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  • This stock is just a matter of time, soon now it will pop up to 10 on FDA news and then the real revenue story will start. My prediction is 15-20 within 1 year, I am in since 2012 with 50.000 shares average 3,9$
  • Ed may be a lot of things but he's certainly been right all along about this terrible management which should have been out long ago.
  • Should be bouncing back nicely and it isn't. Truth is there's just no reason to buy this and the smart money knows it regardless of the 75 cent (doesn't that sound ridiculous per se?) run-up that's gotten all the simps who think they've just discovered something exciting that nobody knows about but them. We have several generations of that scenario now and all are just waiting for the opportunity to unload if they even get any where close to even.
  • YEY...the troll Ed is back. Notice how he's been silent with the run up but now he's whining again with the downturn. He's a short term trader trying to get the stock price down so he can buy in again and sell when it goes back up. Some day soon it will go up permanently and hopefully he'll finally move on or get a life.
  • To anyone who read Ed's comments: You still have to ask the question, why after all of these years is he still on this board posting instead of selling his stock and moving on? The simple answer, he is a short term trader. He tries to get the price down so he can buy low and then sell when the stock moves up (which is why he never posts when it's doing so).
  • Read the news. Bruce & Co has $2.89 Million in shares, Morgan Stanley doubled it's position the past quarter and has $184K in Edap. Signs are clear - high profit quarter on the horizon, FDA approval, potential buyout, and not to mention very low P/E. We're going to double figures easily.
  • For all you disbelievers....look at the max stock price chart for Intuitive Surgical (ISRG). From 2000 to 2005 the stock price
    barely changed from $38 or so. After the technology was approved and caught on the share price soared to close to $1000 today. Patience is a virtue. Someday, traditional surgery will seem barbaric compared to ultrasound, lasers, gene therapy, etc...The writers of "Star Trek" may have been more visionaries than we can imagine. What amazes me is that Intuitive Surgical hasn't used their huge stock pile of cash to start investing in new technologies like this yet.
  • Hilarious. I've been right for at least 6 years about this incompetent management. How many times has some idiot proclaimed how silly I'll feel when this doubles, triples, whatever. And I have always been right and they have been spectacularly wrong. Wow, Morgan Stanley has $185k worth! Be still, my heart! There have been funds with many times that much that have bailed over the years. This thing will never go anywhere with this sad. useless management.
  • Hi Ed thanks for your effort to write messages. Please can you explain to this board what is your objective. Nobody understands what your objectives are. Thanks for explaining
  • Volume is still good (relative to EDAP); that's a good sign, there is still way more interest that normal here.
  • Looking like lots of the recent buyers are now taking their profits and heading out, probably gave these clowns a week or so to put out some kind of PR and of course, they failed.
  • WOW ED!!!! You are the JOKE of the board LMAO. Remember back when we were at $2.40 and you kept bashing saying it was going lower. If this was a fight, you would have been knocked out in 30 seconds. Whew. When we are at $10, I'll look for more of your comentary. But we both know, anytime there is volume you become silent because your firm is too puny to impact share price. BOOYAH!
  • $35 a share is 1 billion dollar market cap if things materialize
  • As of late, it has definitely been a great time to be an investor in Edap Tms SA EDAP. The stock has moved higher by 19.9% in the past month, while it is also above its 20 Day SMA too. This combination of strong price performance and favorable technical, could suggest that the stock may be on the right path.
    We certainly think that this might be the case, particularly if you consider EDAP’s recent earnings estimate revision activity. From this look, the company’s future is quite favorable; as EDAP has earned itself a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy), meaning that its recent run may continue for a bit longer, and that this isn’t the top for the in-focus company.
  • Somebody, some group somewhere (in the know I suppose) wants to be in (edap shares) when whatever it is that is supposed to happen happens.
    Makes sense?
  • Finally, I'm not as worried as I was earlier on, now I think we could hit double digits by this time next year and I don't mine that at all. Yes, Edap has been a pain in the you know what but it looks good now. F 1 is the catalyst here in the short term.
  • I'm shorting this at $30
  • Is EDAP smart enough to offer a trade up plan for customers who may want the Focus one....
  • Any idea where we are going with this ? I have waited long time.
  • Seriously, who would pay any heed to the typical illiterate rants of the beanbrains here who just insist this will double or triple just as they have been for 6 - 8 years? It has always disappointed and it always will disappoint as long as the demonstrated incompetent is at the top.