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DoorDash, Inc. (DASH)

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133.41-18.07 (-11.93%)
At close: 4:00PM EST
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  • C
    This is nothing. Volume may be 10x tomorrow once locked up shares can trade.

    If you are long, take your medicine and cut your losses. This will not end well.
  • a
    This was my favorite "dump the truck" in puts option of my life. Up 200% today and tomorrow who knows. Let's eat bears!
  • R
    $25-$50 stock at most
  • D
    Yahoo Finance says doordash has 140 mil float and the short interest is just >6% of float. Are these figures correct? I thought the float is much smaller and the shorts much higher.
  • b
    did anyone read the 10k? i did. go take a look at the section that deals with risks to the business model.....and hurry! hurry! hurry! go directly to page 15, after that you are on your own!
  • m
    will take days for employees to get their shares in trading accounts
  • b
    eh Houston, we have a problem............. i see that only 2.5 million shares have traded and tomorrow 100 m come off lock-up. Houston: roger that venture capitalis. not to worry. plenty of mutual funds and etf's who think the name is cool. we can always sell to them. no multiple is too rich for these managers as they don't have the bulk of their wealth in the funds. they'll just laugh off the big loss on this old moose.
  • D
    Whos swinging 100% of their short position into tomorrow? glhf!
  • N
    DASH bottom was $130. That considered the new shares hitting tomorrow.
    Tomorrow = Brief dip maybe 5%, and closes $150+.
    Good luck to those believing otherwise...
  • M
    Michael S
    Have puts for 100
  • T
    If you have money in a mutual fund, you may want to see what is in it. About a month ago CNBC had some woman on (sorry, can't remember the firm) that LOVED Doordash because it was growing revenues and was loading up on it for her funds. Apparently she didn't know the difference between earnings, cash flow and revenues.
  • G
    Still should drop 95% to its real value.
  • U
    At the end of the day this is worth 40 not 140
  • M
    This will dip below $100... however, don’t expect that to occur after lock-up. It was probably take a few weeks and by April. Price target or fair value = $1.00.
  • p
    Bought March 12 $150 put's for a $2.75 premium yesterday. Up 60% so far...
  • t
    Shorts won big from shorting at $210
  • A
    The stock is being gamed as a ploy to lure retail investors to take ownership of overinflated shares.
  • A
    So like, down to 80?
  • M
    I agree with the puts but would wait until it goes higher. I had the $165 puts expiring next week and didn’t get much premium and spread was wide. Better stocks to short or buy puts like ZM and ROKU which paid nicely this week.
  • J
    Next week will be very interesting. Most people on this board assume a big drop as something like $20b in shares (based on $170/share) are free to be sold when most everyone agrees the company is grossly overvalued. I am one of those people. I bought a lot of puts with a 150 strike. However, experience has taught me that when everyone agrees on something it rarely happens as planned. I bought august puts so have a lot of time, but I am genuinely intrigued on what will actually happen. I mean at 50/share this company is overvalued, so if I had shares that were locked up, I'd be desperate to sell at 931 am on the 9th at whatever I could get, no? Thoughts?