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  • I know many here that put Elite down think they're pretty smart, but the truth is those select few don't know anything at all. If Elite wished to fabricate a fake story to hype the stock by introducing a new partnership with yet another fake company they wouldn't have announced the deal using a network like GlobeNewswire which is a company of Nasdaq to do it. Instead it'd used another 3rd party site including Elite's own website to do such a thing. However, they did not, because they are not a scam company only a short would wish it be for their sake. I've been to both Elite and SunGen twice now in the past 1.5 years and upon my visits I am happy to conclude that Both Elite/SunGen have both told the truth as it states in the PR reports. Here is a source that can't be forged that actually show that SunGen is a real company here: http://www.njeda.com/sungenfeature
    As far as Elite's expansion to its facility well Elite has two buildings one a corporate office and the other a manufacturing facility. The manufacturing is located at the entrance of Ludlow St. on the left hand side that is the building Elite expanded on by buying out the entire facility. I have no idea what you shorties look at when you get your info, but you might want to look else where.
    Moving onto SequestOx I am positive still that Elite will get good results back from the FDA about moving forward. Although the delay is without a doubt problematic the time is not as significant as one would believe. Elite can show that the benefits of SequestOx outweighs the risks of delay especially coupled with label instructions. The FDA is going to have to make changes because many companies had similiar results with IR opioids; SequestOx, Avridi, and Oxaydo, regarding Tmax delays.
    Lets be honest who will actually continue to ingest more opioids because they cant feel it after eating a fatty meal and think that taking another couple pills will have positive results? That sounds more like a label thing mixed with common sense. Plus, Nasrat stated that PuraCap (with connections to china's HumanWell) said, there could be life for SequestOx in China if American FDA didn't approve Elite. So there are options here for Elite regarding SequestOx, however SequestOx isn't goin down so easily. Heres an article that has Elite's SequestOx being referenced; https://www.medgadget.com/2017/07/opioids-market-to-surpass-us-25-7-billion-by-2024-cmi.html
    Just because you can't see something doesn't mean that it isn't happening at all. Just wait I dont expect many here to understand why I am calm and collected about Elite. All I ask is to wait and see. If Elite's main drug ART-200 was truly a lost cause the company wouldn't sugar coat it and would have said so long ago. So let us wait and see what happens next. I think Percocet will come into action in about another month that will make things interesting.

    NJEDA - ​SunGen Pharma Graduates from CCIT
    NJEDA - ​SunGen Pharma Graduates from CCIT
  • Given the constant push back from FDA, Elite needs to change strategies to help move this stock price along. I personally would like to see the company move from the OTC to NASDQ asap. Nas had wanted to wait for stronger fundamentals and a higher share prices, but with delays and set backs we need to get some big funding and assistance. We are not going to get any huge funding sitting on the OTC another year or two unless we are bought out. IMHO, Nas and the team owe it to the share holders to move this company along and do what is necessary to get this company off the OTC asap.
  • You are watching the death spiral of a company who tried but failed. The generics will never be enough to support this current valuation. Any thoughts otherwise are hopeful which will never be a good investment strategy.
  • this FDA write-up contains everything about abuse resistance history, current status, and approval criteria...

  • picking up some cheap shares at the open...stay positive people
  • To all Elite true fans & longs DON'T give in to negative talk . We know where Elite came from. We came this far let's keep going . We know good things r coming takes time. Time is something most people don't have they want it rite now. All those drugs that Elite has can't be bad .I believe they all good and will make it . What I like about what Elite is doing with their drugs is the abuse deterrent better know as "ART". They are really trying to help this overdose problem . I myself will stay long and I feel the same way Rob feel . I believe this investment will produce 10 fold r more. So hang in there my friends got to go through something before u get something .
  • 185 posts on Ihub thus far today and at least 154 of them are by clear paid bashers. That's impressive. JL is working hard.
  • Employees moving up. At ( 46 ) now ..Getting ready for increase product manufacturing..
  • I have read the following statement and so have others on this board. "For the right price everything is for sale." With the products found in Elite's basket, is it possible for a well established biotech company to buy out Elite? Does the association now with SunGen (a private company where as I can find very little about its present and past history) prevent another company from looking at Elite? Does Elite possess a poison pill that would prevent a buyout by another company? I am asking because I want to know if there are other possibilities for Elite to contribute to the overdosing of many individuals on deleterious drugs. Other than staying the course are there other positive alternatives for Elite. Thanks, JW
  • its a gamble and we all know it, sit back and pray that Nasrit is doing his best and relax. Didnt Mamma ever tell you not to bet more then you can afford to lose. Good thing come to thos who wait.... chill guys, I have a good feeling about this...
  • Meifud where is your INPUT, what are your thoughts?
  • yah thinks it's going to hover between .11-.12 until earnings 8/9/17, then it's a #$%$ shoot without FDA approval.
  • FDA is going to ACCEPT the labeling BUY BUY BUY
  • KTOV = Mcap $16 Mil /Cash $17 Mil / O/S 10.6 M / NDA submission for potential Blockbuster this Quarter = 20++BAGGER ..ONE OF THE BIGGEST BIOTECH OPPORTUNITY EVER ! Thank me later guys

    Kitov Pharma (KTOV)

    Market Cap: $17 M
    Cash $17 M
    Price: $1.50

    Shares Out: 10.6 Million

    Kitov Pharmaceuticals Initiates NDA Filing for KIT-302 as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis and Hypertension

    Kitov Expects to Submit an NDA for KIT-302 in the Third Quarter 2017.Kitov announced that it began the process of compiling the documents necessary to file an NDA for its lead asset KIT-302 as a treatment for patients who experience both osteoarthritis and hypertension. The Company hired Parexel International Corporation, a clinical research organization, to digitalize and formally submit its NDA application. Kitov expects the filing to occur during the third quarter of 2017, with a potential FDA approval during the second quarter of 2018.

    KIT-302 is a combination drug that treats osteoarthritis pain and hypertension simultaneously

    Primary efficacy endpoint achieved Lead drug candidate KIT-302 achieved its primary efficacy endpoint in a pivotal Phase III trial

    Marketing potential Pipeline candidates address large, multi-billion dollar markets


    Kitov’s current pipeline products, KIT-301 and KIT-302, are combination drugs that treat OA pain and HTN simultaneously. In December 2015, KIT-302 successfully achieved the primary efficacy endpoint for its Phase III clinical trial. In August 2016, the United States Patent Office issued a patent covering KIT-302.


    Of the 27 million Americans with OA, 50% also suffer from HTN, which is also a common side effect of stand-alone OA drugs. With no single medication currently treating both conditions, KIT-301 and KIT-302 are targeting this multi-billion dollar market.

  • I chose to wait to respond on this board and I amazed of the accuracy I had with Elite. (look through my previous posts for proof). The new deal with SunGen doesn't surprise to me in the slightest. Like I said no one here knows what happens behind closed doors. This new deal just proves the leaps and bounds our CEO has achieved for this company thus far. He told us he sees success with Elite and will work to achieve those results and with the number of shares he owns it would make sense why he is pushing for the best possible deals. I knew Nasrat had something in the works and this is not the last there will be more to come.
    My trip ended and I got back a couple days ago. I got to visit Elite and there was wasn't anything visually different from the last time I was there. However, It would seem Elite Laboratory located 135 Ludlow now occupies the whole facility rather than a part of the building since last time. Looks good, shows their vamping up commercialization capabilities like they said they would.
    Regarding SequestOx there are still a few ways to get it approve despite the 1 hour delay in comparison to Roxicodone. For instance they could essentially label warn individuals about taking SequestOx within the time frame of eating a fatty meal. Obviously that method would be the easiest. Besides the issue of heavy meal delay SequestOx matches the other pain comparator equally in all other aspects. More importantly it stops abuse better than whats on the market and I feel that the trade off is very small in comparison to the overall abuse of the non-ADT painkillers. Elite also have 2 options that are undisclosed. Overall I still believe that SequestOx will move forward its just a matter of playing the FDA wait game. Hopefully the FDA will allow labeling to cure the deficiency of food issue. I wonder in reality how many people would suffer unbearable pain before, during, and after a heavy meal. I know when I was in pain and food was the last thing on my mind. We will have to await guidance from FDA. I wouldn't worry about FDA insights they are usually very easy to work with despite the waiting times for drug evaluations.
    In my experience they were very understanding yet critical on safety so if Elite can find a way around the issue they might get the green light to proceed under current guidelines.
    Either-way things are moving along quite well and we should see those ANDAs for percocet and Narco very soon. Just one of those drugs on the market will generate enough to be cash flow positive. Using a laughable figure of just 3% of the 700M Percocet market gives Elite 21M in revenue not including generics. I used such a small percentage to showcase how a small amount of market Elite can capture yields great returns (I expect something of 7-10% (49M-70M) personally for a competitive expectations).
    This is the pharma space if you can't handle the downs of investing here than this space is not for you. Pharma business in its entirety is one of the riskier markets to be apart of, so make sure you pick a company with executives who know how to handle a company. I have stood by my decision that Nasrat Hakim is the man with the plan I will continue to support Elite and the CEO's positions. He has pour his own money into Elite for shares, extending the company a 1 million dollar loan, turned all his salary and some of his bonus into common, and even gave up common for the time being to sell shares to LPC if need be with Nasrat getting nothing in return for the time being. This man gave Elite a lot because he knows the potential Elite has. He being a lawyer is a plus to us, it has taught him how to negotiate well and not to break. Not to mention that now we have more than any previous CEO could accomplish. Even if you add all the CEO's in the past 10 years none get close to how much Nasrat has done since coming on board. Since his first day he worked diligently to make things happen and he has so far accomplished those goals none of the delays until recent pause of studies regarding SequestOx were his doing. Cut the man some slack.
    Judging on the response of some mb posters it is apparent they know nothing of the pharma space. Its unfortunate we have to put up with the ignorance of those select posters, but slowly our company will make it.
    Since Monday I personally purchased another 83k shares to average down further. The last company I pour money into because I believed in the company and its team when no one else did returned my investment 10 folds and thats why I am here today to repeat the success with Elite. Sorry If there are some misspelled words or awkward sentences I wrote this on my phone thanks to a thunderstorm that knocked out the power. Hope all enjoy the rest of the week and this upcoming weekend!
  • Camargo just released some old information that turned us around ...if you're signed up with the alerts you recvd the info...shorts are interested still.....good sign
  • Every stock has a good story. It's the investors job to figure out if the story is true or just hype. In a era of Fake News, ELTP, seems ( in my opinion just another Co. telling a story which makes NO sense). EVEN at 11 cents it sells at nearly 10 times sales. 2. Revenue declined significantly last year in spite of all the hype on generics. 3. Every times the stock hits the mid 30 cents , there is insider selling 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY NO hedge fund or DRUG company, or institution of any kind thinks they have anything as there are NO INVESTORS, other than management and dumb money in the form of individual investors who know NOTHING about the drug industry. 5. Look up the company they claimed they are working with, It's an LLC with next to nothing of interest. So I would ask ELTP invest one simple question, If SequestOX had anywhere near the potential management infers wouldn't a hedge fund specializing in drug have looked at the FDA application and taken a position? Wouldn't a drug company notice the drug and take a position? Obviously yes. It seems some investors are getting smarter, every time they release news meant to be perceived as positive investors sell. If you still own this dog, and they are lucky enough to win approval of SequestOx, SELL ON THE NEWS.
  • The deals with sungen are outside of the pain market but why do they continue to file other andas for pain drugs when it is apparent the FDA wants to get away from these drugs?
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  • Elite is not a one trick pony, and there is still a good chance that Sequestox will get approved sooner than you may think. This is a great opportunity to pick up cheap shares of a company with a solid pipeline. Time to go long ELTP IMHO.

    Caution: Don't Misinterpret the Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:ELTP) Data
    As our regular readers will likely be more than aware, Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:ELTP) is one that we have followed quite closely over the last 12 months. The company is a young biotech that is trying to bring an abuse-deterrent opioid asset