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Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bear 2X Shares (DUST)

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    $EGO conversation
    Nothing here until Jan.
  • O
    Guys, there seems to be some confusion as to what DUST’s purpose is and how to trade it.

    First of all, DUST is an inverse stock, which is to say, if NUGT goes up, DUST will go down. When you buy DUST, you are betting that the price of gold will be going down. When you buy NUGT you are betting that the price of gold will go up.

    Secondly, THIS IS NOT A BUY AND HOLD STOCK. Drexion charges a new commission for EVERY DAY YOU HOLD IT!
    The way you trade DUST or NUGT is you buy in the morning and sell that day BEFORE MARKET CLOSE. You never hold it overnight, and you never ever hold it over the weekend or holidays.
    You only want to own DUST on days when you expect the price of gold to fall, and then sell it before the market closes.

    All this information is in the prospectus. You should read it. This stock is for sophisticated day-traders, not average investors. If you buy and hold, the fees they charge every day will ultimately drain your entire investment. You can’t win.
    I hope this helps everyone understand this financial instrument’s purpose.
  • K
    Most of y'all don't seem to understand that DUST moves with inflation & deflation (aka the value of the dollar). As equities collapse and deflation occurs, DUST goes up. Everything was in an obvious bubble up until last week. I am printing money with DUST.
  • M
    I have watched DUST and NUGT for years .. Today is a good price to Buy!
    In few month this stock will be back to over $9
  • N
    This thing should be at least 12.00 a share based on nugts share price.
  • S
    This is a bear index ETF, but it goes down when the market is negative. Why?
  • N
    I talked to Direxion. The reason it is trading this way today is cause of the premium of 17% it closed last night. The NAV was only 3.67 yesterday. So today is a catch up. Not a good vehicle to trade but now I at least I understand.
  • D
    I'm thinking that people who saw the incredible money grabbing gains from DUST's early March chart, have placed unrealistic expectations on this ETF's continued gains. ~ Maybe, folks who watched their other stocks crash during the first part of the Covid-19 scare, either profited from any one of many Inverse ETFs, or they missed the opportunity and are now trying to be part of DUST winning streak which has already past. ~ Gold is pulling back and will probably be range-bound, while DUST will most likely trade sideways too, or until a major market event takes place. ~ Add to the fact that DUST is doing a 1:25 R/S, and this seems like too high a risk even for day traders. Inverse ETFs and BEAR Funds (ie: GRZX), are not meant to be held long term in my opinion. Please look at any of their 6 month, 1 year & 5 year charts and their non- viability becomes evident. One needs to check an Inverse ETF'S history to see how frequently they have done R/S, as these will skew the long term chart by artificially raising the share price history.
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    I'm a little confused, someone please clarify. DUST is an inverse ETF of Gold, right. So, if DUST is rising gold must be falling. But when equities are at risk people pull out of equities and move to Gold as a safe haven. So, Gold should be rising and Dust should be falling. Since Dust is rising, what am I missing?
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    Not A Zionist Jew
    couldnt resist this price I am in
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    Sunset unlimited
    I made a few bucks off this last week but am worried I don't fully understand the charts/everything. if I'm predicting gold will (eventually, like Jan Feb.) be back down to $1700-1800 max. I should buy this and hold until then? this would be the best way to profit without missing the boat by buying something else too late or early?
  • H
    i buy it 28 dolar to sell now or will go up more?
  • t
    I agree as acting very well still needs to revisit $1450 inQ1 for technical reasons
  • G
    Greg M.
    Rebalancing for the quarter will b finalized tomorrow. With the massive increase in gold portfolios are out of whack. Expect a big drop in gold tomorrow and then upgrades of stocks on Wednesday will lead to a further fall of gold. Could b wrong but that's the way I see it!! Time will tell!!
  • A
    Took a huge loss today as did most holding DUST, is this a sell?
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    Know Nothing Jack
    DUST rocket ship is poised to launch. Building a base here above the 200 and 50 dma. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5....
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    Know Nothing Jack
    If we end down the same percentage but at higher gold price, I look at it not so negatively. If NUGT can't mount a decent upswing withe the current movement, God help them. Let's see where the chips fall. I'd like to see the tail touch 50 dma and solid bar at or above 200 dma. Let's see what happens.
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    I keep buying as it goes down. Hard to play but be patient
  • D
    I bought 5000 shares and i will make a huge profit in the comings weeks. Buy dust now when the price is very low. Once the stimulus bill pass in few days you will thank me later.
  • M
    Tomorrow it will open with the price 34.5, while our shares will be reduced to 1/25, right?