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Endocyte, Inc. (ECYT)

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  • usual shenanigans today. went up to 1.70 then faded back to 1.60. wow.
  • People sayo "Think twice before you speak".http://dataunion.tistory.com/10094

    Endocyte NASDAQ $ECYT Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • 5 days without any new posting, I guees everyone jumped ship...
  • it looks like the interest in this stock has totally dried up, even inside this board...I guess management would just try to survive to keep their salary alive...
  • Can any experts share their views on Endocyte's partnership with Seattle Children's Research Institute on developing the next generation CAR T-cell therapeutic platform? Does the latest news impact that opportunity, or is the science distinctively separate?
  • As shareholders we're better off forcing management to liquidate and return the 100 million of cash . Since 1995 they've failed to offer any viable pipeline that can be marketed. 22 years of futility. No reason to believe they'll succeed with the remaining hail-mary pipelines. If your a shareholder send your frustrations to management . Demand accountability and distribution of the 100 million back to shareholders.
  • Next time there is a conference call I think I will pretend to be an analyst, not only so they actually have one caller with a question (LOL...sigh..../cry) but to ask this question:

    Did EC1456 dosing ever exceed the comparable level used in the mouse trials (which I think was 2umol/kg)?

    Will EC2629 begin dosing at its comparable mouse trial level that saw 100% cures (0.3umol/kg)?

    Well that is two questions, but they seem to be fair questions.
  • https://www.ibj.com/blogs/17-the-dose/post/64084-endocytes-surprise-move-stuns-wall-street-raises-questions-about-companys-future?utm_source=ibj-daily&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=2017-06-07

    The last line of the article says it all...

    Endocyte's surprise move stuns Wall Street, raises questions about company's future
    The West Lafayette-based biotech firm once was seen as a rising star with a pipeline that could save cancer patients. Now, 20 years after its founding, without a single launch, it is laying off 40 percent of its workforce.
  • does the imaging technology have any value.....or did that go with the programs being terminated?
  • this pos seems to have no bottom, it's been almost a week now and it only appears to have a know the way down...just thinkink it was a billion dollar company 3 years ago and now it's worth peanuts...
  • This is a disaster, CEO must announce executive pay cuts. They really need to consider auctioning their technology and liquidating company via special dividend. Cash is reducing daily with no return in sight.
  • Big dump at the end today. scuk. down almost 2%
  • Step back and let us examine what has just happened.

    There was a growing fear among us on this board that EC1456 was not showing the results we had been expecting. We shrugged it off as maybe being because the selection of participants in the study were not all 100% FR+

    The stock had been trading well below cash on hand, meaning nobody really had faith in EC1456. Even recently the company was more excited about Car-T and EC2629 than their current phase I studies. We expressed worry on here because we did not think they should be looking for the next greener pasture when they needed most of the money to get EC1456 through phase II,III.

    Well, now you no longer need to have faith in EC1456 while seeing no real proof it is working. They are dropping it.

    We will be back to a new company now, pushing forward in Car-T and EC2629. A company that will be funded with $105 million while only having $75 million in outstanding shares.

    Normally when you start up a new company, the outstanding shares issued are more than the company's cash.

    The question to be asked right now is how good is EC2629. If it looks really good, then the company was quite smart to stop piddling money on EC1456. Had they continued to advance both drugs, they would have run out of money well before 2019
  • Conclusions

    EC1456 has demonstrated good tolerability and is not associated with hematological toxicity traditionally associated with chemotherapy, allowing flexible dosing and potential combination with other agents
    •In an unselected population, EC1456 has demonstrated single agent activity in the form of reduction of tumor burden and prolonged stability
    •99mTc-etarfolatide is a real-time, non-invasive, imaging agent that is being co-developed to accurately select patients that may benefit from EC1456 therapy without the need for invasive biopsy
    •The Phase 1b expansion study in 99mTc-etarfolatide selected, FR+ NSCLC patients using the recommended phase 2 dose is in the early stages of recruitment. To date, 6 patients have been treated and 4 remain on study
  • EC2629 has shown cures in 100% of mice with human grafted cancer tissue at 0.3 umol/kg

    EC1456 required a much higher dose, such that during human trials the dosing level barely if ever reached the level of drug delivered in the mouse study.

    If they can begin the dosing trials much closer to the mouse study level...(big if here, since we have all had the football pulled away by EndoLucy many many times)

    Maybe we could see much earlier results in phase I dosing study of EC2629. At the current cash burn level and the current cash on hand vs share price, I think it is well worth at least seeing a quarter or two into the dosing study of EC2629 if they start off at a decent level of drug delivery. You can still bail on the stock and get a dollar or so back if you don't see complete or at least partial responses by mid 2018. At $1.80 a share it is worth giving them this last shot, but don't hold the stock if they fumble again and get no tumor response within the first few months. We need to see decent results early this time. It is the last time.

    That is of course unless somebody just buys the tech for the cash on hand at this low price.
  • Roland, Yu Hang
    I notice that Tubulysin B is a large molecule that requires a big hydrophilic spacer to give it water solubility. Although the IC50 uM looks good the number by weight ( mg.) is fairly large compared to some other cytotoxic agents. Has ECYT published the structure of the DNA alkylating agent yet ? I hope it is a smaller more water soluble molecule.
  • I added some here at $1.52 (had a limit order in). It looks as if it touched $1.50.

    Where is the bottom? Probably lower but I see through a glass, darkly.

    About 1/3 of cash is the lowest I have ever seen a bio go. They currently have about $120m in cash, so a market cap of $40m, or about a buck a share should be the absolute bottom (for now).

    I have not seen a bio stay at 1/3 of cash though. They usually rebound to about 1/2 cash, which would be a market cap of $60m, or pretty close to where we are right now, hence my purchase.
  • Its not a good scenario. Seems like there is no bottom, and with no good news expected, I imagine sub buck in a couple of weeks.
  • The scenarios are quite interesting at current levels for ECYT. I started receiving notifications from awesome.stock.s the other week and so far they have presented interesting new trade ideas.
  • well I bought premarket at 1.90. sold at 2.20 nice trade. just bought them back at 1.85. this is worth over 2 bucks easily.