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  • Keep making excuses Fredrick. Good companies, with legit stories to tell; and who are proud of what they have to show, would welcome a reporter / PR / feature writer who wants to learn about their organization a warm - on-site - welcome. They wouldn't send her for coffee with a former employee (outsourced or not) away from the offices. No access to an executive. No access to to anyone in engineering. No access to a product demo. No tour of the 'large and impressive' (your words) facilities. Just a quick cup of coffee with a marketing person. Jeez, I'm sure Heather's going to get a real feel of EFOI from inside the four walls of a nearby Starbucks.
  • Just for clarification , Larry Fallon has been Senior Vice Pres. Sales and Marketing since May .....we got off track here with Heather 's appointment with Jennifer.
    Now we can look at this either of two ways : ONE Jennifer was kept on as a consultant and works for EFOI as an Independent contractor , this would help in transition to Larry.
    Two Heather looked up EFOI on Linked-In and saw Jennifer was still listed and falsely claims a meeting .

    Either way the doom and gloom team is wrong in claiming EFOI lack of Marketing personnel.

    BTW ,I had a great talk with Larry at the annual meeting as I mentioned before in past posts. I found him extremely knowledgeable about LED products and EFOI competition having worked for Aquity, Cimcon lighting, and Osram /Sylvania.... as I posted in earlier posts he is also very knowledgeable and part of the EFOI team pushing IoT . the discussion I had with him about IoT from EFOI competition and his excitement about EFOI ,working directly with Jeremiah and Ted , and Ronald Black.

    Heather ,I would like to hear about your Jennifer meeting ,what is your impression of EFOI marketing ,and if you get to talk to Larry I am sure you will find he knows the competitions products inside/out and why EFOI's are the better choice.
  • Why is there this constant debate between EJ and Fredrick confirming who works at EFOI and who left? It is quite silly to debate facts. Jennifer is a high level executive and there should be zero debate about this topic. This should be a simple thing to solve, yet we have folks here operating in their own bubble reality. If Jennifer did indeed leave, is this another shoe to drop? what do we make of this given their need to push marketing and do better telling their story?
  • Wow....what a depressing state of affairs. It's been almost two (2) days and even the cheer-squad can't muster up enough false enthusiasm to post a single comment about this train-wreck of a company. Share price bobbing around in the low $2s, trading levels at pathetically low levels, zero buzz coming out of Solon, sales still flatlining, and institutional investors staying away like Teddy and team have the plague.

    What a sad, slow, death!!! LMAO
  • Freddy's thread was very active and good conversation. However, she will go silent because some very tough topics came up involving mathematics, stock valuation, and backing up his/her claims. Like many times before, she/he will ignore the tough questions and just keep PUMPING. I hope by now we all see Freddy/Lea/Amelecare as not only a fraud, but a paid pumper.
  • Just a little Monday morning " things to think about" and go hmmm about .All you naysayers/shorts ,please remember, this could save you some money and your "shorts".

    The float is extremely small about 8-9 million shares (I forgot exact figure) ........the short position is about 615,000 shares. EFOI earnings report will be in about two weeks. We have seen even 100 shares trade and move EFOI 10% , What would 615,000 do?

    EFOI Market Cap is now an unbelievable $25 million with about $15 million in cash NO DEBT....meaning you could buy EFOI for roughly $10 million. Just speculation mind you ,but why would a "big her competitor not just buy EFOI for the bragging rights to selling over 40% of the lighting to the US Navy fleet? Heck some companies (RVLT to think of one ) have spent more on R/D and lobbyists to gain even the mention of getting close to Navy bragging rights. Now some naysayers think this is a small niche market , but Heather were she to post about advertising and branding would tell you EFOI has the reputation ,quality, reliability that competitors can only dream about. What is that worth? What would a competitor pay to "acquire " EFOI to obtain that instant BRANDING?

    EJ asks about BOD ability to maximize shareholder value .... and falsely assumes the worst , he did not show up ay the annual meeting , he did not ask questions and talk to the new EFOI team. ....so I ask does ignorance mean wisdom? the BOD /EFOI team did provide a vision for EFOI going forward ,and as Ted pointed out it took 16 months from top of EFOI peak to the bottom , it will also take about the same time frame to move it back up. Given that the last Q was the bottom we should see an uptick this Q .....even $5.7- 6 million would indicate a substantial gain off the bottom, not as much as we would like but still could be a 50% increase Q over Q.

    EJ correctly asks ....What if they are not failing ? Is it possible the BOD 's vision is on track, and keeping their cards close to their chest is a way to buy the time they need? Ted has let slip that the Red Cap will be available in 2017 second half and the IoT LED will be out in 2018 .... clearly the technology race is in full swing. Have they been quietly partnering with other companies( BOD member is the CEO,Pres. and head honcho for Rambus another LED company that just won back the right to sell it's tech to other LED co's from it's former exclusive licensing deal to GE and Cooper), Ted mentioned after all partnerships in IoT tech ?
    Larry has been building sales and finding distributors there to ...what happens if those are announced? Is it possible they see a DIAMOND in the rough with EFOI and have the expertise and where with all to execute on that vision?
    Remember just something to think about for a Monday morning.
  • Anyone know much about Jennifer Deutsch?
  • Marcus your pick of OESX in this sector going down in flames ...just hit $1.10 ouch ,so much for PROFESSIONAL advice.
  • Thank you lord for Henning. it is people like him that put money in my pockets! What a sucker
  • A little perspective for the EFOI cheer-squad and Dr. Ted apologists.... On Feb 21st (the day after Teddy took the helm at EFOI), the stock opened at $4.35 / share... yesterday (July 14th) the stock closed at $2.20 / share. So... in a period of slightly less than 5 months, the 'brilliantly talented', highly experienced, and universally respected Teddy boy has guided EFOI out of the wilderness and right into a swamp.

    The value of the stock has nose-dived another $2.15 / share (or about 45%) in value since he took over the leadership of this big rolling turd of a company. At this rate, the 'genius' that Ted is will have EFOI's doors shuttered and the lights turned out just in time for Christmas.
  • Don't tell me we're going to have an up day. My old heart may not be able to stand the SHOCK!
  • Do we have a release date for Q2 ER? Ted continues his silence and wondering is he will stall due to lack of progress on 5 pt plan and shameful revenue numbers again. He may need time to create the right spin so stock does not go off a cliff.
  • it's been a couple of years the same old amelcare blaming the shorts pathetic soul
  • Fredrick... please for the sake of us all, please go back on your meds.
  • Hold on folks! We are taking a dip into the $1's. Woaaaaahoaaaa. Here we come baby!
  • The boo birds are rooting for $1.share. Given they had $16.6M in cash on 3/31/17 with 11/8M shares out standing, I doubt we see $1/share soon. The boo birds are also touting the price drifting down, but they neglect to note the volume. It has been less than 25,ooo shares a day in 8 of the last 9 trading days. If anything the drop should be encouraging, since thee are obviously no major share holders dumping their shares. Why is that? Perhaps the $1.30/share in cash has something to do with it?

    what happens to the price if EFOI announces a Navy contract for just about any amount? You think the shorts will be stepping over each other rushing to the exit?
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  • bigholloweenfan actually is james
  • how can u blame shorts,God,trump,the world when it goes from 27 to 2. Thank your grandma its not bankrupt in the pink sheet
  • I enjoy watching the suffering here. It makes me think some of you need therapy yet you choose to get whipped time and time again. You like the pain? Seems so. I enjoy delivering it.