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Energy Focus, Inc. (EFOI)

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  • ANOTHER UGLY DAY FOR THE STOCK!! LOL. Freddy keep the preaching going. It is working!
  • EFOI tanking again today and no recovery in sight. Cash erosion continues to weigh on minds of investor community.
  • Fredrick,
    Given the stock price bottoming to new levels, seems you are moving further and further into new areas to find potential value in EFOI. Is there anything you can share in the last two weeks of posting that can translate into upside for we shareholders?
  • Called EFOI to set up meeting and they called me back promptly. They want to meet in August after they release public report they said, but will let you know. May want to get you folks to share some nuggets ahead of my meeting. Sounds like they need to get some stories out there based on the negativity around the stock price! Could be a good opportunity for all
  • Hello All. newbie here. I work for LED Journal and get to interview the leaders in this growing space. I have access to a lot of information, but nothing that helps investors. Just access to product designers, get to see who is advertising what, and we do some great write ups. That said, I have not seen much about Energy Focus. Are they new company? I get to see a lot our of Revolution, Cree, and even Orion as a slew of others. would love to learn about energy focus if anyone has time to educate me
  • Fredrick (And other investors),
    Been doing some DD. In your humble opinion, is the stock price fair and reflective of their reality or is something not right in the investor community in terms of how they assess their value? Also who are their bigger investors? Now that I have this meeting in August, I want to better understand all angles so I can prepare. Im told financials are often very telling so Im either going to waste a lot of time pitching EFOI or it will be worthwhile (I personally think it will be a good meeting). Marcus was also kind enough to give me a handful of contacts he knows tin the investor community that know LED and EFOI. Do you have any industry contacts that know this space? I realize this is a bit of networking, but that is how I roll when trying to prepare story angles in this space. Its an exciting time so just want to align myself with where EFOI is strongest in LED
  • Howdy suckers. What is in store for this week ahead? Looks like some senseless chatter again. I love when I see it. Proves it is still ripe. Also see honest posts about cash position being weakened at EFOI driving down the value of the stock. I looked into it last week and lots of investors ran for the hills. It is the death spiral we expected.
  • Looks like price recovery is not happening and concern over cash is real
  • Heather why did Cree just reduce their warranty from 10 years to 5 years on their new product?
  • Paul /Ej and the rest of the bashers do not understand that the Lighting Industry are going through a total disruption..... Yes it is difficult to sell a LED tube that costs more than a $2 fluorescent : No longer are lighting vendors going to have a steady stream of replacing lamps EVERY few months or years depending on usage. This CASH COW cycle is over and done with... Lighting vendors need to switch from a COMMODITY MINDSET to a SERVICE MINDSET.

    EFOI has recognized this and is embracing the NEW model of innovation and technology to bring IoT , and solutions to the lighting industry that customers want and need. This requires Lighting Vendors and EFOI Partners to change selling practices that date back a hundred years or more.... EFOI and it's distribution partners can not sell to the FACILITIES Manager or the custodian ...they must sell to those that make strategic decisions ... the CEO ( as in the Cleve Clinic deal with Toby C.) , the CFO, or in bigger institutions the Energy VP , /Manager.

    The decision is now not just about changing a light bulb... it is about saving ENERGY, saving on MAINTENANCE, controlling lighting functions ( as in EFOI new dimmable /internet ready product), EMERGENCY(EFOI RED CAP) lighting that is easy to install and meets all codes and is reliable, and coming IoT that can give customers added control ( tunable lighting , occupancy sensing), Customer tracking, even WiFi nodes. and anything else a customer may want ...even facial recognition in lighting at Airports or other Government Secure areas.

    EJ ridicules "the iffy medical claims" (EFOI is sponsoring medical studies to prove their claims) but the fact that the Cleveland Clinic and now the Mayo Clinic believe EFOI's is the "healthier choice" does make a compelling selling point for EFOi and other hospitals and medical facilities, and for schools or any other institution that has those concerns. BTW i just read an article on LED 's that emit ultraviolet light that kill germs ,imagine a LED tube that can on demand be tuned to do just that ......... HOSPITALS would have a very cost effective way to disinfect rooms with ease.

    Paul writes the competition is heavy all at lower cost ... Yes EFOi has competition but is right not to fight out the COMMODITY space ...those competitors are fighting a game of sell fast and cheap and exit the market . EFOI has the reputation of quality ,reliability and innovation and SERVICE customers needs designing lights to fit what they require.
  • EJ writes, "It is a difficult mental hurtle to get over paying $2 for a fluorescent tube vs $10-15 for an LED tube even while understanding the differences in life cycle and the claimed iffy "medical" type benefits." That is not the problem. 10M or so LED tubes were sold last year. EFOI's problem is they have HUNDREDS of competitors each eating a slice of that pie. Almost all of them are lower cost. What made EFOI different was their high margin Navy sales, but alas it is no more. Even the government won't hay $100 for a $20 tube, no matter how "bullet proff it is.
  • Fredrick predicts, " I expect to see gradually increasing sales and PROFITABILITY is projected still by 4th Q" Given your optimism, are you buying here? If the company was breaking even and had $1.40/share in cash it would be a screaming buy. here at $2.43.
  • With all the remaining investors bolting from EFOI, appears they have little faith in the "cash position" and seems any value at all has been lost. The price does not lie folks. It is a real situaiton
  • Curious what makes people tick. Those who are pumpers of EFOI, why do so right as the stock is tanking? Makes no sense and you lose credibility
  • Freddy.... how were the cookies and punch? Since no 'real news' can be shared at these type of 'dog and pony' shows, the quality of cookies and flavors of punch are just as important / relevant as anything else you may have heard or seen. What would expect, Ted curled up in the fetal position in the corner of his office sucking his thumb? What is Jeremy supposed to do.... tell you how much better the competition's products are? On top of that, if anyone in that building is actually 'bashing' the competition, I would test them for drugs. Nobody within the walls of that company has any leg to stand on when it comes to 'talking down' the competition. Sales blow, the stock is the dumpster, and the reputation of the company within the industry is horrible.

    Ted, Larry and the rest of the 'happy town' crew would be better off taking a long look in the mirror and admitting they have 'miles to go' before they can feel good about anything.

    Right now, they are a no-name, tiny, non-factor of a company, whose revenues and stock are toxic... and QUITE hanging all of their future on the Clinic. That deal is 2 years old now.

    What about all of those HUGE COMMERCIAL DEALS you talked endlessly about? Not a word on any of those in more than 6 months.
  • I guess the death spiral has begun. At the end of the last quarter they had $1.12 in cash or just under $15M. At their first quarter $5M/quarter burn rate, it will all be gone by the end of the year.. As I have written several hundred times EFOI is nothing without their military sales. Unless Uncle Sam comes through for them, it is all over but the shouting.
  • Folks we are sinking to horrible new lows today and meanwhile Freddy is pumping harder and harder. haha
  • Fredrick writes, "CASH BURN was only 1.6 million last Q so with your calculations that translates to about 10 quarters or over 3 years ....CASH is not the problem." It is true "Cash And Cash Equivalent" is down $1.66M, but that is not the burn.rate. given they lost $4.5M last year where did the money come from? $3.0 came from receivables and another $0.88M came from inventory. It is like the couple trying to stop from freezing to death in their cabin think they can make it through the winter because their wood pile is only down 10% because they have been burning the furniture. They are out of furniture. The average EFOI analyst is predict they burn through$3.6M this quarter and will go through $3M next. quarter. Let's not forget the BEST analyst have been 10% high the last 2 quarters.

    In fairness Fredrick is probably right. The $16.6M they had on March 31st will last through FY17. It is very unlikely to last through FY18 at the current burn rate. I hope management has pulled out all stops to sell the company before then.
  • Heather please explain why GE 's Phillip's tubes have warnings on the (and been recalled in the past ) due to overheating /fire hazard/ warping and falling out of sockets ? Why do they warn against leaving on for 24 hours? Why RVLT had such recalls and Cree too!
    Why is getting the Navy supply such a big deal ...why does it represent quality ,reliability ? Why would anyone buy from another competitor when EFOI has supplied the Navy with tubes since 2007 and not had a failure?
  • Heather great to have someone with a product view ...pleasr explain why replacing emergency lighting in retrofit's is so difficult , why most most manufacturers have come up with a large battery/control box with about 16 wires to fit in existing fixtures or replacing fixture totally?
    Can you explain why a simple solution as the batteries being built into the tube and would be revolutionary ( it even works when taken out of fixture and hand held? Why would this drive sales of other products and make complete retrofit easier ?Why would it be better than competitions tech that if the the battery fails you need to have maintenance/electrician repair and with EFOI's you simply replace the tube? Why is eFOI 5year warranty on the emergency light added safety and reliability? How important is it to retrofit projects that this emergency lighting be solved ... what are the codes and regulations? how many are needed in a typical project ...every fourth fixture ?