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  • Breaking News ; Disney shares set to plunge by 25% if Disney releases Johnny , he wants to kill Our president , lib Dem communist Depps lame 20th sequel.

    I sold on Wed at $104.40 . 5000 shares I picked up 2500 for each of my children at $16 when they were born.
    If Disney releases Pirates Im hoping for protests and lib Dem communist like violent riots. HOPEFULLY all decent ,MORAL ,ethical ,law abiding AMERICANS who value Freedom and AMERICA can act like Lib Dem communists ANIMALS act daily .
  • Is anyone else annoyed with people from Awesomestocks littering every board with advertisements?
  • Johnny Depp I'll never watch another movie or pay for one you make. Your just another liberal angry loser just like evil angry washed up Madonna. 👎
  • All decent , law abiding moderate republicans please call ,e mail and write Disney management everyday. Tell them in no uncertain terms you will not allow your families to see Johnny Depp, I want to kill PRESIDENT Trump , next and lousy rotten Pirates of the Caribbean. Enough with the lib Dem insanity. F Depp and F all lib Dem communists opposed to Freedom and America.
    Picket and protest this film daily. If enough decent Americans call and E mail Disney hopefully will can stop the film from hitting the theaters. Depp IS a WOMAN beater to boot.
  • Lib Dem women beating ,mega weathly supposed COMMUNIST DEPP and Disney please set your sites on the lib Dem voting Freedom hating Tea FREEDOM caucaus war loving white trash. They like you stand in the way of freedom and our moderate , non lifetime politician DONALD Trump.
    The freedom hating tea freedom caucus LOSERS who all VOTED to keep funding planned parenthood ALONG WITH EVERY agenda Pelosi ,Schumer Warren and SHARIAH Tist lover Maxine Waters the new leader OF the Dem party support
  • Sell Disney now before all decent , law abiding Americans of all races begin our riots and protests at every movie theater showing Johnny Depp , he wants to kill our president, Lame sheety , what 20th installment of the Pirates of the Carrabean. F Depp and F Disney ,F advertiser's and all involved with this Lib Dem communist Tists Movie.
    I bought 2500 shares each many moon's ago of Disney for my children at $16 . Sold yesterday. NOT to shabby. We also stayed in Disney at the grand floridean and the yacht club 5 times and enjoyed every minute. If Disney releases this lib Dem communists wanna kill our president Depp film I hope Disney goes belly up.
    Call management daily if you respect freedom and AMERICA and demand Pirates of the carabeen be burnt ALONG with all copies.
    OBVIOUSLY not one filthy lib Dem communist will call or e mail.
  • All decent law abiding Americans of all races , Boycott Disney ,ESPN and all advertiser's 8nvolved with J9hnny Depp he wants to Kill tge president of America soon to be tealesed Pirates of the Carabbean. This LIB Dem communist audacity openly wanting to kill our president , congressman scalice by another lib Dem now fired NEW England Dem leader etc. .

    Dems spend thier sick perverted lives supporting ,defeding ,and worshipping 6 million gang members ,MILLIONS OF child molesters, PEDOPHILES, armed robbers, Drug dealers , RAPISTS, KILLERS and all SHARIAH WORSHIPPING TISTS.

    Shariah Law that racist l7b Dem freedom hating Maxine Waters tge new leader of this new even more disturbed Dem communist party gave a speech 2 weeks ago praising. Praising Shariahs laws interpretation of the K Ran. That allows barbaric shariahs to Kill All Gays and Lesbians. Allows by Shariah law treating ALL women worse THEN mangy dogs. ALLOWS THE barabic men to Kill THEIR own daughters ,wives and all women if they disobey or get raped.

    This IS THE face of a CRIMINAL, freedom and America hating LIB Dem communist destructive ,terrorizing, rapung and killing INSANE PARTY OF ANIMALS.

    30 states voted for a very moderate non lifetime politican Donald Trump because Decent law abiding Americans of all races want our children and women to feel safe.
  • ABC the liberal fake news network shame on you I stopped watching months ago losers
  • I hope everyone is looking ahead to the fall because a little movie called Last Jedi comes out in December. Two years ago, DIS made a slow climb to $120 in preparation for Force Awakens.
  • SOLD today on the news Pirates of the carabbean, LIB Dem Communist Johnny Depp announced loudly its time for another actor to kill Our President DONALD Trump. HIMSELF !!!
    I expect no less than 50% of decent ,law abiding Americans OF all races to picket ,protest and boycott THIS film and all advertisers.
    Spread the word and Short Disney and hopefully Depp will be the one executed.
  • Short this Mickey Mouse left wing PC propaganda factory into the ground. Don't support their advertisers, don't support the stock until they clean house of all the stooges.
  • Call DISNEY today and demand Pirates of the Carabbean be shelved. Let them know you and all decent ,honest ,ethical ,working ,law abiding Americans of all races will Hate Disney for LIFE. For allowing lib Dem communist Johnny Depp , he wants to kill our president , FILTHY boring communist film to be made in the first place.
    Boycott DISNEY and all advertisers. E Mail ,Write and call Disney management around THE clock.
    F Disney . F all lib Dem ,war LOVING Communists and F Johnny Depp ,Madonna, Perry ,Penn ,Sarandon ,Glover, Bail ,Streep ,julia D , Judd and all COMMUNIST lib Dem hollywood Hos.
  • I like Dis but it seems the management has lost it's moral compass.
    !) It has 3 lawsuits against it for stealing other peoples ideas.
    2) It fired it's American IT department and replaced it with H1B workers.
    3) It refuses to address the ESPN problem, blaming everything but the liberal political bias that has replaced sports.
    4) And ABC should report news, and do shows without the liberal spin.
    5) Did I mention the pink slime lawsuit against ABC?
    All this is probably business as usual, but they need to keep it quiet and keep their goody goody image.
  • Does anyone know if DIS is going to pay a dividend in early July like they did in 2015 and 2016?
    I cannot find any website that says they've announced one for July. Thanks
  • Wow, a lil over a week ago, I warned everyone 2 exit DIS. Ouch. Down, down ,down she goes. May buy back in @ 100 level. How you holding up @eric? 🤣
  • Disney dropped below 200 day moving average, and is touching a support level at 103.60, if this breaks through we will see $100 again,,,,waiting to restart my position at this level.
    Does anyone feel Disney should acquire a NFLX or CMCSA?
  • First we have Disney CEO Bob Iger who is a far-left puppet of the deep state and probably being controlled by George Soros. He is apparently weighing a run for President on I imagine the Democratic ticket or possibly with the Socialist party.

    Then the rocket scientist Johnny Depp steps in. Everybody is aware of his well-publicized domestic issues, his financial problems and his apparent substance abuse. He decides to run away to another continent to call for the assassination of the President of the United States, Donald J Trump.

    This is of course, like it's always done, covered by the shroud of “its comedy” or “I was just kidding” or “I’m just an actor”. Everybody on the left always gets a pass because they frame it as “satire” or “art”.

    The problem is, there are plenty of people that actually listen to these pillars of pop culture academia and it only takes one idiot to act out on these childish ramblings. Just look at the Scalise assassination attempt when the mental defective was asking people where the Republicans were.

    How small of an IQ do you have to have, especially in light of the Griffin beheading and the nightly Presidential stabbings in Central Park, to think that this kind of thing can and has to continue? So he gets a couple of laughs from these trolls that came out to see him. Is that worth inciting a possible assassin to carry out an attempt on President Trump’s life?

    The lack of culture and respect in this country are an abomination to mankind and society in general. I hope Disney is happy with their biggest star encouraging people to kill our President but until the nonsense ends I can’t imagine anybody even having DIS on their radar to buy. Too much risk when these kinds of headlines are pouring out of this supposed “family friendly” company.
  • Cars 3 is doing quite well but upside in the stock again is minimal. Until the ESPN cloud goes away we are going to underperform the indexes. I am downsizing my position. Buying better performers.
  • HD fire sale today. Unlike DIS has been a great performer
  • Thus far is holding right at the 200 sma. Hopefully this will act as a spring board and we'll see some upside. Lots of manipulation going on at this level! Holding tight and hoping for that bounce!