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    $5 & HIGHER

    vin2 days agoReplied to a reaction
    This what Pr March 20th said

    Today, DECN announces that the company's Board of Directors has approved the offering of $13 million in non-dilutive debt financing, the first $2 million in Notes, followed by a $1 million credit facility to purchase manufacturing equipment for their Korean manufacturing facility, and the remaining $10 million in a revolving line of credit to finance inventory. Each of the three offerings are already subscribed to.

    <img alt="" src="https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/BwKvNBlMLh84X2wzZUb_jg--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTY0MA--/https://www.accesswire.com/users/newswire/images/581701/decn031920a.png" class="caas-img">
    <img alt="" src="https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/MN47OPMl7K2pj6_8hJWCqw--/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTY0MA--/https://www.accesswire.com/users/newswire/images/581701/decn031920b.png" class="caas-img">
    With interest rates at near zero% and equity at a premium, our Board moved quickly to secure the debt. There is no equity component or stock conversion feature in any of the debt instruments. Prior to structuring the debt offerings, the company received an unsolicited commitment for at least $1 million in Notes and is collecting these subscriptions. Almost $500,000 has been received thus far with the remainder promised prior to March 31, 2020
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    Good Morning Ladies & Gents!
    I was thinking about the ramifications of having a positive Feasibility Study over coffee ☕️
    in Texas today.
    There is surely a lot of contingent interest in DECN’s Swiftkit....
    Acquisition companies
    Sports Teams
    Large Investors
    One thing we’ve learned from publicity.... negative or positive is that it can swing to your favor in a moments notice......

    Strong & Long
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    While the stock market is selling off because of shutdown concerns, we are weeks from finishing clinical trials and helping business reopen. Cant wait for test results tomorrow or Friday, as well new deals with distributors.
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    Below is an analysis from one of DECN shareholders member:

    Good morning, everyone!
    While we are waiting for the testing results, I read some of their past PRs and the "wording" in those PRs and try to understand what really happened in the last 6 month or so with the Covid-19 testing kits. Here is my story (my best educated guess).
    When they jumped in the Covid-19 testing, they had their first product, GenViro Covid-19 Screening Kit. that kit was just using the traditional impedance spectroscopy technology to measure the virus properties/particles so if positive you still need to get a PCR based test to confirm you carry the virus.
    Then they tried to develop a confirmatory test so that they can make extra bucks as those positive patients from screening test need a confirm test anyway. That was when their invention comes. They advanced the impedance spectroscopy technology by attaching Covid-19 antibody onto the Biosensor to detect the Covid-19 antigen. They were probably very surprised with the specificity and sensitivity with this newly developed antigen test. Then, they probably decided to give up the first generation screening test and advance the antigen test to get FDA approval as this antigen test can give you definitive answer (it combined the screening and diagnosis function). They did intensive testing for the antigen testing kit in Korea and showed the results to India distributor and convinced them to buy. Now these antigen testing kits (the Genviro! Saliva Swift Kit) are under testing for clinical trial and FDA approval.
    I will post another one to explain why this antigen test is not a traditional antigen test and why it is better than a PCR based test in terms of picking out the true Covid-19 infectious individuals.
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    New Tweet from DECN:

    DECN should be reporting soon that it has established distributor relationships in the Ivory Coast, Nigeria in Africa, and Lebanon in the Middle East.

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    rona llama
    found this e mail from another investor on cydy...doesn't it sound like a result of familiar FDA behavior????

    EMAIL I sent to FDA janet.woodcock@fda.hhs.gov
    douglas.throckmorton@fda.hhs.gov carter.beach@fda.hhs.gov
    Oct 27, 2020, 10:06 PM
    If the UK MHRA approves 1st an American made drug for UK EAS (EUA) for Covid, and approves the BLA of that same drug for HIV is that embarrassing for the FDA? It looks to me if other reputable countries lead the US in EUA or approvals of a Covid mild/moderate and Critical/severe effective drug will look very bad. Plus it's a simple shot can be administered at home if needed. Plus UK will get most of the viles 300k ready and 800k in process. It looks like US FDA is more in line with jumping to approve big pharma drugs. Were other countries just look at the science and approve from that. I'm just a common educated man in my late 50s that follows news and medical research. I'm a proud retired veteran from the US Air Force. Sometimes in combat we have to react or die. To me the numbers that are dieing is much higher than the risk of using a proven safe and drug with efficacy. This drug has been in numerous FDA and DSMC trials. Yet the FDA keeps pushing it out and asking for more to delay the inevitable approval. Unfortunately it will be the UK first to approve, Canada 2nd as this company meets to get BLA authorized submission on 9 Nov. That drug is Leronlimab and the company is Cytodyn.
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    Last night, during the 6th inning of the World Series, Dodger OF Justin Turner was removed after testing Positive for Covid-19. Had the FDA passed Decn's testing, the club would have known before the game started, not 2-3 hours later. Their slow testing put an entire field of players at risk.
    The FDA needs to IMMEDIATELY right this ship and get Genviro into our hands.
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    3M CEO just on CNBC talking about a rapid saliva test they are working on what they hope to get EUA on by first half of next year. Why doesn’t DECN just license their tech to a huge company like 3M and get this thing rolling...to a much larger demographic. And production cost would be a fraction of what it stands to be as 3M (or whatever fortune500 it is) would take care of all the packaging and supply chain sand the technology that makes it work. Obviously you then split revenues but that would seem to be an avenue they should consider going down. Testing is gonna continue to happen long after there is a vaccine because whatever vaccine they come out with is not gonna be a panacea.
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    After Lucky Capos post I went ahead and read the Antigen Template

    A lesser requirement, quiet interestingly enough, is companies need to provide information regarding distribution under the Product Manufacturing section:

    "The product will be distributed by [please describe the distribution plan for the product and list all current distributors]."

    The recent tweet concerning proposals for distribution from US distributors seems timely.

    Clinical testing is obviously the most important part of the EUA application however all requirements, no matter how small, must be submitted.
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    The pumpers and bashers are always hard at work. Investors are as well. When those who choose to believe only information presented from the company itself, then at least, the bump occurs from inner-self and not the child of a Pumper and a Basher which is...

    A Bumper. Don't get bumped. Have confidence in your ability to read and look at the history of all facets regarding the company invested in. GO DECN.
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    New Tweet from DECN:

    Learning from people involved with the GenViro! saliva testing, and with encouraging results to date, DECN now considering proposals from US based distributors as testing moves toward conclusion.

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    OIL MASTER8 days ago
    $DECN conversation
    Stock price hits 0.3924 for an 800 share trade at 14:06 pm.
    This is “ No Mistake “ some signal code had been sent .
    Brace yourself for the next few days .

    OIL MASTER2 days ago

    OIL MASTER2 days ago
    20,000 has purchased @ $0.3924 @ 15:57:36
    2nd trade in a week at this level .

    Judgment day for all these months that the BASHERS thought that they are “ WINING “ is underway and you herd it from ME FIRST ....
    GO DECN !Chart shows $0.16 to fill the gap then major rally should occurs .

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    I was just watching a YouTube video, during the video commercial came in, it was and advertisement about a COVID-19 test home collection kit, called everlywell fda approved , showing in the video from the nose and you sent it takes 2 days for results to come in .... DECN in seconds .!!!!!!!! Can you imagine after FDA APPROVED . Huge market . By the way the kit is $109 ...
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    So by today’s comments by Berman, I’m anticipating we are at least 60% through the first round of the Feasibility Study and he’s likely getting a dynamic/ daily reading skew on the accuracy and specificity of the Swiftkit. He’s stoked that his early Feasibility Studies are lining up with current U.S. testing and proving the company has the goods .....

    Strong and Long
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    I have a feeling the next PR is gonna be the best news to date! GO DECN!
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    Decn added a couple more languages:
    GenViro! Informative Video (English)
    French | German | Hindi | Indonesian | Malaysian | Russian | Spanish
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    There are so many people here concerned about my investment in this Company, how charming.
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    Magic 8-Ball Says...
    An antigen test was just EUA approved 3 days ago with sensitivity of 94% and a specificity of 100%. 10 minute results. Does this mean that 95% is no longer a requirement? Not that it matters anyway for DECN but the bar seems to be lowering and perhaps the door for DECN's approval is beginning to open
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    I’m hoping US based distributors include Amazon and Wal-Mart!
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    Okay people. Sit on the sidelines if you want. But the clues are there. Read between the lines. All of the recent PR’s and tweets indicate Genviro! works better than anyone could have imagined. It will receive the EUA and sell both internationally and domestically. Buying before these big announcements are confirmed will bring you the most returns. Good luck to all!