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  • r
    Doge going to run over 10 cents!!!!!!!!!!! eyes on ACRX, ACRX CEO yesterday, hint ACRX 100%+ upside:
    May 16, 2022: "we're actively discussing strategic relationships with third-parties with a more robust commercial presence that can help maximize distribute value for all stakeholders..."
  • F
    I can unequivocally say that forex trading is one of the most profitable and lucrative business for every investors with the right expert.
  • R
    Every investor is just smiling at the price of bitcoin at this time, because it was strong and indeed valuable enough to generate a good ROI. More people are becoming millionaires and we thank bitcoin for that.
  • D
    Fed Chair Is speaking today @ 2:30 pm he will be putting cold water over the market
  • N
    Trading and investing literally has to do with determination,consistency and having a mindset to never give up is key. Just like a battle or war, we take loss in our stride and continue to fight. Never give up, never get too comfortable and you'll be surprised by the outcome. Forex trading remains the best.
  • N
    The market hasn't dropped yet because people "still believe" the second they snap out of the illusion which I think will be in the next few months once people start living again at 100% the jig is up and pop goes through.
  • B
    People that lost most of there life savings on Crypto are the ones desperate to pump crypto and keep it going. Everyone knew going in it was just a trading scam and no crypto has any intrinsic value. If your willing to pay more than the last guy is how this works and eventually the ponzi party is over.
  • p
    The problem with crypto. It is not universally accepted for payment. Like Visa Mastercard etcetera. So what exactly did you invest in? Hedge against inflation.? That's off the table. What else will they come up with? Remember, it's a digital asset? Ones and zeros
  • a
    Doggie just hit it's target. Don't expect anything higher.
  • j
    Remember when they said .05 cents 💎🙌🏻
  • V
    Wow! I just found a site that gives the top stocks to trade every single day for free! (
  • C
    Coins hold value as a form of good money that is superior to any previously discovered or developed form of money
  • J
    Its early days...this will be over a $1 in the next decade
  • J
    I think doge coin holders should buy real estate in the metaverse and make money there.
  • M
    The world is changing every day invest in your future today. This was just a movie some years ago but today it has come to reality. Nothing is impossible, crypto investment has changed life and it is still changing life's now.
  • W
    So many of you here hoping doge will someday pump like Btc 65k but so many of you don’t have realized btc has 20 Max supply, doge has 132billion plus they add every year 5 billion doge on top that so doge has already reach of his own max level when it was 0,65 cents and so many of you bought it from that price sorry for gonna hold long time bag but there is also possibility never recover again, I just try explaining to you guys don’t invest because Elon said that or someone, research before invest. That would benefit for all of us, we need healthy economy with make sense little bit.
  • F
    I still cannot believe people are buying digital paper, that was invented as a joke, has unlimited supply, no utilitarian purpose and is not backed with anything.
  • H
    That’s not what I am expecting,I am expecting 85cent- 90 cent.
  • J
    People are struggling to pay for these high prices of food, gas,etc. and realized you can’t buy any of it with Crypto, so they’re selling all their crypto today.
  • H
    .92 more cents and this will be $1.00 CANT WAIT!