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The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

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104.22-0.58 (-0.55%)
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  • Is anyone else annoyed with people from Awesomestocks littering every board with advertisements?
  • Does anyone know if DIS is going to pay a dividend in early July like they did in 2015 and 2016?
    I cannot find any website that says they've announced one for July. Thanks
  • amazon is going to buy espn.... happy now? in fact, amazon will buy disney too.. so they will deliver grocery to you when you are at the theme park or watching movies.. now that's integration
  • Wow, a lil over a week ago, I warned everyone 2 exit DIS. Ouch. Down, down ,down she goes. May buy back in @ 100 level. How you holding up @eric? 🤣
  • Disney dropped below 200 day moving average, and is touching a support level at 103.60, if this breaks through we will see $100 again,,,,waiting to restart my position at this level.
    Does anyone feel Disney should acquire a NFLX or CMCSA?
  • Cars 3 is doing quite well but upside in the stock again is minimal. Until the ESPN cloud goes away we are going to underperform the indexes. I am downsizing my position. Buying better performers.
  • I see ESPN is making more changes. Unfortunately, DIS is not making the changes where they really need them. Clean out that rats nest in charge at ABC and ESPN. Oh, and Eiger publicly (don't care what his private thoughts are) supporting Trump might help the stock skyrocket.
  • I hope everyone is looking ahead to the fall because a little movie called Last Jedi comes out in December. Two years ago, DIS made a slow climb to $120 in preparation for Force Awakens.
  • I like Dis but it seems the management has lost it's moral compass.
    !) It has 3 lawsuits against it for stealing other peoples ideas.
    2) It fired it's American IT department and replaced it with H1B workers.
    3) It refuses to address the ESPN problem, blaming everything but the liberal political bias that has replaced sports.
    4) And ABC should report news, and do shows without the liberal spin.
    5) Did I mention the pink slime lawsuit against ABC?
    All this is probably business as usual, but they need to keep it quiet and keep their goody goody image.
  • Short this Mickey Mouse left wing PC propaganda factory into the ground. Don't support their advertisers, don't support the stock until they clean house of all the stooges.
  • I think its time for Manure and his fellow ABC left wing stooges, to knock off with the anti-Republican propaganda and hate.
  • The market keeps on harping on .ESPN. They are just walking into a trap. Disney just keeps on buying more and more stock back at lower prices. When the market realizes that ESPN is making a lot of money at present, and it will make more in the future. And then the market will want to jump back into Disney, and there won't be enough stock to satisfy the wants of the the market. I just hope that Disney buys back enough stock by then.
  • Alright @eric, I'm done busting your "balls." I got carried away. Good luck to all of you who own DIS
  • Reinvest in Disney anytime it is low. Come on it's Disney
    The lower it goes the more you invest
  • Bye, espn. Don't let the door hit yah where the good Lord split yah
  • If the last 2 trading days have not convinced you to exit with your profits nothing will. The 6 stocks holding up the NASDAQ are in sharp decline. Next goes consumer staples and then banks put the final nail in this bull rally. Get out now with your gains while you can.
  • ESPN bloviating in support of Kaepernick and his slave patrol comments again, wonder why ratings are in the tank
  • Both Bob Iger and Elon Musk were not invited to the tech conference with Trump at the WH!
  • Trump basher Ossoff clobbered. Message for the ABC Fake News team.
  • I see Iger has sold a handful of shares @ about $105, so did I, I will buy back but I may wait until 9/30/17. Historically the summer isn't stock friendly, but Dis seems to breakout in the fall. I do not understand why Dis is doing so poorly, it should be over $120 easy. I suspect manipulation. Wish we had a good SEC.