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    T minus ……
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    "CYIO" would be ~ $13 with a 1B MC and $257 at a 20B MC...
    URL is https://www.cyioscorporation.com/ (not correct on YF)

    CYIOS Corporation "Pioneering the future" is a great way to get exposure to NFT and Crypto tech
    CYIOS Corporation through our wholly owned subsidiaries, is pioneering a new generation of technology across finance and cryptocurrency and is engaged in developing and marketing specialty products in the health and wellness markets. Through strategic mergers and acquisitions we have acquired market leaders in the space to develop and nurture a successful CYIOS ecosystem.
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    Choice Wellness https://choicewellnessbrands.com/
    Choice Wellness Brands is a health and wellness company focused on developing and marketing specialty branded products including the My-shield® TRIPLE PLAY of sanitizers which have recently undergone clinical studies to prove effectiveness against COVID-19.

    DR's Choice CBD https://choicewellnessbrands.com/drs-choice-cbd/
    Dr's Choice was founded with a mission to offer Doctors and Medical practitioners their own professional grade CBD Brand they can stand behind and be confident to offer their patients. When it comes to health, wellness and CBD, we truly are, the Doctors Choice.

    Nothing stated above is financial advise.
    CYIOS Corporation Pioneering the future CYIOS Corporation (OTC:CYIO) through our wholly owned subsidiaries, is pioneering a new generation of technology…
    CYIOS Corporation Pioneering the future CYIOS Corporation (OTC:CYIO) through our wholly owned subsidiaries, is pioneering a new generation of technology…
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    It doesn't take "technical analysis" to recognize the unique opportunities CYIO offers for investors with a willingness to study its history of the last 18 months. In fact - technical analysis would focus far too much on CYIO history instead of its future. "Charting" for a stock like CYIO is much like "reading the tea leaves", using a Magic 8 Ball or operating a Ouija board because this stock has no "channeling history". This stock does have some very good Board of Directors leadership relating to block chain activity and could be a healthy and rather sudden interest with just one or two announcements by private company interests. Been a long term holder - but a change in leadership has made this an investment with opportunity potential.
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    $6 million MC mergin with an amazing company (Helio) which is valued between $250 and $300 million. News imminent. Get in now for the BIG BOOM!!
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    When we least expect it... BOOM!!! 💥

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    Any thoughts on the sp after the Helio merger (assuming it happens)?
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    508k+ shares, this will get me a nice boat.
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    week coming merger announced? lets hope so we gonna fly over 2$ easy
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    Like many other investors, there was concern for "what would happen to CYIOS" when it was no longer in the the software development/military side of things. The stock description of product or effort seemed to vary greatly from when we originally invested years ago.

    But their recent announcement of this new product direction licensing and line of offerings created some considerable interest . . . as we have seen by stock volumes of the last 3 weeks - and then the brief "very brief" product announcement just in the last few days.

    Now lets just recognize that covad 19 virus is a long way from being a history of the past. The covad virus issue is ongoing and even when a vaccine is developed in the next 6 to 12 months - a big percentage of people won't use the vaccine. And we already know that these covad virus strains or many - and not just 19 - so in one form or another we will see ongoing needs for sanitary cleaning. But in just a few months we've seen on a grand scale - some real issues with current products offered:

    1. virtually all are alcohol based - and many have had skin issues because of it - yet most alternatives are not thorough cleaning. (required need).

    2. imagine - how much the retailer market could save if they only had to apply to surfaces just every 24 hours instead of continously in stores, busy buildings, capacity seating areas and eating & retail locations. Could these new product capabilities which are NOT alcohol based but are 24 hour efficient . . . could be used - not just on hands, but surfaces, schools, even conference and convention settings.

    3. Now recognize the contacts and connections CYIOS made over a dozen years with their military and Washington DC office access about their military software issues (and store/supply depots).
    Could we potentially get some access to military branches and Federal Government outlets and FEMA etc for sales and supply of these products ?

    I think there is quite some potential this unlikely product choice could be more substantial than the short announcement appears. The brands like Purell, are selling huge quantities of alcohol based surface cleaner - but don't have even remotely close to a 24 hour life of benefit use from a single application.

    How about the political conventions in August? Think that wouldn't be a substantial target of prospect gathering for Free samples to attendees ? The stock volume trading is not an accident IMO - the amazing thing is being able to hold the price down while volumne is happening . . . . until another announcement better explains to watchers - their potential :-)

    It seems so simple doesn't it - yet Purell has been operating 24/7 in production and we are a long long long way from seeing the end of this virus issue.

    JMHO Axle & Hub
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    It’s going to be ... a huge! Be patient
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    CYIOS Corp's Wholly Owned Subsidiary Choice Wellness Officially Launches New Online Store for Its DR's CHOICE CBD and "24" Hand Sanitizer Brands

    Aventura, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - June 19, 2020) - CYIOS Corp (OTC Pink: CYIO), a publicly traded company focused on developing and marketing specialty branded products in the Health and Wellness markets, is pleased to announce it has launched its new online-retail web platform at www.choicewellnessbrands.com. Concurrent with the launch is a social media and marketing campaign aimed at product awareness and driving traffic to the site. The Company will also be utilizing the Cicero Transact data base as part of its ongoing marketing plans.

    Mr. O'Shea Chiarman of CYIOS Corp. commented, "We are very pleased to have launched our new online retail store and happy to report the expansion of our product offerings to include; DR's CHOICE brand of CBD topicals and tinctures, 24 HAND SANITIZER, and other wellness products including KN-95 face masks, infrared non-contact hand held thermometer, and soon to be released Personal Protection Equipment including Level 1 Isolation Gowns, Full Face plastic shields for medical professionals and Doctors on the front line. The first run of our 24 HAND SANITIZER will be packaged in 2oz tubes at a FDA registered facility that will also be handling all of our fulfillment with anticipated shipping availability in 1-2 weeks. Sales have already commenced with some larger orders and we are confident our new products, new online store and product marketing efforts will generate strong interest from retail consumers and from various industries seeking better and more effective sanitizing solutions.

    "24" Hand Sanitizer

    To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

    The Problem in a pandemic is that harmful germs are everywhere, and consumers need to be educated that alcohol-based sanitizer is not the best long-term solution. Alcohol-based sanitizer products provide a one-time kill and only last for 1-2 minutes per use or until hands have dried. Once dried, you have no further protection against harmful germs and re-contamination as you venture out in public, head to work, and/or conduct daily routine. Alcohol can be absorbed into skin and is toxic if ingested which is not good if you have children to protect. Alcohol sanitizer stings if there is any skin abrasion on hands and must be used over and over all day, every day to combat germs while out in public. Typical thick alcohol sanitizer gel takes longer to dry, dries out skin and changes your skin's natural PH.

    The Solution: 24 HAND SANITIZER kills 99.99% of germs, is alcohol-free and formulated & enhanced with Zetrisil®. Zetrisil® is a nano antimicrobial technology that creates a shield of protection on your hands and provides persistent long-lasting protection that helps prevent re-contamination of harmful germs that your hands may come into contact with from your daily routine, workplace and/or out in public. The fast acting, quick drying formula leaves hands soft and smooth, is safe for children and contains NO ALCOHOL = Non flammable, Non-toxic AND NO STING! Importantly, 24 is more economical than traditional alcohol-based products due to lower overall usage need per day and per month. AND, it's MADE IN THE USA!

    Mr. O'Shea went on to say, "Unlike alcohol based sanitizer, there is some unique science behind 24 HAND SANITIZER. The physical kill of germs is accomplished by the active ingredient Benzolkonium Chloride which is one of only three (and the only one that is non-alcohol) active ingredients allowed by the FDA for use in hand sanitizer. 24 HAND SANITIZER is formulated and enhanced with Zetrisil®. Zetrisil® is a proprietary nano-based silicone compound which effectively protects and/or "shields" the area that 24 HAND SANITIZER is applied to from bacterial contamination by way of a long-lasting, cationic-charged, anti-microbial nano-silicone coating. In other words, Zetrisil® creates a shield of protection on your hands and provides persistent activity that helps prevent re-contamination of harmful germs that your hands may come into contact with in between washings, while at work, and/or while out in public. As Governments, States and Cities continue to open, giving rise to new pandemic cases, we feel it's important to offer a safer alternative to alcohol based sanitizers and to provide a hand sanitizing solution that can give people some confidence and a little peace of mind that their sanitizing regimen will do more than a one-time kill of germs, by way of providing an additional important benefit of long-lasting protection from re-contamination."


    Investors are encouraged to follow CYIOS using:
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    LXRX - Citi Bank raises price target to $13 from $6.
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    Sec court date Jully 17 $20 million
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    As I predicted. And I'm sure this is not the end.
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    Been locking this up the last few days. Filings should start dropping by tomorrow: here is a massive DD post put together of the possible upcoming R/M on iHub check it out 👏🔥
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    News due. Getting very close to finalizing SEC confrontation. Could end up in courts. All from info gleaned from the web.
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    what's going on with this stock , I hear good things but keeps sinking??
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    andrew morrissey
    Where are we going in today?