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Dynex Capital, Inc. (DX)

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16.50-0.05 (-0.30%)
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16.63 +0.13 (+0.79%)
Pre-Market: 08:36AM EDT

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  • P
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  • T
    I am surprised this stock is in an upward trend after a weak earnings report.
  • H
    nothing to do with inflation or fuel or what is going on in world good company reits are a buy as long as well managed like dx, agnc, nly, arr etc.
  • M
    I'd be careful and cautious before investing in this; This looks like a dividend trap: in 2014, it's annual divvy was $1, paid quarterly; It was cut to $0.96 in 2015, down to $0.84 in 2016, down to $0.72 in 2017 & 2018; Divvy went monthly in 2019, and was raised to $1.41 annually, Raised to $1.66 annually in 2020 ($0.15, Jan-May, cut to $0.13, Jun-Dec), and has been holding steady at $0.13 per month ($1.56 annually) in 2021 & 2022. The PPS has also fallen during the same time period: from $32.25 on 1 April 2013 to where it is today.
  • D
    Danny G
    Great recovery in only a few trading days. Can’t believe it went down to $14…
  • v
    Same investors from $DX, $NRZ, $NCT, $DS, $SNR, OMF, COOP, OCN, IMH are at it again.
    Same investors that turned Dynex Capital $DX around 2000-03 Barry Igdaloff (served on $DX Board 20 years) Wesley Edens, COB of Fortress and at the time COB of Capstead Mgt $CMO now $FBRT are up to it again at Novation Co $NOVC by owning together at least 80% of common and only Sr Debt to exit Ch 11.
    Fortress sub of Softbank externally managed New Residential Inv Corp $NRZ and is up to it again at Novation Co $NOVC with partners Jefferies, MassMutual Barings, White Mountains Capital $WTM, EJF Capital that own at least 91M 80% $NOVC common.
    Fortress was paid $170M Management Fee to externally manage New Residential Inv Corp $NRZ in 2019 alone per $NRZ 10K plus dividends. Fortress spun out of Newcastle not only $NRZ but $SNR sold for 2.3B and $NEWM now $GCI before changing Newcastle $NCT old symbol name to Drive Shack $DS which kept all of $NCT 160M NOLs as MREIT are tax exempt by IRC ask $DS IR for Dec 2016 Edens Presentation to NCT aka DS Shareholders slide 4-5.
    Now Fortress has terminated their external management agreement at $NRZ (creating a $400M termination fee for Masa Son, CEO of Softbank the parent of Fortress) I believe this has paved the way for Fortress, Co CEOs to buyback Fortress from Softbank which PAID $3.3B in 2017. Rajeev Misra ex Fortress executive was the catalyst for sending Edens, Briger to Forbes 400 (Edens, Briger and Rich Nardone pocketed personally almost half the 3.3B). Misra last week front page WSJ steps aside as CEO of and Softbank Investment Advisers. Once Edens, Briger and their cabal gain sole control of Fortress I believe they will act like the Novation Co $NOVC common shareholders they are with partners co investors EJF Capital MassMutual and sub Barings and Jefferies $JEF, ex $LUK. EJF Capital is owned by White Mountains Capital $WTM who's top VP received this $NOVC briefing. Now Fortress/EJF Capital hidden by co investors controlling $NOVC Board (all ex Dynex Capital $DX NYSE investors) behind CDOs own 27% of $NOVC Common and the ONLY SR DEBT to exit Ch 11. Sr Debt is ruse and will be cancel in seconds with the filing 8K.
    $NOVC Novation Companies Inc. shareholders know for a fact Barry Igdaloff, Howard Amster $NOVC only Board of Directors have a past relationship with $NOVC Note Holders Fortress/EJF Capital. They hide their IDs behind these CDOs Taberna CDOs I and II/Kodiak CDO I and fail to hold an annual meeting for almost 3 years (last annual meeting 12/12/19) to accomplish this camouflaging and withholding the IDs of Note Holders and Common Equity Holders. Boulay Group an independent and objective CPA firm colludes with this behavior as they file FALSE "GAAP Going Concern" based on this lack of disclosure yet know by GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards these facts exist which temporarily suppress $NOVC share price while they remove 47M NOVC common at less than one penny and probably buy in the open market $NOVC shares at pennies. These investors connect to $NOVC Board have done it before and can split $NOVC into two tax free companies a MREIT (relaunch $NOVC former MREIT NYSE $NFI which holds rights that control billions of rich, seasoned collateral assets 600 Bpts WAC) and $730M NOLs.
    Novation Co $NOVC Largest and Only Note Holders Sr Debt Holders to exit Ch 11 are Wesley Edens, Peter Briger, CO CEOs at Fortress and Manny Emanuel Friedman, Neal Wilson Co CEOs of EJF Capital. They have already been paid by $NOVC Board of Directors all their back interest compounded est $6.3M CASH most in interest inside Ch 11 for no cram down. Many months after official exit from Ch 11 NOVC Board Barry Igdaloff, Howard Amster then gave Note Holders Fortress 31.3M 27% of all common shares outstanding dilute.
    Fortress owns 2.3rd behind Taberna CDO I and II Wesley R. Edens, Peter Briger are Co CEOs/COBs
    EJF Capital owns 1.3rd behind Kodiak CDO I Manny Friedman, Neal Wilson are Co CEOs

    Fortress and EJF Capital paid almost no cash for these CDOs Service Rights, therefore have no cash invested in $NOVC Sr Debt (Face Value of est $87M and $11M FMV per audit and certification of 10Ks). Makes a reasonable investor want to ask how can $NOVC Board and Ch 11 Attorney pay these investors Fortress/EJF Capital est $11M cash mostly interest plus 31.3M NOVC common 27% for nothing NO CRAM DOWN/Reduction of outstanding principle? This makes $NOVC only Sr Debt to exit Ch 11 a ruse which can be canceled in seconds by Common Shareholders/NOVC Board of Directors. &

    Based on their past accomplishments (Case Studies) Mr. Market must ask why they would not “Cut & Paste” the TRUE RESTRUCTURING at Novation Co $NOVC ?
    Case Study #1 Wesley Edens CEO of Fortress, Manny Friedman, CEO of EJF Capital with Mass Mutual sub-Barings & Jefferies with BoD own at least 91M 80% of $NOVC Common.
  • n
    I sold it today prematurely.It had hit 13 plus.I collected dividend for 2 yrs
  • D
    Danny G
    I’m in at $16.00 today. Looking for a long term hold with both growth and monthly dividend.
  • S
    This company is run by exceptional management, look at how well they did coming out of Covid compared to others in their industry. They literally weren't phased at all
  • D
    Any news on dividends? Dramatic drop today (moreso than the overall sector) on a date close to dividend announcement. Was wondering if insiders leaked anything.
  • J
    Someone on here asked about the fed tapering and how it would affect the stock. I would suggest you either listen or read the recent company quarterly report for more info but in general the tapering is bad for DX and other MBS reits because the spread will be increasing and I fully expect the stock price to go below the 52 week low from now to February. With such an extremely overbought market I would not be surprised to see DX plunge to below $15 a share if we see a January crash which I think is entirely possible. If you are holding long term (over 2 years from this point) then I wouldn't worry so much about the drop but if you are using margin or don't plan to hold for at least 2 years it could be a hard lesson to hold onto most MBS Reits. There is a reason the yields are close to 10%, the smart money is avoiding the downturn. The one caveat that I would throw in is that DX has taken some measures to hedge against widening spreads as mentioned in their quarterly report but when the herd stampedes our of these types of Reits you will still be crushed. I have owned DX several times over the years and like the company but you will be able to enter at a lower price a few months from now than the 17.77 it sits at now, possibly much lower.
  • R
    Thoughts on the 1:3 share price split on June 20, 2019 as to future Sp performance. Dividend was kept at .06, management is on top of their game IMO but typically--not always--stocks can be shorted from this split action. We have already had a Sp beating, but just asking for opinions, if this downward trade action is over or continued.
  • K
    Has anyone noticed the proposed 1/3 reverse stock split? Causes concern for growth and the ability of this management.
  • J
    Just Me
    Just made my big buy 13% yield in soon to be lowering interest rate environment.. yes pre pays “should” increase (I don’t think they will as refis sent what they used to be) but co will have lower cost of capital assuming they don’t hedge to deep the wrong way.. I have complete confidence in the Mgmt team just look at their track record over the long haul
  • b
    $NEM conversation
    I just watched the #DX-Y.NYB fall from 92.74 to 92.64 over the past 10 mins (wow!) I suspect FMV for the #DX-Y.NYB is 70 or 80 based on historical patterns, and if/when it goes there then gold will be north of $2500, imho. My calculus is as follows: when the #DX-Y.NYB fell from 100 (April 1st) to 93 (July 30th) -- a drop of 7 points over four months -- gold rose from $1620 to $1970 -- a rise of $350 per oz. So, if this highly correlated historic relationship b/w the DXY and the price of gold holds, with the same calibration of relative unit pricing witnessed over the past four months, then, projecting forwards... when the #DX-Y.NYB falls from 93 to 86 (ie. 7 points), gold will rise from $1970 to $2320.... and when the DXY falls from 86 to 79 (ie. another 7 points) then gold will rise from $2320 to $2670. Could this happen before end of 2020? Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov -- well, thats four months, and we have a month to spare in case the trend slows. Will this trend hold? I almost can't believe it myself, but it is what we are looking at. I just sold all of my #TSLA and #AAPL, and I'm long #NEM, #AUY, and #LRTNF to ride this trend.
  • M
    Somebody is wrong. Either the market is throwing this out with the bathwater or their portfolio wasn't as solid as reported. They have not reported any margin calls which I would think was a reportable event, but the market is selling this like they have. They were mostly agency securities.
  • K
    I have followed this stock for 20 years. Bottom line in a stable or tending LOWER interest rate environment his stock will go down
    Interest rates at historic lows and IMO are much more likely to increase
    Having said that I bought $100,000 of DX today
    I bought $100,000 of NLY as well. Same type of company paying a bit higher dividend
    Pays quarterly tho andnot monthly like DX
    If you agree with my assessment then buy this stock
    I have been waiting 10 years to buy this stock back and pulled the trigger today
  • J
    Just Me
    History shows the best time to buy is during inverted yield curve panic (which never lasts that long)...
  • A
    Did anyone dial in to the conference call Monday? Anything pertinent to the dividend discussed?
  • A
    Christopher Nolan, 4-star analyst from Ladenburg, sees Dynex as a solid REIT with a strong portfolio and steady returns. He raised his outlook on the stock from Neutral to Buy, and set a price target of $17, indicating room for 9% upside growth in the coming year.