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  • Edap sold 11 Ablatherm to USA (by end of 2016)and soncare sold 40+ since approved (data by Oct 2016).
    From Oct 2016 to Apr 2017 there seems no sonablate sale in USA (Based on sonacare news release:
    Since Sonablate® received FDA clearance on October 09, 2015, more than 1,000 patients have had a Sonablate HIFU prostate procedure across the 40+ locations in the U.S., including placements at top-tier academic institutions in California, Indiana, Oklahoma, Maryland, New York, Arizona, and Texas.  
    The 40+ number is the same as Oct 2016 their news release of one year achievement since hifu approved in USA.
    And sonacare also have 10 more Dr on training.
    But that's all of their 2017 activities (total training Dr would be 53 after add 10 more)
    While Edap increase their training Dr from 170-183-195. And two Sonablate pioneer joined Ablatherm train in the first half 2017. And at least they sold one Ablatherm to Cleveland Clinic of Ohio this year.
    Seems to me Edap is in a better position than sonacare in US market.
  • Status FDA approval Focal 1. Can someone give an update on the status for the FDA approval? We formaly started somewhere in March/April last year, and I am curious to the status since I didnt see any formal reply from the FDA in a PR.
  • HIFU solutions llc now own 15 centers, 46 doctors in United States. This will convert to 4-7 focal-1 sales and 600 procedures annually.
    American HIFU, HIFU USA are other mobile Ablatherm service providers, total 17 doctors.
  • There is absolutely nothing saying that Dr. Scionti is using anything but Sonacare devices or that he has any affiliation with EDAP whatever.
  • Olcashowitz has got to go, end of story. What a mess and the employee shills trying to tell us that it isn't are pathetic.
  • Pioneering sonablate Dr Scionti Stephen and Jack Barkin are Edap certified HIFU Dr now. Seems like both join edap train in 2017.
    HIFU solution LLC when they founded in east coast, they go with sonablate but after expand they turned to Ablatherm. Maybe even with old hifu technology Ablatherm is better than sonablate. Interesting......
  • Like most, I'd like to see the stock price go up since I'm a long term investor. But I am patient. Management is doing what they are supposed to be doing at this stage. They are not managing by looking at the stock price every day and trying to pump it up with news. The focus has been on getting insurance reimbursement approval and focal 1 robotic approval. Once that happens, the stock price will take care of itself and the short term traders will go away.
  • I thought we would have heard the reimbursement rate/amount by now. Since on July 1st it goes into effect.
  • Is FDA corrupt?
  • Where are all the drumbeaters as this heads south again after the 98th pump and dump in the past 10 years. Seriously don't you shills ever feel like the fools you are?
  • This stock is just a matter of time, soon now it will pop up to 10 on FDA news and then the real revenue story will start. My prediction is 15-20 within 1 year, I am in since 2012 with 50.000 shares average 3,9$
  • http://www.drelist.com/noninvasive-ablation-prostate-cancer/

    Noninvasive Approach For Ablation Of Prostate Cancer - Dr. Elist Reviews Mens Wellness
    A technique known as HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) has appeared as noninvasive approach to manage prostate cancer via ablation.
  • After all the recent sound and fury the stock is now dormant again and still in the pits.
  • Ed may be a lot of things but he's certainly been right all along about this terrible management which should have been out long ago.
  • The decliners in continental Europe were led by medical equipment company Edap. What a depressing screwed up mess.
  • For the record Ed, Frances,and Rob Goode are all the same alias. Guess i am going to have to add a few more so i can have a conversation. My dogs listen but have a hard time responding on the key board.
  • Should be bouncing back nicely and it isn't. Truth is there's just no reason to buy this and the smart money knows it regardless of the 75 cent (doesn't that sound ridiculous per se?) run-up that's gotten all the simps who think they've just discovered something exciting that nobody knows about but them. We have several generations of that scenario now and all are just waiting for the opportunity to unload if they even get any where close to even.
  • Hi Ed thanks for your effort to write messages. Please can you explain to this board what is your objective. Nobody understands what your objectives are. Thanks for explaining
  • YEY...the troll Ed is back. Notice how he's been silent with the run up but now he's whining again with the downturn. He's a short term trader trying to get the stock price down so he can buy in again and sell when it goes back up. Some day soon it will go up permanently and hopefully he'll finally move on or get a life.
  • To anyone who read Ed's comments: You still have to ask the question, why after all of these years is he still on this board posting instead of selling his stock and moving on? The simple answer, he is a short term trader. He tries to get the price down so he can buy low and then sell when the stock moves up (which is why he never posts when it's doing so).