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DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund (DSL)

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17.84-0.32 (-1.76%)
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    DSL going up.....the great and powerful Oz has spoken!
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    I thought about buying into this CEF until I read the reviews here. DoubleLe will probably cut the dividend again if it follows the previous pattern.
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    How many here rely on DSL for monthly income?
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    Down 2 % today. Under $20. Yielding 9% and I trust Gundlach to keep the .15/mo. flowing. Added a little to my holdings today.
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    big price drop this am
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    GOF might be better option for new money. Low expense ratio and no leverage. The drawback is ROC.
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    A 25% dividend cut. Isn't that just special. Gundlach the bond king? Should have stayed at PIMCO.
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    I've asked this before with no response. I would really like to buy DSL but understand what makes it go down. Low or high interest rates? Inflation? What is it's silver bullet. Not willing to buy until I know what it's Achilles heal is. Thanks in advance.
  • K
    DSL just published their y/e (9/30/18) financial statements. Basic upshot 1) for the year DSL made about 4% vs. the Barclay Index at -1.5%. The Argentinian and Turkish bonds, along with some mortgage sectors lost money. (The minimal Puerto Rican govt bond exposure did terrific. Guess Gundlach was right in betting that Puerto Rico wasn't going to sink into the sea.) Everything else pretty much status quo. Annual distribution has some ROC (tiny) to reflect some realized losses. Don't see anything really threatening the .15/monthly distribution.
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    Check out the funds semi annual report, just published. It takes a look under the hood of what makes this fund work. Key take away.... the fund reduced its leveraged balance from $820 million to $585 million over the last 6 months. That’s to be expected as the prices of their debt securities fell substantially which of course sets the stage for a potential dividend cut in the future, just like its sibling DBL. Also their cash on hand to pay their monthly distribution has dropped as well. I love the fund at the right price, I own 36,000 shares personally, which I just bought again last month at 12.59. This is the third I’ve owned it since it’s IPO and made out well each time even as the price has declined since inception. You just have to be comfortable that this is never a buy and hold story, just a medium term trade for a year or two when it gets crushed.
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    The June 30, 2019 quarterly report on DSL at the Doubleline website indicates leverage at 30.34%
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    No cut in distribution in December. Regular $.15 dividend being distributed, PLUS $0.044 special dividend. Check website for details.
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    Gundlach said that DSL is now almost a pure credit play, and should do fine as long as the dollar remains weak, and there is no recession. He did talk about the possibility of a recession before the election next year, but I think Trump and the Fed will do all they can to financially engineer a solid (or semi-solid) economy, to ensure his re-election. After 2020, all bets are off. Gundlach is very worried about the extremely high level of corporate and government debt in the system!

    The AUM of the fund are around $2 Billion, and it's 46% levered! It has been a phenomenal performer over the past five years, and it's trading very close to NAV. Gundlach is one smart guy, that's for sure. Happy to have him manage part of my portfolio...
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    trading at pretty steep discount relative to past 3 years per cefconnect
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    April distribution of .15 cents remains unchanged. Steady as she goes.
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    @Brian I.m a retired Registered Principal who used to supervise brokers in 13 States, so I understand how markets work, Gundlach is a Bond Manager and has underperformed his peers, Take a look a two closed end fund ETFs - PCEF and YYY. They hold many comparable Closed End Funds and both have well outperformed DSL I will succinctly articulate the reason why. Gundlach, by his own admission, sold 50 percent into cash while most other manager sold much less, so Gundlach has not had half the relief of the rebound. In addition, he states he has shorted the S and P,, believing we will test new lows . He's losing his shirt on that position. If he keeps paying 15 cents a month, it will have to be much more return of capital. The 52 week NAV low of DSL was 12.44 and the NAV is currently only at 13.21, vs it's 52 week high of 20.49 - Gunlach is performing at the bottom of the barrel! That is why I have eliminated DSL from over 600 positions in 3 income portfolios.
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    DSL is paying 11.3% annual @ $15.89 fund price today
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    I'm surprised it's coming back up
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    heard interview earlier with Gundlach on CNBC. he saidhe had made big money in gold. I take him at his world
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    folks I don't own DSL but follow it closely. This is a pattern O have seen before in other CEF's. of you look at the last month, it kept on going up. unfortunately they decided to cut the divi knowing it would go down to where it was last month. the current investors got fleeced. however , if you dont own it. this is an opportunity as you are buying a fund 6% cheaper (even if the divi was cut) for its still high as new investors capitalize on the lower share price. GLTA