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  • B
    Question for MB.

    I've heard chatter about putting in GTC's orders in to prevent shorts from borrowing your stock to go short.
    I've had mix feelings about this, since imo I would obviously love eman to become the next meme darling with high short Int ( 15% ++)

    I tried entering in a GTC at $100, $50, $20.. down to $8, on all my shares, and got a rejection ea time. The note said " This is too much of a large amount of shares relative to current avg vol" or something to that effect.

    Anyone have thoughts on this or similar error msgs?


  • V

    EFW, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems‘ U.S. business arm, has received a $75.98 million sole-source contract from the Defense Logistics Agency for spares of the Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System.

    Under the firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract, EFW is expected to complete delivery of the spare systems to the U.S. Army by Sept. 21, 2026, the Department of Defense said Wednesday.

    IHADSS is a helmet-mounted display that provides the Army’s AH-64 Apache helicopter pilots with a visually coupled interface for night flights and weapons targeting, among other capabilities.

    The five-year work will take place at EFW’s site in Fort Worth, Texas, and Elbit Systems’ location in Isreal.

    DLA Land and Maritime used fiscal 2021 through 2026 Army working capital money to fund the award.
  • D
    Commenting on @PsychoBob's stocktwits post on Zuck's statement about the need for HDR microdisplays (the "HDR problem"). Can't recall if I posted about this before, if so, I apologize for being repetitive...

    On EMAN's technology page for dPd, they promote high brightness and almost meeting the DCI-P3 color gamut spec as shown on the CIE plot - these are the two key attributes to enable the HDR microdisplays that Zuck wants. Unfortunately, the color gamut performance comes at the expense of some brightness - this was documented in Ghosh's 2017 SID paper about the 2Kx2K dPd display. Essentially, dPd achieves high brightness by eliminating the color filters of "white OLED + color filters", but the resulting color gamut is not optimal. By combining color filters, called "color enhancement layers" in the SID paper, with dPd RGB pixels, they fine-tuned the color gamut (red filters for red pixels, etc) and achieved the indicated DCI-P3 color performance shown in the CIE plot, but this came with a 35-45% reduction in brightness compared to unfiltered dPd. So, to get to 10K nits and meet the DCI-P3 color gamut, they probably need at least 15K nits from the "raw" unfiltered dPd display. If FB is our second "large VR display" consumer customer, I suspect this combined spec of brightness and color performance, to achieve HDR, is a key objective based on Zuck's narrative.
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    Elbit : U.S. Subsidiary Awarded $54 Million Enhanced Night Vision Goggle Order for the U.S. Army
  • T
    So in addition to the 25% 213m budget cut to proposed FY 2022 IVAS budget you have a 50% restricted funds till report January 31, 2022 and a call for " continuous iterative improvement " -

    Report and limitations on acquisition of Integrated Visual Augmentation System (sec. 123)

    The committee recommends a provision that would require the Secretary of the Army to submit a report to the congressional defense committees not later than January 31, 2022, to supplement a related reporting requirement included in the William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (Public Law 116-283). The report would require validation of system reliability, network adequacy, power duration, terrain data sufficiency, operational basis-of- issue, and plans for iterative improvements to the system over the acquisition period. The provision would prohibit the obligation of expenditure of more than 50 percent of fiscal year 2022 funds authorized for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) procurement until the required report is submitted.

    The committee believes that soldier-wearable technologies such as the IVAS are essential for U.S. close-combat warriors to maintain combat overmatch against future adversaries. The committee commends the Army for utilizing a soldier-centric approach and leveraging non-traditional industry partners in development of the IVAS. The committee notes the Army’s plans for operational testing of the system at scope and scale to ensure operational suitability and soldier acceptability, and commends the Army for its soldier-centric acquisition approach. Furthermore, the committee believes that continuous iterative improvement of high-tech capabilities such as the IVAS is essential for maintaining technological advantage and combat overmatch of systems such as the IVAS.

    Several pages down -

    Integrated Visual Augmentation System

    The budget request included $1.1 billion in line number 83 of Other Procurement, Army (OPA) for Night Vision Devices, including the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS).

    The committee recognizes the importance of IVAS and supports expeditious initial fielding of this advanced capability to close combat soldiers but is concerned about the projected level of system development and ensuring iterative improvements between initial and full fielding. The committee believes that completion of robust operational testing and implementation of iterative improvements are warranted before proceeding to the production rate the Army is seeking in fiscal 2022.

    Accordingly, the committee recommends a decrease of $269.8 million in line number 83 of OPA for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System Heads Up Display.
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    On the rocks
    Facebook is promoting its head of AR/VR Andrew "Boz" Bosworth to become the new CTO for the whole company. This and Zuckerberg's statements on Facebook "becoming a metaverse company" pretty much signals that they are moving full steam ahead with new and improved headsets.

    Facebook Connect on October 28 could become really interesting, I think they will at least tease where the future is going. There must be a reason why they moved the Rayban's to a separate event, right?
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    SHORT INTEREST (09/15/21)
    Shares Sold Short 3.14 M
    Change from Last -4.83%
    Percent of Float 4.72%
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    On the rocks
    More Apple supply chain/mass production rumors on their AR/VR headset are welcome, this indicates that things are really happening. It is near impossible to reach mass production of a brand new product series from the world's highest valued listed company without creating some leaks along the way, so if it was silent on this front we should be worried. Instead it seems that we are going from patent articles to production leaks, with a lot of them pointing towards EMAN (at least dPd IP but probably more) involvement.

    This article posted on Stocktwits by Moneytradergv states that the product has completed P2 prototype testing, with mass production planned for Q2 2022 and launch in H2 2022. Also that the project gained momentum in late Q3 2021.
    蘋果(Apple)發表iPhone 13後,被抨擊毫無新意,然被蘋果視為秘密武器的下一代產品預計將於2022年現身。供應鏈透露,蘋果首款AR頭戴裝置,已經完成P2(第二階段原型機...
    蘋果(Apple)發表iPhone 13後,被抨擊毫無新意,然被蘋果視為秘密武器的下一代產品預計將於2022年現身。供應鏈透露,蘋果首款AR頭戴裝置,已經完成P2(第二階段原型機...
  • j
    Found this in Mac apple glass article.

    Apple is working with TSMC to develop "ultra-advanced" micro OLED displays that will be used in Apple's upcoming augmented reality devices like the smart glasses. The displays are said to be less than one inch in size.

    Micro OLED displays are built directly on to chip wafers rather than a glass substrate, which results in displays that are thinner, smaller, and more power efficient. Development on micro OLED displays is said to be in the trial production stage and it will be several years before Apple and TSMC are ready for mass production, which would make these displays appropriate for the Apple Glasses rumored to be launching sometime around 2023.
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    On the rocks
    New video by SadlyitsBradley on PSVR 2´s possible OLED microdisplays (thanks Ace).

    Pretty interesting stuff in here, seems that Sony is able to use eye-tracking inside the atual display by incorporating IR pixels. Interesting thing is that the resolution per panel that has been leaked is very close to EMAN's 2K'2K resolution, and you can se that Bradley is looking at EMAN's displays in the video even it is not mentioned this time.

    EMAN's CEO Sculley has mentioned several times that one of their Tier 1's want them to put in a lot of new things/featured into the display, and something like IR eye tracking pixels could be one of them. But Sony manufactures their own microOLED displays you say? Well, they have never shown any close to 2K*2K resolution that I have heard of, and with dPd EMAN is surely way ahead of them in brightness as well. So incorporating EMAN ip to boost their own R6D and production resources to the next level would make perfect sense. Unless they have a secret super microOLED display in the works of course. And if so, the other will need to use EMAN to catch up.

    Sorry for being so positive, but I think EMAN is in a pretty great position with regards to the next-gen VR headsets that will come out in 2022. We will however probably need that 10K nits brightness confirmed and a design win to make the market wake up for real, but as dPd displays are actually being produced and delivered to at least one Tier 1 customer as we speak, my best bet is that they will make this happen in Q4 2021-Q1 2022 with the 10K nits coming first as it is on their roadmap for "the end of the year".
    PS VR 2's possible BREAKTHROUGH Displays!
  • N
    FB to announce new products today live. No idea what but Metaverse related is the speculation. https://fossbytes.com/mark-zuckerberg-message-facebook-product-launch/
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    On the rocks
    Excellent to get a PR update on the 33.6 million USD DoD production contract. And that 4 production tools are already installed. Add the 16 million USD order book at the end of June + the "major design win" for the new XLE display to this and we have a great recipe for sales growth from the defense side in the coming quarters.

    Having the key dPd production tool specified and locked in in the time frame is the most important news here of course, as it means that its specifications are confirmed. And if EMAN can order such a production tool, so can potential Tier 1 mass production partners. I think this is why we are seeing these Apple/Facebook leaks with regards to massive hiring of OLED production personell and regarding who should deliver the FMM's etc.

    Exciting times ahead!
  • m
    AR/VR heating up check WIMI chinese company today reporting earning
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    On the rocks
    I think that the 100 million dollar contract award for ENVG-B to L3/Harris announced in a PR yesterday might have gotten less attention than it deserved due to the EMAN PR published on the same day.

    There were two contracts awarded under an OTA of a total of up to 440 million USD to Elbit and L3/Harris, with initial orders for low rate initial production. Elbit stated that their inital order was valued at 22.5 million USD at to be delivered up until December 2021.

    With a new 100 million USD order to L3/Harris, I think we can deduce the following:

    1) The program is now gearing up into full rate production. This is a great achievement for AR/VR HMD soldier programs, including for EMAN as the sole display provider. And I am not just thinking about ENVG-B, but for corresponding programs all over the world. ENVG-B going full steam ahead sends a pretty strong signal to everyone else that this tech is ready to be deployed, and that you will need it to be competitive in night-time scenarios.

    2) Unless Elbit has screwed up somehow, we should expect a similar order as for L3/Harris around December 2021 (or sooner to not lose momentum). If so, EMAN will have a pretty decent order flow in the coming quarters just from this program alone.

    3) Pushing out so many ENVG-B's further strenghtens the case for EMAN in IVAS, as most things point towards these two programs converging in the future. Remember that we got confirmation yesterday that the dPd production tool should be ready in H2 2022 (time frame for tool delivery stated earlier by Sculley, and the full time frame was confirmed yesterday), which is not far away in Army terms, if the current brightness level is still a bit of a concern.

    The tide is rising. Really hope that it will be seen already in the Q3 figures.
  • i
    eMagin Corporation Finalizes $33.6 Million U.S. Department of Defense Contract

    Capital Plan and Deliverables Finalized Around Defense Production Act Title III Investment to Enhance Manufacturing Throughput and Yield

    eMagin to Expand Its U.S.-based Workforce by 10%

    HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y., Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eMagin Corporation (NYSE American: EMAN), a leader in the development, design and manufacture of Active Matrix OLED microdisplays used in military and commercial AR/VR devices, and other near-eye imaging products, today announced it has finalized the details of its previously announced $33.6 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense to sustain and enhance domestic capability for high-resolution, high-brightness OLED microdisplays, including the Company's direct patterning technology (dPd(TM)). All capital equipment decisions have been made, with all qualification milestones in place, as the Company enters the second year of a three-year contract. A major portion of this Defense Production Act Title III investment will be used to install production-capable dPd equipment at eMagin's Hopewell Junction, New York headquarters to improve throughput and yield of this innovative technology. The funding will enable the Company to replace and update equipment to reduce production downtime and increase yield for existing microdisplays. The Company expects to expand its U.S.-based workforce by 10% over the duration of the contract.

    "eMagin is the sole U.S. manufacturer of OLED microdisplays, which we have proudly supplied to U.S. defense programs of record since 2006 to provide critical information to our soldiers on the battlefield," said eMagin Chief Executive Officer Andrew Sculley. "We greatly appreciate the support of the U.S. military in helping to protect our vital domestic production capability and high-technology manufacturing jobs. Moreover, we have increased our manufacturing footprint by more than 25% to accommodate the new equipment that we will procure with this funding, and we are hiring additional engineers to support our R&D and production efforts."

    "This contract is a win-win for eMagin and New York," said U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer. "The Hudson Valley is a growing hub of technological innovation, and this funding supports new, high-quality engineering jobs and critical national security priorities."

    Since January of this year, eMagin has taken delivery of four new production tools and continues to make down payments with vendors that are building equipment requested under the government funding awards. These tools will continue to improve yields and throughput to support customer deliverables for defense programs of record, as well as eMagin's medical, industrial, and consumer programs.
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    SEP 16, 2021

    Londonderry, N.H. — The U.S. Army has awarded L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) a $100 million order for the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) system that will enhance soldier situational awareness, mobility, survivability and lethality.

    The ENVG-B delivers imagery and data from the battlefield directly to the soldier’s eye. The complete system will interface with the Army’s family of weapon sights, while enhancing interoperability and data sharing.

    This marks the second delivery order L3Harris has received from the U.S. Army for the ENVG-B Program of Record (POR), which has a total value of $442 million. Since 2018, L3Harris has delivered more than 6,000 ENVG-B systems to the Army as part of both the POR and Directed Requirements contracts.

    “The advanced capabilities of the ENVG-B give soldiers the unmatched ability to identify, assess and engage a target with greater accuracy and speed,” said Lynn Bollengier, President, Integrated Vision Solutions, L3Harris. “ENVG-B is today’s most advanced, combat-ready situational awareness goggle and delivers game changing technology to the Army’s close combat forces.”

    “Our soldiers deserve the best technology possible to ensure successful missions at home and abroad. I’m proud of the important role New Hampshire plays in safeguarding our national security, including this award for L3Harris Technologies in Londonderry to produce enhanced night vision goggles. This $100 million order will help the Army assess threats and targets with efficiency and accuracy,” said Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.). “I’ll continue working in Congress to guarantee our warfighters have the technology they need to ensure success and that New Hampshire stays on the frontlines of producing cutting-edge technology.”

    L3Harris continues to deliver next generation technology that increases the effectiveness of the dismounted soldier. The ENVG-B, STORM II laser rangefinder and tactical radios such as the AN/PRC-163 and the AN/PRC-171 are the most recent examples of how the company is supporting the Army’s priority to increase situational awareness, mobility and lethality for the soldier.
  • M
    Mr Dorpo
    You guys got me hyped. Just put in a sell order for about half of my holdings at $55.
  • O
    On the rocks
    Holy smokes Ace, the new article today on Patently Apple brings the FMM's used/tested by Apple a lot closer to EMAN microOLED displays than their article yesterday on Apple using Olum FMM's for "regular" sized OLED displays. Today's article states that Apple is apperently testing:

    - FMM's for microOLED displays for AR/VR applications.
    - They are using APS Holdings for this.

    The real smoking gun here is that APS Holdings recently posted Youtube content where EMAN was mentioned in this very context.

    Add to that the recruitment from EMAN to Apple of key personnel in direct patterning as mentioned by Ace and others, and we are looking at breadcumbs so plenty and fresh that it is starting to be really hard to explain away that Apple is getting pretty close to be able to produce plenty of EMAN-powered AR/VR headsets.

    Still think a reveal/teaser at tonight's event is unlikely, but big surprises do happen. And I can live with in the coming quarters as well:)
  • A
    Patent application 20210285087
    Direct-Deposition System Including Standoffs for Controlling Substrate-Mask Separation

    The present disclosure enables high-resolution direct patterning of a material on a substrate by establishing and maintaining a separation between a shadow mask and a substrate based on the thickness of a plurality of standoffs. The standoffs function as a physical reference that, when in contact between the substrate and shadow mask determine the separation between them. Embodiments are described in which the standoffs are affixed to an element selected from the shadow mask, the substrate, the mask chuck, and the substrate chuck.

    Inventors: DONOGHUE; Evan P.; (Hopewell Junction, NY) ; VAZAN; Fridrich; (Pittsford, NY) ; TICE; Kerry; (Hopewell Junction, NY) ; KHAYRULLIN; Ilyas I.; (Hopewell Junction, NY) ; ALI; Tariq; (Hopewell Junction, NY) ; WANG; Qi; (Hopewell Junction, NY) ; SZIKLAS; Laurie; (Hopewell Junction, NY) ; GHOSH; Amalkumar P.; (Hopewell Junction, NY)
    Name City State Country Type

    eMagin Corporation
    Hopewell Junction
    Family ID: 1000005615215
    Appl. No.: 17/334248
    Filed: May 28, 2021

    eMagin Corporation Message board - Online Community of active, educated investors researching and discussing eMagin Corporation Stocks.
    eMagin Corporation Message board - Online Community of active, educated investors researching and discussing eMagin Corporation Stocks.