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DoorDash, Inc. (DASH)

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  • p
    Bought March 12 $150 put's for a $2.75 premium yesterday. Up 60% so far...
  • J
    Next week will be very interesting. Most people on this board assume a big drop as something like $20b in shares (based on $170/share) are free to be sold when most everyone agrees the company is grossly overvalued. I am one of those people. I bought a lot of puts with a 150 strike. However, experience has taught me that when everyone agrees on something it rarely happens as planned. I bought august puts so have a lot of time, but I am genuinely intrigued on what will actually happen. I mean at 50/share this company is overvalued, so if I had shares that were locked up, I'd be desperate to sell at 931 am on the 9th at whatever I could get, no? Thoughts?
  • D
    Doordash's largest trading volume was 25M on Dec 8th when the stock doubled during the IPO due to artificially low supply.

    Second highest trading volume day was 7M

    What happens when 114M shares hit the market? Only 20% of insiders need to sell their shares and we'll be back below $102 and on our way to $30 where this stock's valuation properly belongs.

    Just one week dash shareholders...tick tock tick tock
  • K
    Everything is down right now, don't panic.
  • B
    Burt Burton
    The manipulation can never last FOREVER. With $DASH it seems like the day of reckoning is finally nigh. Congrats to those short.
  • Y
    Texas just announced they are fully opening all indoor dining, schools and eliminating mask mandates. The dominos are falling quickly
  • C
    Dash just release partial investor shares to sell off for early Lockup Expiration today! Finally
  • t
    tony ph
    If they can't turn a profit during COVID, good chance they never will
  • J
    If I set a business selling $10 bills for $5 and would be able to generate revenue of $100B (profit/loss does not matter), what market cap would be appropriate? Just asking for a friend...
  • C
    If they can’t make money in a shutdown, they’ll never be profitable......
  • A
    A U
    Doordash might not be a good investment but I don’t want them to go out of business. Who else will deliver for free from 10 km away restaurant in winter storm. I have dashpass for which I pay 9.99$ per month. I order min. 15 times a month and without dashpass it’s 7$ delivery fee from that same restaurant. I pay tip usually but that’s on my wish. I save my gas, time and cleaning snow from my car.
  • T
    Just a few days ago, this company (never made a profit) was worth more than General Motors. Wouldn't you guys say that was a bit excessive.
  • J
    Listen to this malarkey----Sponsored Analyst--underwriter(maybe his job depends on it?)
    To be sure, some analysts stuck with the company, as it beat Wall Street's fourth-quarter-revenue estimates. Deutsche Bank analyst Lloyd Walmsley raised his price target to $190 a share from $185 and affirmed his buy rating.

    "We understand the negative reaction from a contribution profit miss in the first quarter as a public company, but view this pullback as an opportunity for investors to reload on a fast-growing market leader with best-in-class execution and an enormous [total addressable market] ahead of it," he wrote in a commentary.

    Does anyone believe this enough to invest your hard earned money??? Esp when 115Million shs want to be Sold.
  • J
    I don't know if I've ever seen such a DELUGE of stock that will Overwhelm the stock/avg/mm. DAS's avg is like 3million, heavy traffic 5-6million. Can U imagine 115Million$$$$$. The holders I think will be somewhat forced to take their time doling this stock for sale because otherwise it could drop 50% in a day on Selling volume alone. Am I wrong?
  • A
    Remember that Doordash was valued at $15 Billion originally by the VCs. In other words, they thought that a brand new company that is just an app trying to take a cut on existing restaurant business was worth as much as the profitable Domino's Pizza franchise. That would have put the price at $50/share.

    Then the IPO middlemen got in the way and pushed that $50/share price up to $190 before they made it available to you and me, pricing it at the level of FedEx. Everyone could see this was fraud, but a few posters here want you to believe the story that there's unlimited profit potential. But it's a lie.

    If Doordash ever figures out how to profit from this idea, it will only be worth some fragment of a successful business like Domino's. So that's why I say, this is a $30/share stock.
  • J
    I think the puts are reasonably priced right now. They've always been kinda expensive, now we know the unlock--and how many. Am I missing something??? This seems too easy right now. Why is dash going up at all? Stimulus, all mkt are up,, but dash shouldn't be going up--should it????
  • C
    Investors sell after hours not during.
  • V
    way over value..be very careful
  • M
    Their own midpoint forecast is, excluding tax, interest, depreciation, amortization etc, they will make $100m in 2021. The forecast 27% growth. If they actually make $100m, then at $60B market cap, their forward P/E is 500. So, anyone long, can you please explain why in the world you would pay 500 P/E for 27% growth?
  • C
    $300 million in double losses on earnings, pandemic coming to an end and this stock goes from $146 after earnings to $175 premarket this morning? Pure manipulation and March 9th when lockup finally expires and the investors can start selling their shares I will be very interested to see where this stock can fall. Even if they were making tons of money how do you lose double this quarter and how do you lose $300 million in the first place when your workers are 1099. This is a Bear in manipulators clothes