire Donald Friese doesn’t believe in saying thank you.
  • http://www.piworld.com/article/cenveo-closing-graphic-arts-center-portland-oregon-91-workers-layed-off/

    Cenveo to Close Portland, Ore., Printing Plant
    The Oregonian is reporting that Cenveo has informed Oregon labor officials, as part of the WARN act, that it intends to close its commercial printing facility located on NW Wilson Street in Portland, Ore., by March 31. The closure will result in the
  • Does anybody know anything about Cappy Childs?
    Is he a Burton team player who has drunk the Kool-Aid? Or not?

    Cappy Childs
    View Cappy Childs’ professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Cappy Childs discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.
    $00.789 = stock price in historical terms
    $46.23M = 30-day avg mkt cap ($50M+ is required to remain on the NYSE.)

  • Team Burton is going to go down hard -- either by bankruptcy and/or hostile takeover and/or shareholders' lawsuit.

    The British are coming!
  • So Robert -- Unless UK superinvestor Nathu Puri is a shopaholic, he might be pretty serious about taking over Cenveo.
    For example, there is a May 26 line item reporting the purchase of 52,400 shares @5.5639 per share, for a total of $291,548.36.

    SEC FORM 4
  • On May 10/11/12, Bob Burton spent $1,005,803 to buy Cenveo shares.
    I'll make a little spreadsheet so we can track his investment, maybe call it THE BURTON $1 MILLON SHARE WATCH.

  • Remember that if Sr dies before any take over or change of control the company saves a lot of money. His change of control exit package is as sickening as his annual income. On of the Cenveo insiders was rumored to say that he doesn't even go into the of anymore. Is that true?
  • Robert Sr., the greatest benchmark of a CEO's tenure as it relates to shareholders is share price appreciation. All you have to do is pull up the share price historical graph since you took over to see what I am referring to. Pitiful to say the least. You are a failure, and there is nothing worse in life than a failure. Everything you touch fails, just look at the UCONN football program. Failure!
    Our friend, UK super-investor Dr. Nathu Puri, has increased his Cenveo holdings to 11.3%.
    In 2005, when Burton launched his takeover bid, he had only 10.7% of the stock.

    SEC FORM 4