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The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

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  • Looking forward to what this will do over the next year. Some great discussions at the ComicCon.
  • Looking for a good opportunity to rid myself of my few shares of this mismanaged dinosaur!
  • I've noted this before, but it may be worth repeating. The dollar has weakened slightly, at least against the Euro. From lows near 1.05 (euro to dollar) it is around 1.15. That could have resulted in another $100 million box office for Star Wars TFA --probably for like $50 million, and only $10 - $30 million in profit - not a lot, but it is something, and spread across Disney's other movies, parks, and consumer goods, and anything else, it is something. It may add a penny or two towards the fourth quarter.
  • I like to talk profits, and I've done it for the past quarter as that quarter ended. As Disney has no more movies to be introduced for this fiscal year, now I get to talk movies for next fiscal year.

    Thor starts the fiscal year in early November. Thor isn't the greatest of box offices (just under $650 million in the last one), but it has added Hulk, and Dr. Strange (I believe), and that may well help it be looked at as an Avengers Jr. I'm going to say it garners $850 million.

    Then Disney has Coco on what is its slot for Thanksgiving. This seems different from others. Disney needs a new hit in animation (Mona was well received, and $640 mil is nothing to sneeze at, but not overwhelming – Cars is ok, but it was put out for merchandise sales). I'm going to be a little careful and say $650 million.

    December has Star Wars – after $2 billion, I'm going to say $1.5 billion – I'd say less (its hard to duplicate such success), but I think some will come out for Carrie Fisher.

    In February, you have Black Panther. This is a very interesting movie. I say it does a little better than Dr. Strange – lets say $750 million.

    In March you have a Wrinkle in Time. This is beginning to get some real play. I don't know what the overseas sales will be on this. I'm going to say $400 million – but it could hit $900 million.

    In April you have Magic Camp. This was originally going to be a sequel for Wreck it Ralph, which is not slated for November. I don't know what to make of this. I'm going to say $150 million, which is fine because I don't think it costs much.

    In May you have Avengers. If it is good, $1.5 billion – if so so, $1.25 billion – I'll be conservative, and take the latter.

    In late May, you have a Hans Solo movie. That will do $1 billion.

    In June, you have the Incredibles. I'd like to say $1 billion (it was the best Pixar after Toy Story), but I'll say $750 million.

    In July they have Antman and the Wasp, I'll say $750 million (it could be more if it turns into another Wonder Woman).

    That's just over $8 billion. And, with a little luck, it could be over $9 billion, as there is upside on Star Wars, A Wrinkle in Time, Avengers, and the Incredibles.

    That is a lot of money.
  • ✔️🌐 Kathy Griffin and Stephen Colber need to spend some time in the hospital room Hinkley stayed in. Perhaps Kathy too wants to do something to impress her lover. It looks like both of them need to be on 💊medication. Please, put both away for treatment , before anything bad happens. They are not thinking rationally.
    CBS should fire Steven and never hire Kathy. Remember lying CBS anchor news man Dan Rather. As a CBC stock shareholder I asked CBS to fire him for lying about President Bush military records. Guess what the did. Folks are sick of liars and Fake News. Wake up media and politicians and hate filled comedians we are not laughing.
  • Disney posted a number of YouTube videos today on the new Star Wars land at its domestic theme parks. Impressive, most impressive, and coming to a galaxy near you soon. In fact, much sooner than I ever expected 🤠
  • There's been a lot of news about ESPN's slump. But I will note this - an article in today's NY Times about the Las Vegas Summer basketball league says that viewership on ESPN is up 99% this year. And I would suggest that these are younger viewers, that usually would be prone to cable cutting. They also may be watching on digital platforms. Maybe ESPN isn't dead yet.

    And there is a report that wait lines at Disney World are up 24%. Given that Disney is trying to cut the crowds by charging more during the height of the season, this is quite remarkable.

    These are two nice pluses. I've said that $1.75 is my target for the quarter just ended. I feel more and more comfortable with that number. And I think you will see a nice number next quarter, so that $6 plus for the year is more and more likely.

    And, if the money is flowing in, Disney may just try to increase its buybacks under the radar at this time. It has to do something with all that money.
  • How does a company go from being one of the most successful, famous, beloved in the 1960-70's to this? Only one answer: horrible management!
  • I missed ABC "News" last night. What's the latest about Trump Junior's meeting with nobody about nothing?
  • ABC "News" bufoons. How's that Russian collusion story coming along?
  • Parents don't want their children being indoctrinated by the Disney channel
  • What a pos this has been. The dividend is useless when stock performance is so bad
  • New York Times and Washington Post are reporting that someone in Trump's Cleveland campaign office ordered Russian caviar before the election. Manure will have all the breaking details tomorrow.
  • Rumor theory-Disney insiders wanted to dump stock ahead of bad news so they floated Verizon nonsense.
  • maybe this news regarding Spider-Man the Homecoming will help this pos this morning: ...ts success will benefit two Hollywood competitors, Sony Corp.'s ( SNE ) Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney Co.'s ( DIS ) Marvel Studios, that joined together to make "Homecoming" in an unusual partnership. Sony Pictures financed the $175 million movie and will keep all of the profits it generates. That is a big deal for Sony ( SNE ), which has been in a grueling box office slump for several years.
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  • time for a 20 to 1 split
  • DIS continues to be the Rodney Daingerfield of the dow
  • God no just no Verizon stay away from this failing company,ESPN and now kids are tuning them out.Fake rumor.
  • Too funny. Bagholders chasing an obscenely valued equity as if they have found Alladin's lamp. Can't lose, they reassure each other, as half of America despises what this company has become.