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  • I seen this type of action before. Volatility low and late afternoon buy back of the indexes. I don't know if its this weekend or the next but come Tuesday of one future week the DJIA will be stomped. I have no doubt about it. Something wicked this way comes...lol
  • Every generation gets a smack from the market 1987...2000..2007...???
  • c'mon now 50 miilion on food stamps , 163 million sucking off the govt , 50 million living in poverty , 92 million not working , and the avg family has only 8 grand in savings ... who is buying at these levels ??? this is the exact same thing that happened in 2008 , before the dow plunged to 6600 , it hit record highs of 14,700 , took a total of 90 percent correction
    and .... 90% of americans , DO NOT OWN STOCKS .... i say , back the freakin truck up and load up
  • Don't worry be happy. Just place all your money in the stock market. Don't worry about the 20 Trillion in debt that is coming. And the Bogus unemployment reports and bogus GDP reports. Yes All In The Stock Market....lol
  • Bogus Stock Market Selloff coming. I mean the #%#%@ bags in Wall Street doing everything to keep this Pig up. Nice little 10% is knocking on the door...lol
  • Time to take positions for June selloff
  • Yes...everything is just humming along...I mean our Government has got it together and working smoothly. In Europe well peace is at hand with the Mideast problems being solved by Trump...I mean what can be better than that. The congress will add to the debt of US so with a high debt and falling sales from brick and mortar retail firms things are getting brighter everyday. And with friendly talk from North Korea and Trade disputes with Canada...wow I mean what can be better than that....DJIA should be over 21,000 right....
  • Everything is the Greatest now time to go back in because talking heads said so thats why. Don't worry be happy and buy this stock market because wall streeters say so...lol
  • I can't find my red heat...duh where did it go...lol...
  • Buffet TOP....remember this day;)
  • have one chinese position left ..90% dxd..sqqq...gltu pert
  • How can you say bogus but hey it works for me because everything is just great. Investing is stick you head in the ground and just transfer money into the stock market and go away for an automatic double. Don't worry just be happy...lol
  • Let us see..i see double top...chartest see breakout....mmmmm
  • A BS rally for any reason...head in the sand investing....step right up...shorts being sucker punched....the French Election saves the stock market....the manipulators are at it again..oh I mean investment criminal bankers..oh I mean drain the swamp..oh I mean #$%$..
  • Correction over it is time to rock. Everything is great everywhere and better if you lie about it or anything for it does not matter. Look for Dow 21K +.....Shorts to get sucker punched again...
  • nope....this generation hasn't had there 99- 2000 moment...its starting to happen...but now its art, classic cars, stocks that levered themselves to do buybacks....ttysoon
  • This market is absurd. Up everyday with no volatility or actual news to move it higher. Just hope that Trump will cut taxes and drive deregulation.
  • our time has come....
  • IMHO a correction due ....We are up too much since Trumps win...
  • Little correction coming soon but not a crash. After correction 5 to 10%...then up up away....too many La La Land left in this market and more La La Land coming....I smell some more manna from the FED and Gov coming at a bank near you....lol....The Way of Bogus Stock Market....