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Discovery, Inc. (DISCA)

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  • H
    Looks like hedge fund selling again

    They will never learn and this explains why the stock was under pressure even after the huge selloff. The good news is earnings is only like 15 trading days away and all indication earnings will probably be great. Of course we would all like to know more on Discovery+ numbers.

    The bad news is hedge fund selling continues but this is probably near the end. All this manipulation has nothing to do with the company and the stock eventually will balance out. However, in the short term, the only way to combat this is for management to announce aggressive buybacks; that will stabilize the stock till earnings.
  • s
    discover+ partnered with Amazon prime and is now available on amazon
  • s
    Kinda regretting I bought A shares. All the excitement is in B
  • H
    CS was the buyer of DISCB?

    The strange jump of DISCB from 50 to 150 now back down is a total mystery but now in hindsight is it possible that the buyer was CS? They want to unload DISCA and DISCK but they want a better price but how to do this?

    The solution they thought they could move DISCB way up and that DISCA and DISCK would follow and then they would sell A and K for huge gains. Because B was so lightly traded (Prior to the run-up 65-day average volume was 3,232 shares), you can move this stock say with $200 million? If they were successful they would've gotten say $2.5 billion instead of $1.5 billion? Then sell the B say $120 million? Basically using say $80 million to try to get $1 billion more?

    At first I thought maybe a hostile take over or a tender was coming but since that didn't happen; the conjecture above made more sense. Because of how lightly the B shares trade it is vulnerable to manipulation. Discovery management should look into this and I hope SEC will too.
  • b
    $10B in equity, $2B cash, $2B FCF every year. Only $18B market cap. Undervalued on DCF.
  • j
    In terms of valuation, DISCA is currently trading at a Forward P/E ratio of 13.63. This represents a discount compared to its industry's average Forward P/E of 15.59.
  • J
    What's with the 4% down in After hours trading?
  • B
    This is one of the most undervalued stocks, 7 times free cash flow
  • B
    it was trading 20 before pandemic, so probably 30 is probably where it will drop. Viac was trading 40-50s before pandemic and it is at 42. i think it will drop some more before it bounces. Most likely, it will go up after 16 when option expires.
  • J
    Just noticed the AH drop from the hedge fund sale - too late to buy more today but I will be first in line in the morning
  • j
    Good option play here for the next month with earnings coming up. Will move up anticipating the numbers
  • S
    What I would give to see one positive day - even one positive hour! - out of this stock!!!
  • E
    Selling NOT over as just announced after hours on CNBC. Credit Suisse selling MILLIONS of shares....stock down 4% after hours. When will it end for the 'folks'!
  • 3
    Looks like the selling of those discounted shares has begun...its going to take some time to sell off those shares without completely demolishing the stock price. Look for those hedges to sell off over the coming week. This thing will bottom out at around 31-32. Be careful...Hedges that bought those lots don't care about you. They only care about selling those discounted shares for a profit.
  • w
    Bottom line. Downside is 35. BUT upside is 60, 80. ???. Risking 6 points for 20,30, or more. Imagine a short squeeze? 180 bucks a share for one day.
  • A
    Guys, I’m reading about the class B being manipulated and how unfair it is that you didn’t buy it and why isn’t disck reacting... if you’re buying the business because it has great prospects and people love their 90 day fiancée and house hunters and wild week and you name it, any of the thousands of hours of entertainment and hundreds of popular shows around 150 plus countries and translated into many languages, with easy access for consumers to watch and stop and continue watching throughout their day, with many platforms in which to access, why do you care if a super super smart quantitative manager over-exposed a family office he was a steward of? “Give account of your stewardship for Thou Mauser not be Steward no longer.” Warren Buffett says that most intelligent people in markets get killed because of leverage. It’s beautiful when it works, but any beautiful number, however impressive the record, when multiplied by zero is zero. That “smart” guy lost a lot of money for that family he was stewarding wealth for. He did pretty well himself. Probably got paid around 4 percent while he managed 10b usd. Unless he exposed himself similarly, which I doubt it, he’s doing fine. He’s a multi deca millionaire. If you can buy wonderful companies at depressed levels, why worry about the short term? Ask yourselves where discovery will be in ten years and if you can’t get a clear picture, look elsewhere. About the class B, read the book “Cable Cowboys,” “You Can Be A Stock Market Genius,” (the title is sarcastic, you don’t have to be a genius to make good profits in Wall Street) and the letters to shareholder of Warren Buffett. Read “The Outsiders” by William Thorndike and “100 Baggers.” Class B shares are super voting shares. They pack ten time the voting power. When outsiders may want voting control, they may start buying the class B, mad insiders don’t want that so they also start buying. It tells you something about where insiders stand. They want full control. They push the prices higher and Higher not because they are thinking short term like you but because they want voting control and the price is irrelevant. Those are elephants and I simply stay in my lane with disck, which is where John Malone, one of the outsider CEO’s has his stake. His interests are aligned with mine in disck. And I bet you he ain’t selling a single share.
  • c
    Hey, which is the difference of the DISCA action with respect to DISCB. and what would be the reasons that the action is falling.
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  • C
    I like Discovery, but VIAC is a better value at this point with dividend and lower PE.
  • S
    Here we go again - up in the
    pre-market. Maybe it can stay there this time?