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Cyclone Power Technologies, Inc. (CYPW)

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  • $0.60 cents in trade. ALL DAY. fact. this is sooooo toasted. and yes a scam
  • ALWAYS A SCAM AT CYPW. period.
  • the john around here thinks these idiots are trying to figure out cold fusion=LENR....wrong ! allow me to paste inDescriptionCyclone Power Technologies, Inc., a research and development engineering company, engages in developing, commercializing, marketing, and licensing engines and parts in the United States. It is developing Cyclone engine, an external heat engine to run from waste energy electric generators and solar thermal systems for cars, trucks, and locomotives. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida.now this is the profile of this #$%$ this site....try reading before insulting son.
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  • SO MANY DAYS with zero trades.....did they close down yet? soon I'm sure. see no fil. for this pump and dump.
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  • STEAM CAR " the runabout " Eli Whitney circa 1896.
  • SORRY to inform you. Eli circa 1896 steam cars called the " RUNABOUT" 2 cyl. STEAM ENGINE. cotton gin also a steam engine. and boats and locomotives. You are welcome. Caveat Emptor.
  • I'm sorry to inform you that Eli Whitney (1765-1825) and his Fifth Cousin Twice removed, George Eli Whitney (1862-1963) are not the same person. I would venture a guess that they never met! They are, however, more closely related than George Washington and George Washington Carver, whose kinship is lost in the misty past. Attribution of steam engines to Eli Whitney is similar to stating that George Washington's singular accomplishment was the promotion of peanut farming. Once again, Bobby's allergy to clear thinking raises serious doubts as to the veracity of anything he writes.
  • ROBOTS, WEEDEATERS, LAWNMOWERS AND a family of " market ready " "PRODUCTS " PROMISED IN 2007. now 10 years later WHERE DID THEY GO......20,000 leagues under the sea me thinks. A SCAM....??? FOR SURE. i'M SURE GLAD THE OLD SALTFART..can read, and learn Eli's many steam INVENTIONS. nOW LOOK UP sterling engines, and AURA, reliable steam engines of oregon...AND MIKE BROWN;S STEAM ENGINES..then look up WHE'S there are too many to list. market already saturated. THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A STOCK SWINDLE. PERIOD!
  • harry shehole and frankie frooge have sold off all voting rights to chad kevin tendrich. And a 10% stock pos. Now we all know these same two insiders are the ones who claimed in 2007 to have a " FAMILY of market READY,,," PRODUCTS". THEY SPENT OVER $65 MILLION of other's money. Now 10 years later they STILL have NOT EVEN 1 PRODUCT. NO REVENUES...none. millions in debt...and now qpwr has dropped the U of O design of the whe. and are now focused solely on composting manure. Fact manure works, STEAM DOES NOT. PERIOD.
  • Bobby states, amid other towering intellectual triumphs, that "ELI WHITNEY HAD CARS AND BOATS running on steam". Don't forget the steam-powered Nautilus he designed and built for Jules Verne! And how could you leave out the steam-powered spaceships of "circa 1800s" (in the inimitable precision characteristic of Bobby's cognitive labors to be found here). Bobby: the cotton 'gin (or engine) was a mechanical device to clean cotton fibers. It was first powered by moving water, and then often by steam engines. But, a cotton engine is not a steam engine. Please make a note of it.
  • ELI'S STEAM CAR THE RUNABOUT circa 1896.. so chew that....old tech. period.
  • ELI WHITNEY steam powered CAR....circa 1896....2 cyl. STEAM...car= " ROUNDABOUT. WEEEEEE
    Long long time ago....boats and locomotives and yes cars. but now IC engines and diesel are waaaaay more eff.
  • FINANCIALS SHOW...11 years and ^65 million wasted on insiders mainly. In 2007 & 2009 harry and fruge told investors they HAD " A FAMILY OF MARKET READY " PRODUCTS". we now see those were fraud..LIES.
  • Bobby, I asked you to elaborate on your stunning analysis of Eli Whitey's contribution to the development of steam engines, over a month ago. You have not done so, but instead doubled down on ignorance. Thank you for the self-refutation of your intelligence.
  • ihub MESSAGE BOARD FOR CYPW.....all the dirt on this. CON.
  • it is much worse than they don't make money...5,000 VICTIMS TO THIS SCAM. THEY LOST ALL!
  • CRASH 1/3 OF SP. wow.....pumped and dumped.