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  • p
    Shareholders who have been here a while will remember that management was always open to a partnership with bp. They just wanted a fair price based on the indications that Leronlimab addresses. It was stated that they received an offer but it was a lowball offer that the BOD turned down. To me that means that they aren't insisting on going it alone, they just want fair value for their product.

    Those of you who remember this will also remember what the share price was.

    I bring this up because if you were bp and couldn't aquire CYDY for the price you were willing to pay, what would you do? I will not list all the attacks on this company or their shareholders confidence. Those who have been here long enough know. In honesty, I probably have forgotten a few.

    The point is that it is a very concentrated effort that has been non stop for a very long time. We, who have been here a while, know why. We are talking Hundreds of Billions of Dollars!

    The longer we hold out and get closer to approval (CSP, EUA etc) the more likely bp will raise their ante. They still have the MOST to lose. Time is on our side. We have a CEO who can always find funding when needed. Don't take my word for it, ask Dr. Kelly. He's the one who said "he does it every time". Even if it means selling his shares to pay Samsung in order to keep manufacturing going. Interesting that I read posts about him receiving shares but few mention him selling personal shares to payoff a company debt. I wonder if new group trying to get a seat on the board will sacrifice their shares. Of course, we aren't hearing much from them.

    In my opinion Biotech is the riskiest investment. It pays the highest reward but also posts the biggest losses. Kind of like buying a lottery ticket. They usually fail.

    Utilities are safe. So are bonds. If you don't want to do your due diligence, and know what you own, perhaps you should invest in those.

    And by the way, people don't continually post about how bad a stock is. An investor barely has enough time to investigate what they are willing to invest in.
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    Article says “…..Accelerating CytoDyn’s approval in Long-Haulers offers the FDA a face saving exit because with an approval in Long-Haulers it’s very likely that CYDY will drop its ambitions in severe COVID-19 based on the small market size and the eventual availability of a drug that could be taken off-label for that indication…..”

    Very well written analysis of the recent LH press release (PR).
    Things are coming together, just need to be patient. Doesn't matter if SP drops to $0.50 at this point for me, I'm in it for the "long haul" (no pun intended)! That day will come when patience is rewarded.
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    Sky Walker
    Another solid day of posting and supportive discussions on the LH community. These folks have true grit. I remain excited for them as they continue to be recognized. They are in great support of Leronlimab. That’s bad news for people saying Leronlimab doesn’t work. The truth is, it does work. Congrats again to the those LH patients that got Leronlimab and I commend you for sharing your stories. Godspeed on recovery and Godspeed on the phase 3 trial that will lead to approval of Leronlimab.
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    It's time for the daily reminder: When the 13Ders reveal their awe inspiring "plan", if it does not include a disclosure of the size of their positions in potential Big Pharma competitors over the last 12 months, than their plan will not be complete. You will not know their true intentions. If that info is absent, you can assume their intent is to sell out at pennies on the dollar. Don't let it escape your memory that Dr. Pestell was fired for cause, and that he advocated for a massive share dilution when the SP was 35 cents. What will also be interesting is that the draft submission of the response to the FDA RO concerns is scheduled around the same time as the plan is supposed to be unveiled (before July 2nd). Should be fun next week. Let the bashing commence! Enjoy your evening.
  • C
    Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine process was on FOX news with Tucker Carlson. He has some very interesting misgivings about the vaccines and how the government is demanding all be vaccinated. I posted earlier about a 3 hour Darkhorse podcast. Dr. Malone was on that podcast with another Dr and the moderator. It is an eye opener and I mean an eye opener. I would advise all here to listen. It is 3 hours long but in 30 minutes you will get the main points. . I normally can't sit still for 10 minutes and I listened to the entire presentation. The backdrop here is the vaccines, regardless of who made them, are experimental. There is NO time value to them because they were built and delivered ASAP due to the COVID 19 pandemic. They change your RNA. In fact they aren't vaccines at all because as varients come along you will need updated or booster shots. There are unintended consequences to these mRNA vaccines which the podcast explains. These revelations need to be explained to the public. As Dr Molone said it is ethically and morally deficient if these potential side effects are not fully explained to the people being made take them. He is spot on. The backdrop here is Leronlimab does its work as immune modulator without adjusting your bodies information system. It allows your body to do its job using its own very sophisticated ummune system. Everyone here needs this information and to advise friends and family the same. My daughter who is vaccinated said I had to get the vaccine. She even recommended Pfizer. I said NO WAY because I had the COVID over a year ago and my immune system handled it. Luckily I have no after effects.
    Listen to the podcast - it is a must - see below. After listening, I went from bullish to extremely bullish on Leronlimab - as Dr Patterson said, Its MOA is elegant which is about as perfect a word for a drug that fixes you without breaking you. Stay Safe All
    Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast: How to save the world, in three easy steps. on Apple Podcasts
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    There is still something wrong about DSMC having an interim peak at the CD12 trial and not making any recommendations give the sense that the trial appeared to meet endpoints at the halfway point when those being treated with LL had received the two weekly doses. As the LL reached it's half life the symptoms returned towards the end of the trial but without the data plots not the summary nobody can be sure?
  • k

    In July 2019, Dr. Richard G. Pestell was terminated as our Chief Medical Officer. The complexity inherent in integrating a new key member of the
    senior management team with existing senior management may limit the effectiveness of any such successor or otherwise adversely affect our business.
    Leadership transitions can be inherently difficult to manage and may cause uncertainty or a disruption to our business or may increase the likelihood of
    turnover of other key officers and employees. Specifically, a leadership transition in the commercial team may cause uncertainty about or a disruption to
    our commercial organization, which may impact our ability to achieve sales and revenue targets.

  • R
    I started a position yesterday. I think this company has a lot of potential and I like the chart set up.
  • P
    Wow, All I see this morning on the board is everything about nothing we can control til the proxy vote. So I guess it makes people feel better to argue back and forth for cause. Because you don't or do like management, because we did or didn't run or agree to better trial terms, because BLA wasn't filed fast enough, because our very positive PH2 LH results need a PH3 and that will make us wait, because our Brazil trial won't start til end of July,. because, because, because. Some people's nature is to always blame and never take responsibility for their own actions. Did I do enough due diligence on this stock, do I believe in the drug enough to see success, did I think way back management could get us an approval, do I still feel that way, will bringing back prior or new management make things better or worse with additional mistakes, can I wait 2 months, 6 months or even a year with my money tied up and possibly lost?
    NOW ask yourself could CYDY get bought out or partnered anytime, what's LL worth if approved for 1, 2, or 10 ailments like HIV, NASH, LH, TNBC, COVID, How much patience do I have, can I wait a year to see my 10k, 40k or like me 160k investment go to 100k, 400k or 1.6 mil. Life changing money. Life Changing drug, One if not the best CCR5 immune modulator on the planet. These are the type questions you need to ask yourself. Not arguing with another investor that won't help. Everyone will take the info at hand and vote when it's proxy time. Until then either sell all, sell some to lighten risk, hold, buy some more or a lot if you think it's at a bargain price based on your belief and the science.
    It reminds me of going into battle. You have leaders and a plan. Some leaders misjudge and the plan is failing or failed. You modify the plan or replace it all together. And sometimes it fails again and the Leaders need replaced to approach the battle from a different prospective. The goal is to win the war but you may loose a battle or two. The reason this happens is because the enemy also is not predictive, forces out of your control may not have been thought about in your initial plan. Ours unknowns in the first few battles was the trial limitations of 2 shots, the FDA dosage allowance, then the FDA letter, the DSMC not advising us to change end points, covid steering our attention away from our 1st battle objective of HIV, Us looking for help in allies like UK, Canada, PI, Brazil, India and getting small amounts of help but no big commitments yet. Trying to fight this war without going bankrupt to have something left over when the war is won. Along the way we have had to change some key leadership roles and may have to again to when the war. The only ones these small battles really take a toll on is the soldiers (shareholders) as to them it's real, it's death to a soldier, it's life altering financially to a shareholder. So there is a high price to pay in nerves and patientence during the battles. But so rewarding when you've battled and battled and you win the war! So lets not turn on ourselves let's win the war for Leronlimab regardless how we win and who's in charge.
  • F
    The only thing that went wrong was the trial design for Covid, like Bruce Patterson said. Resistance from the FDA to allow for increased dosages for more severe/older cases and Cytodyn's strong desire just to get the trial going are to blame, which is easy to see in retrospect because of the knowledge gained as the virus persisted. So we dig in and start again and the stock price will rebound with the trial results. Trashing management because we didn't get rich when we wanted to is a child's game.
  • J
    If you haven’t watched “Crime of the Century” on HBO, you absolutely must in order to understand the deep corruption and manipulation that big pharmaceutical companies like Purdue to make money and protect market share. As a physician I knew it was bad, but I really had no idea. I do remember in the early 2000s when the government was pushing pain as the fifth vital sign and there was a push (by BP) for pain score” on our post op patients that would determine hospital reimbursement. Naturally the hospital administration goes nuts and put those smiley face pain meters up in every patient room and pushes the doctors to give more pain meds. The corruption goes all the way to congress who get plenty of money from BP too to change legislation that would favor their distribution of narcotics. These same guys will stop at nothing to hinder CYDYs ascent as it is a real threat to their existence. I am now of the opinion that we need to at least partner in Longhaulers with one of the beasts, maybe like one of Kaleesis dragons from GOT, in order to fight the rest of BP...the equivalent of the white walkers...
  • j
    My2Cents: There will be a time when we will reverse course and so I believe that time is near...The shorts and hedgefunds as well as BIG PHARMA have been slow walking this downward and as the clock keeps ticking push will come to shove and that can only mean somethings gotta give? I have seen this happen time and time again when almost all hope is exhausted news breaks out and BOOM!!!! So hold on to your hats because I feel that time is on deck? I'm all in... LONG & STRONG. DYODD
  • a
    Dr. P.: Strategy of non-pathogen specific immune system modulators (CCR5 antagonists) are essential and must be stockpiled. True a year ago. True today. It's been a genocide. Leronlimab.
  • A
    Curious for the cult leaders on here (Griz, Apl, CodeMonkey, etc.) which of the below are bashing comments/incorrect statements:

    Both the CD 10 and CD 12 trials were underpowered, not structured properly and, hence, missed their primary endpoints; it's common knowledge that CYDY leadership did not listen to medical experts when designing these trials.

    The HIV BLA was never completed; Now it's likely that CYDY never even presented the safety data to the FDA, and then, of course we have the R/O cluster. If the BLA would have gotten done, we could have used Leron off label for Covid. To me this is the most egregious error of this entire cluster. NP's response - blame it on Dr. Patterson or to put it in junior high terms - "the dog stole my term paper."

    Re cancer, based on Dr. Patterson's work, it's clear that CYDY chose the wrong cancer types to focus on initially. Why would you not "lead" with the cancers that the drug is most effective against? I would argue this indicative that management either does not understand the MOA and/or it won't listen to the experts.

    The LH trial was woefully underpowered and therefore it was not possible to create statistical significance; it's also clear that multi drug therapy is the key to treating long haulers; given our finances how will CYDY run a trial large enough to create statistical significance? Even if we could come up with the money for this trial, any approval based on its result is 12-16 months out.

    It's now clear that management was being less than forthcoming about what was really happening or not happening in all these other countries. Please name one country where any significant revenue is forthcoming.

    Re OWS it's now apparent that nothing really happened here, and it's possible CYDY did not even file the necessary paperwork to even get the ball rolling on this, and let's not even get started about the whole Dr. Patterson/OWS issue or all the other issues where he was jerked around by NP even though he has steadfastly tried to support the drug despite how he was treated by NP.

    In the recent shareholder court case, the judge was very clear that NP et al created this self-enrichment scheme at the expense of us shareholders. The judge was so unhappy about this that he directed CYDY to pay $3 million in plaintiff's legal fees. Please explain to me which parts of this are not true.

    With all these conference calls, why are they not transcribed? The "cost saving" NP excuse is just total BS. If he can come up with $3 million to pay the above legal fees he can get the calls transcribed. It's pretty unheard of for a publicly traded company not to transcribe these calls. I think most of us know why he does not transcribe them.

    Finally let's talk a minute about CYDY's finances. At best we have about five months of cash left; we owe Fife around $80,000,000 so at a $1.70 it's going to take about 47 million shares to pay him back so this is further dilution, and now we are to the point where we don't have very many treasury shares left to fund anything. Everyone talks about NASH, cancer, a Phase III LH trial - for the cultists on here, please tell the rest of just how all of this will get funded? We need $200,000,000. APL et al since you are all so damn smart just where is this money coming from.

    If things are so great, why doesn't NP, Kelly, the board, etc. make some big open market purchases of additional company stock, if for no other reason, to make a symbolic gesture in their faith in the company as an ongoing concern. I think we all know why they are not doing so.

    There are a few subjective comments sprinkled in this, but I would love for any of the cult to refute any of these comments and then explain to me how we are going to fund the company going forward when it's obvious to anyone who knows anything about how publicly traded companies are financed that we absolutely do not have a "bankable" board or leadership team. I am praying we see the 13D group's plan soon as I don't see any other way forward for the company. We need a leadership team that has the confidence of the medical and scientific community as well as Wall Street or at least someone willing to make a huge investment in the company.

    Again, please please explain to me how stating the obvious is "bashing." Hope is not a plan folks.
  • G
    The worst mistake one can make is selling a stock at the bottom.
  • a
    Your daily reminder: When the 13Ders reveal their awe inspiring "plan", if it does not include a disclosure of the size of their positions in potential Big Pharma competitors over the last 12 months, then their plan will not be complete. If we don't see what the 13Der competing interests are, and they refuse to reveal those interests, then we can assume they don't have CYDY's best interests in mind, and they could be willing to sell out at pennies on the dollar. Don't let it escape your memory that the group's largest shareholder, Dr. Pestell, was fired for cause, that the bulk of his shares are being contested, and that he advocated for a massive share dilution when the SP was 35 cents.

    As an investor, you have a decision to make. If you're sitting on a paper loss, and believe you'll never recover those losses, and perhaps see even further SP deterioration, or you really need the money right now, you should sell now. If you look at the current situation as "blood in the streets" and were looking for a good price to add more, then you're likely doing so now. If you already have a comfortable position per your own investing rules (me), then you're probably just holding for the time being. My previous posts lay out how I view the situation. Every investor is different. Do what you're comfortable with.

    I'm not worried about the SP, am holding, but would buy more if it drops to $1. I'll listen to the 13Der plan. If it doesn't include any detail or statement on their competing interest positions, then it will be a non-starter for me. Investing is a long game, measured in years. glta, whatever you decide to do.
  • d
    I don't think investors really understand the ramifications when dr.recknor. said patents for the MOA's for each different indications.......the magnitude of that. Basically patents are good for about 20 years give or take depends on how fast you can get the drug to market......But if they can prove Leronlimab has different MOA's for each indication that's 20 years for nash 20 years for cancer 20 years for long haulers...so just 3 indications is about 60 years give or take that leronlimab before generics can be made for that specific indication.............the magnitude I mean how do u even hypothesize a price on that...... block out the noise on this board its turning parasitic. many posters contradicting themselves also massive agendas. Focus on the science share price is irrelevant now people would be happy if it was in the $4-6 range but it really doesn't mean anything pre approval unless your looking to sell in the 4-6 range which I know most longs are not...its purely a psychological thing at this point. minus the share price the company is in the best place financially and scientifically its ever been in.
  • P
    Sebastian Gorka had Dr. Peter MacCullough on his radio show yesterday discussing all the wrong things that were done during the pandemic. Especially focusing entirely on vaccines and basically ignoring anything else except for remdesivir. He mentioned Leronlimab.

    Dr MacCullough is a practicing internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Baylor Dallas campus.
  • R
    To All Longs and Prospective Investors- IMHO-
    *** IF *** This New Management Business Plan is what " some " say it is . . . Lay It Out . . . Show Your Cards - IMHO- I believe Our Current Management and BOD have a Viable Product and A Strong and Qualfied Team that Can Prove
    The Prospective Efficacy of Leronlimab /PRO-140 . . . IMHO - Although the LH trial depicted in the last C/C was small - the Endpoints in 8 symptomatic categories of treated subjects Were Acheived . . . IMHO - There is absolutely No question that there are " those " who want to gain Leverage over this company and ultimately take control of Leronlimab/ PRO-140 - because it does demonstrate Prospective Efficacy and Stellar Safety - IMHO -
    Financing for the majority of small Biotech companies is historically a "challenge" - and not unusual . . . -IMHO - With Successful Performance results of Leronlimab/ PRO-140 - the financial backing will be available - IMHO-
    To conclude - With a " Level and Conducive " - regulatory playing field - combined with precision design and implemention - this should Insure - a statistically conforming trial . . . -IMO - Diligence exhibited by our CEO and Chief medical staff - Dr (s) Kelly and Recknor, respectfully - Is The Key - IMHO- CytoDyn,Inc
    Will produce the fruition of our pursuit for regulatory approval
    - ( at some level )
    GLTA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⬆️⬆️⬆️👍🚀
  • M
    How is no one talking about the Emerging Growth Article. Didnt anyone post it here? https://emerginggrowth.com/cytodyns-cydy-long-hauler-trial-a-resounding-success-clear-pathway-to-approval-this-year/