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Digital Ally, Inc. (DGLY)

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  • Volume is the indicator that this company is finished. Anyone that owns the stock is now trapped with no liquidity. DGLY stock is worth zero....
  • Digital Ally has about 10 different patents dating back to 2005.
  • Management sure has great confidence in the stock...

    On May 31, 2017, the Board of Directors terminated the Company's Stock Repurchase Program. On August 25, 2015, the Board of Directors approved such Program that authorized the repurchase of up to $2.5 million of the Company's common stock in the open market, or in privately negotiated transactions. The Company did not repurchase any shares of common stock under this Program.
  • Recognizing a critical limitation in law enforcement camera technology, during 2014 we pioneered the development of our VuLink ecosystem that provided intuitive auto-activation functionality as well as coordination between multiple recording devices. The USPTO has recognized these pioneering efforts by granting us multiple patents with claims covering numerous features, such as automatically activating an officer's cameras when the light bar is activated or a data-recording device such as a smart weapon is activated. Additionally, our patent claims cover automatic coordination between multiple recording devices. Prior to this work, officers were forced to manually activate each device while responding to emergency scenarios - a requirement that both decreased the usefulness of the existing camera systems and diverted officers' attention during critical moments. We believe law enforcement agencies have recognized the value of our VuLink technology and a trend is developing where the agencies are seeking information on "auto-activation" features in requests for bids and requests for information involving the procurement process of body-worn cameras and in-car systems. We believe this trend may result in our patented VuLink technology becoming the de-facto "standard" for agencies engaged in deploying state-of-the-art body-worn and in-car camera systems. We expect that this technology will have a significant positive impact on our revenues in the long-term, particularly if we are successful in our prosecution of the patent infringement litigation currently pending with Axon and Watchguard.
  • DGLY will purchase new special effects technology as it works to expand beyond the law enforcement and security video market.The SightDeck technology was developed to produce theater-quality special effects where real-time integration of graphics and images are needed, Digital Ally said in a release. Along with the intellectual property, key members of the iMatte’s SightDeck development team will join Digital Ally.
  • The Overstated inventory accounting issue at DGLY will be uncovered soon. At least half the inventory is unsaleable. Over $5 million in inventory is on the books that should not be on the books.
  • This will begin in early Aug 2017
  • 2007 (78.96) to 2017 (3.80) ?
  • 12/01

    TASER announces challenge to validity of Digital Ally patents

    TASER International (TASR) announced it is challenging the validity of Digital Ally (DGLY) patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. "Public documents, including TASER's own presentations from as early as 2009, clearly establish that Digital Ally did not invent 'auto-activation' camera technology," TASER stated in its announcement. "Normally, we do not comment on ongoing litigation. However, because Digital Ally has repeatedly and falsely claimed that it invented the technology to wirelessly activate cameras, we felt it appropriate to share our recent filings on this matter to provide our customers and investors with an accurate invention timeline. We believe these public documents clearly demonstrate that Digital Ally did not invent the technology in question, and has attempted improperly to claim the inventions of TASER International and others," said Doug Klint, TASER's General Counsel.
  • Digital Ally announces TASER's most recent invalidity attack as more of the same

    Digital Ally (DGLY) announced that TASER's (TASR) most recent attack on its pioneering '292 patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is simply more of the same. The company said in part: "TASER's most recent attacks do not rely on a single product, patent, or invention owned by TASER. Despite going to great lengths in its press release to tout its 'TACOM' technology, Digital Ally asserts that TASER did not present a single argument to the USPTO that its TACOM technology, or any other TASER product, invalidates Digital Ally's '292 patent. Nor could it. Despite the vague references to TACOM and its possible features in a small handful of presentations, Digital Ally does not believe TASER ever sold any TACOM products. Further, despite claiming to have invented auto-activation technology in 2009, TASER did not release a single product containing auto-activation until after Digital Ally's patent filings." Digital Ally Stanton Ross said, "We welcome the opportunity to beat TASER again at the Patent Office and look forward to our day in Court where TASER will finally be forced to answer for its conduct."
  • 10/27

    TASER being sued for patent infringement, anti-competitive behavior, report says

    Body camera maker Digital Ally (DGLY) is suing Taser (TASR), alleging that Taser has copied its camera design to make its AXON line of body cameras, as well as paying off "current and former law enforcement and government officials in order to win contracts and box Digital Ally out of the market," according to Business Insider. Reference Link
  • Established in 2004, Digital Ally™, Inc. adopted a think tank approach, utilizing multi-disciplined engineers, sales and support staff, as well as collaborating with cutting-edge firms to design innovative products. Digital Ally™, Inc.'s products have been developed for applications in industries such as law enforcement, fire, EMS, and commercial fleet management. Digital Ally™, Inc. revolutionized mobile video by introducing a complete video system integrated into a rear-view mirror that provides a more efficient use of space in vehicles, as well as providing a user-friendly system that can be positioned so it is not distracting to users. All of the video systems designed by Digital Ally™, Inc. offer many important benefits such as being fully-automatic, capturing irrefutable evidence, and total solution design and support. Digital Ally™, Inc. has also developed a dynamic, comprehensible back office software solution for easy management, review, and archiving of recorded evidence.
  • wow.....here we go......this is going to start heating up!
  • Thomas Auclair March 6, 2017

    Digital Ally Inc (NASDAQ:DGLY), which has zero-debt on its balance sheet, can maximize capital returns by increasing debt. The debt will reduce the cost of capital for the company. Why? Because the cost of debt is always less than the cost of equity as debtholders get a higher claim over the company’s assets and interest on debt is tax-deductible.

    A lower cost of capital increases a company’s valuation as it is the discount rate applied on future cash flows to calculate the present value; thus, indicating higher capital returns. Precisely due to the same reason, companies raised debt in their capital structure with costs at record lows in a low interest rate environment. This improved their capital returns and they were rewarded with higher valuations.

    On the other hand, rate hikes are imminent, it’s a part of the broader economic cycle. No-debt companies will clearly be in a stronger cash position compared to companies of which most, if not all, will be forced to retire a chunk of their debt due to rising costs. Higher the interest rates, higher the cost of debt. Although zero-debt makes Digital Ally’s financial strength analysis lot more stressful, there are other metrics to check its financial health. These are a few basic checks to assess the financial health of companies with no debt.
  • June is almost here and DGLY will be filing BK in next 30 days unless they have a miracle and get more cash from a clueless banker. Time will tell...
  • In John's world "honest" = "dirty". Go ahead, prove any of the observations wrong. You don't, because you can't.
  • When will the overstated inventory accounting issue be uncovered at DGLY? Will the CFO finally admit the inventory is way overvalued? This is the month to do it before the BK filing.
  • Has anyone ever read all the past annual reports for DGLY (2013-present). I have never seen a company in more lawsuits. I counted at least 7 lawsuits they initiated in the past 5 years. They sue suppliers, they sue competitors. Most of the time they are using lawsuits to try to gain an advantage on suppliers to get out of paying for product. The lawyers must love this company. I can imagine the legal fees in the last 5 years are at least 5-10 million. I have not seen a single significant victory. Do investors know that management is more focused on lawsuits than on building a profitable company.
  • Not a single question on the conference call about the cash situation. This is scary that these "investors" are not focused on the elephant in the room. The cash position is almost zero and no one ask a question about it?
  • Less than 1 million in cash
    2.25 Million in accounts payable.

    current liabilities almost doubled.