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  • Dexcom Receiver & Pipeline

    The company was showing off its new touchscreen receiver, expected to launch in the August-September timeframe.

    Also on Friday just before ADA news hit that FDA approved the G5 Mobile app for Android, which had many enthused.

    In a meeting with Dexcom execs, we learned that this leading CGM company has gone from 400 employees 6 years ago to over 2,000 employees currently. Their Gen 6 sensor trials are underway, and the specifics of this system are exciting:

    it will use new sensor membranes and a new algorithm for improved performanceit will block acetaminophen, so patients can finally take Tylenol without messing up their readings (!)it will include a new transmitter and smaller, easier inserter deviceit's designed for 10-day wear, with very little calibration required: only 2 within the first 12 hours, and then one per day from then onthe new sensor will be 30-40% smallerthey hope to file with FDA by Q3 of this year, and launch in 2018

    Regarding future technology, they are of course working with Animas, Tandem and OmniPod on closed-loop system configurations. CEO Kevin Sayer tells us their first product co-developed with Google will be aimed at doctors treating patients with type 2 diabetes. A tiny new sensor code-named Fusion will be "smaller than Abbott Libre, at worst 20% the size of that," Sayer says. Wow! 

    If you're wondering what's going on with Medicare coverage of Dexcom CGM, here's the rub: CMS has mandated that Dexcom ship out to Medicare patients "everything they would need" to use the product. Since calibrations with a fingerstick meter are required, that means Dexcom has to find a traditional meter company to partner with to actually ship meters and test strips in the package with their CGM. Kinda crazy, and definitely creating delays for the company and its customers!

    Last not least, an announcement of Dexcom-Apple Watch integration was made at the recent Apple developers conference -- meaning the CGM data will be beamed directly to your watch. Once this launches, patients can not only ditch the traditional receiver, but could even leave their phones at home and just monitor BGs on their wrist. Cool.

  • Dexcom is about ready to start shipping Medicare orders.
    As well, they have already submitted the G6 (next generation CGM) for approval.
    Dexcom is also waiting on a pending FDA approval for integration with Tandem.

    You would likely be better off at the Horse Track then betting against Dexcom.
  • How is this company in business? My son recently got a new Animas pump and we have been working for months to get him the Dexcom G4 system which is integrated into his pump. Everything seems good but then Dexcom refers us to Liberty Medical to do the processing, well weeks go by and they don't seem to be doing anything. Now we find out that Dexcom referred us to Edgepark Medical for supplies and we have to start over, apparently Edgepark bought the diabetes part of Liberty Medical abruptly and nothing transferred over. Do some research online and these supplier companies have terrible reputations. This is all because we have too much insurance, Dexcom deals with our primary insurance but not our secondary insurance so they have to find a supplier that deals with both which neither Liberty Medical or Edgepark does. Our primary insurance has a 20% copay which the secondary insurance covers so we'd pay nothing.

    I'm not sure I understand why you would put a customer off months from getting set up with your product which will generate years of revenue over about $200? My guess is after all is said and done with Dexcom will net less paying a middleman company than if they just billed the primary insurance and waived our copay.

    Checked in with Medtronic and they are willing to set us up with their new pump if we trade in the current pump for $749 and work with us on the CGM and initial supplies to get us using their product. When I called and talked to the Dexcom representative to see if Dexcom would do anything like that she told me she understood if I wanted to switch to Medtronic and to let her know if I still wanted to work on getting Dexcom?

    Not sure how a company can operate basically encouraging potential customers to go to your competitor?
  • The trading setup for DXCM looks very enticing. Im not sure about you guys but awe.SOME-StockS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Already going back up
  • According to Yahoo Finance Forward P/E on DXCM is 6853X EPS. Yes....not a typo. And you though AMZN was expensive??? At least P/E is not negative like PODD. But it will be..........
  • Dex will beat earnings this quarter. As expected.
  • Total technical breakdown on nearly every metric. Looks bad. No earnings support. Look out below.
  • So fun when this goes down.... $$$$$ :) :) :)
  • The breakout has begun (2 weeks ago)....
  • Moved through the 50DMA like a BULL!
  • as I told everybody in this post look at my prior comments I said Apple will be using Dexcom sensors. Everybody freaking ignored me. now I will make another call and that is profit takers are taking their profits right now. Going to wait till this dips back to 70
  • New Player In Glucose Monitoring-NEW GLUCOSE WATCH. http://www.pkvitality.com/crowdfunding/

  • At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) it was just announced their smart watches will be able to pull info from the Dexcom CGMs.
  • @SMD: How is that Apple "partnership" you were so excited about for their watch that no one wears? Is this the same type of partnership that they have with Google in which THEY PAY Google? You didn't know that did you? Have you ever heard of Roku? It is a TV device that enables to to better navigate your smart TV. My Roku has 4 "branded" buttons so that I can go straight to that service. They are Netflix, Amazon, Rdio, and Hulu. But when I push on the Rdio button nothing happens cause that company already went out of business. But at least they had a great partnership with Roku beforehand that they no doubt paid handsomely for. You are funny SMD. Remember me at $30.00.
  • Expect increased volume, could spur a breakout
  • For all you Dexcom lovers.... this has been going on for years..
    read and heed....

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  • DXCM is up 4.91% to 71.00
  • Some info about competition - earnings call transcript:

    Regarding the U.S. launch of the MiniMed 670G, we have approximately 750 people taking part in our Customer Training Phase. The feedback has been extremely positive with a continued increase in patient satisfaction levels. We are preparing for a broader launch in June to the more than 20,000 pump users that are enrolled in our Priority Access Program. As stated before, we do not expect revenue growth to ramp substantially until after we have fulfilled the Priority Access orders, given the low revenue associated with the upgrade program.