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  • CYTX will be in Phoenix, AZ tomorrow 7/21 for the Scleroderma Foundation National Patient Education Conference. This gives me reason to believe we will get the data early next week.
  • Sclero Conference tomorrow will likely give the stock a boost despite the lack of the big news! YR
  • B7, do you really think Hedrick will release the data tomorrow, on the first day of Comic-Con?
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  • From their twitter: Cytori Therapeutics‏ @Cytori 3h3 hours ago
    https://goo.gl/MvoQgB We will be exhibiting at the #Scleroderma Foundation National Patient Education Conference starting tomorrow $CYTX

    Chandler, AZ To Host Scleroderma Foundation's Annual National Patient Education Conference
    DANVERS, Mass., July 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 600 scleroderma patients, their family members, friends and...
  • One thing that concerns me is the possible manipulation we could see after data release a la Dendreon...science should trump criminality but one still needs to be aware of these kinds of risks. This account is taken from a ST poster on ROKA also a "Sabby Property" Sabby owns about 1.2M shares of CYTX about the size of the short interest and also holds warrants.

    Here is the conversation according to "MarketSamurai " concerning "Sabby":

    1. i just left a message with sabby COO. Left my name and # too. Asked y every stock they own is manipulated and a pos. I called yhem out

    2.i asked y they play both ways buying and shorting and y they kill every run. I said my trading strategy is any stock not owned by them

    3. coo called back.. seemed defensive told me look at imuc. He said there are other players more vicious then them.. he said...

    4. they own warrants they day trade and they like to liquidate 15% at a time and if it kills a run so be it. Basically he gives no fcks

    5. i said all ur stocks trade in waves. If broken to upside its crushed if broken dwn it keeps going. He said...

    6.ur more than welcome to stay away from our stocks thanks for calling have a nice day.

    This is not me but just what I read on Stocktwits...can't vouch for it although it is certainly interesting. Until hedge funds are forced by SEC to be totally transparent you will this kind of behavior or perhaps speculation of behavior...who knows?
  • As far as an equity raise associated with the data release I think it is important to make two points:

    1. The prior Maxim raise was a disaster for shareholder relations on many fronts and probably benefited a few insider hedge funds whose proxy had management's ears. So being in a less dire situation with money in the bank for at least another Q the company will try not to make the same mistakes.

    2. The news if as expected should generate high volume for several days and continue to give us high volume days in the weeks and months ahead. As such if the co. makes it clear that they will not do a public offering but make use of their At the Market (ATM) option and do so in measured and judicious manner (essentially selling into strength) then the market in light of the good news and the prospect that the company will be able to fund itself going forward will likely take the temporary hit of the price and bounce back and trade even higher. This will allow the company to raise even more money a few weeks or months later in a similar fashion.

    Successful cash raises need not be bearish or even dilutive if done correctly and in cooperation with the traders and investors who collectively truly underwrite the price (as opposed to the "pseudo-underwriting" we so often see.
  • A little preemptive, but thank you to those who have been so informative on this board over the past year since I have been watching, and eventually invested in CYTX. I appreciate your time invested. Hoping to see results within the next couple days which is really what I think we all have been waiting for. After I will determine what to do with my position. Hoping to see the stories I have read about scleroderma become a thing of the past. After of course Cytori expands to treat the rest of the condition.

    Thanks everyone.
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  • I will say this about George, there should be higher volume going into a seminal event and things have slowed down considerably. I do not think we get data this week. It might be a good thing given my prejudice against late week releases.
  • It's after 8:00 am - no release likely today - my revised target is next Thursday! YR
  • Give George a rattle and diaper in honor of CYTX performance today...after a bit of mess (like his diaper) it remains unchanged.
  • Generally speaking, the closer it is to the date of data release , the higher the stock price is. but that is not the case for Cytx. it's extremely disappointing!
  • I am losing my patients. I have been watching this company for a couple of years and just had a position in it at nearly 52 w low price about two months ago. now l am thinking i will sell 80% of my shares to lower my risk to nearly zero. I will get a free ride if data are positive. but now I really doubt it.
  • Sabby is blatantly letting the stock rise a few percent each day and shorting it down, covering that position, and waiting for the market to open to do the same thing because no data. They are making money while we sit around wondering which day it will be!
  • Yep, another BIG day for this one, sure the news is incredible, that's why the stock is running every day, well, albeit in the wrong direction. Where is the volume, where is the run up into the data, I guess they want to keep the stock price lower, gimme a break, you need $$ to make $$, penny bio-techs?
  • Will Thursday be the DAY???
  • Can't stop yourself - DO NOT REPLY TO GEORGIE!
  • What are the chances Sabby leaves CYTX alone if the data is good?
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