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    For all you "insider sale" guru's... if you own Microsoft...maybe time to get out!

    Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s C.E.O., sold nearly half of his holdings in the company last week
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    Buying more. Sell-off over done. Xmas gifts at these prices.
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    We can see a couple big funds have bought in Q3, they must have confidence that the business model should start paying off soon.
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    Tried to leave 2 different posts... neither were accepted by Yahoo message board...why i'm not sure.
    Hopefully this one gets thru.

    Today was a GROSS over reaction in terms of share price (but a spanking was warranted). Kudos to @Wadi for the semi shortage warning...he was right. I did not see that kind of impact coming through.

    Further, the lack of progress on SentriX is bothersome, but some slack can be cut with the previous North American auto win (with a reseller), conversion of a 7000 at an Asian Programming center and the recent Artificial Intelligence sale/license. I suspect the shortage has all DAIO customers in pause mode regarding expansion, upgrades and help to keep the legacy footprint/base working and functioning to meet what demand can be fulfilled. A critical point to keep in mind right now is Ambrose's comment in the conference call..."Again, we've all been talking about and hearing about shortages in the supply chain. We need to remember that shortage to the -- vastly increased demand not necessarily short of where they were a year ago."
    In essence, the shortage is related to the demand...not the yoy availability... this speaks to DAIO adapter/socket growth and backlog... the existing machines in the field are working full throttle and the improvement/uptick in service & support work orders (customers need help getting everything out of the machines they got) it is highly likely pent-up capacity expansion is right around the corner.

    It was a cry, bye or buy day.
    I did 2 of the 3 :)
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    More CEO share sales. I realize that Ambrose took a pay cut during the pandemic, but the only upside I see to his sales is that perhaps the price will come down to the level where I can pick up more cheapies in the $4 range. Still a long-term bull, but not thrilled with recent performance. I guess there is always next quarter to look forward to.
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    Need some clarity, Why are ALL the Executives Selling a sub $50M mkt cap company CONSISTENTLY?
    BTW: no current position...
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    Okay performance. The high gross margin, the positive EPS, and the healthy cash flow are nice to see. Probably we trend upward in the next few quarters when supply chain relaxes. Holding.
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    #$%$ stock. When management sells like they did a couple of weeks ago, you have to sell it. When they sold a couple of years ago, the stock tanked at the following quarterly report. Same story again. Really disappointing. I am not sure they can execute or it is all that they claim it to be.
  • b
    All pumpers should be ashamed. This was a horrible report. Totally lost momentum and outlook in just 1 quarter. Back to 4’s
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    Still DAIO can't earn a profit. Net income came in at $0.00 earnings per share. Bookings are down.
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    there was that one huge spike - and with good vilume - but nothing after that. Anyone have an idea of where we go from here?
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    Lost eps and revenue
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    Those waiting for a "correction" are likely not going to get one (at least at this juncture). The more the monied interests do their due diligence...the cheaper the existing price will appear. If (and i will concede it is a big if) Sentrix achieves the success I predict... anything under $20 (at the moment) is cheap. Really cheap.

    Think of the billions of devices which require a greater degree of security than ever in the past. To safely secure a device (and specifically the integrated circuits they contain) the security must originate at the design/development stage (not a DAIO market) and continue through the provisioning, programming and manufacturing phases (Sentrix sweet spot). DAIO has tons of goodwill and relationship equity with most of the major semi players (in particular, the microcontroller big hitters)... these players WILL NOT play ball with the small, unknown, locally home grown programming companies with whom DAIO competes. They will likely ONLY play ball with DAIO (the gold standard). Further, (and not easily seen amidst the industry adjustments taking place) is the impact security will have on "where and how" the chip programming is performed. Bear in mind, there are multiple ways to program chips which DAIO does not participate in today...however, as security takes hold and the supply chains embrace it's requirement...the programming of chips MOVES TO DAIO's core competence... what i'm saying here is the available market for DAIO will skyrocket based on the supply chain adjusting to meet security requirements...

    Keep buying, hold your ground. It's a microcap, low float, highly illiquid stock. In 2017, as you most certainly know by now, it went from $4 to $16 in 9 months...anyone thinking this is still a "cyclical play tied to autos" is going to sell out and miss (bigtime) the ride (no pun intended).
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    Yankees Win
    So ALL the top guys sold shares when the price went up??? Well, that's reassuring, isn't it?
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    it is worth following the "share based compensation" each quarter as closely as you are following the share dispositions by "insiders". Keep in mind, 10b5-1 plans are governing the disposition/sale of shares...and, as such, you had insiders selling at $3 a year ago (was that a sign you should not have bought then?). These 5-1 plans are as commonplace as stop signs... hell, i see Tim Cook just sold a boatload of Apple... as did Sergey Brin of Google.

    DAIO issued $600,000 in equity compensation to senior management and the board in the first 6 months of 2021. Let's take an average of $4.75 a 126,000 shares were dished out!

    Per SEC filings, Ambrose must maintain stock ownership equivalent to 2x his base pay...that's over $600,000 in stock he must ensure he owns at any given time.

    All this said, if watching S4 filings (especially those that represent sales of shares) bother be it. I just would suggest (when governed by a 10b5-1 plan) that it has no relationship to the future price of a stock (even in DAIO's case... go back and check for yourself previous sales at much lower prices), must be considered within the context of equity compensation which is taking place (such as DAIO's $ 600,000 thru June 2021... in essence, shares sold as reported by S4's are ostensibly replaced...albeit at a higher price) and , finally, what do the sales represent in terms of total % ownership by the reporting person?

    Best of Luck
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    My 2 cents worth? A lot of people gonna be doing some quick due diligence tonite following this move today.

    There will be no news company pr... nothing

    Tomorrow morning we will gap up on open to mid $7's...maybe $8.

    The quick due diligence from tonite and no announcements?...people will be speculating this "Sentrix" investment is getting serious market attention... they'll play with some numbers on 375-400 PSV's and the annual thru=put for securing MCU's and take a nickel or dime per MCU...divide it by 8.5 mio shares...and to the races ...or, someone found out who bought that Sentrix system in Q2...and was laying down a serious bet there will be many more like it...wonder why?

    One thing is for sure...this wasn't any short covering run...

    Let's see...
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    Nice earnings report. Future looks bright for DAIO. I was particularly glad to see revenue as high as it was. Granted, there was a dip compared with 2017 - a cyclically high banner year - but annual revenue was well above all previous years prior to 2017. Overall, revenue has been growing steadily since 2014. Growing revenue is the best indication of a bright future for any company.
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    Why does Yahoo keep getting the closing price wrong? Thursday it said it closed at 5.18; it closed at 5.09. Today it says it closed at 5.28; it closed at 5.25. And I think Friday it said 5.16 when it actually closed at 5.15.
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    To any and all non-believers in the future of DAIO... I urge you to read this week's Barrons feature article- The Internet of Things: What Could Go Wrong.

    I will consider all of us (current holders and newcomers @ $11 and change) EXTREMELY lucky if we do not see a buy-out near $20... and have the good fortune to ride these shares to $30 and higher. The combination of where DAIO sits in the IoT food chain and the limited outstanding share count (8.5 million) make a "frightening case" for DAIO to rocket breathtakingly higher in bursts of
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    denaro, I think we will get another buying opportunity in the next few days, compliments of a market rout