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Endo International plc (ENDP)

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  • Looks like we getting in an uptrend!
  • Higher highs and higher lows. Smart money loading the wagon before significant positive news! Jmho of course...
  • So, I bought heavily in the 9s sometime ago and I will be prepared to do so again. Even if it falls to the 8s, l'll be there. The stock will appreciate significantly over the next year or two and I can wait. I did sell all at 14 recently, but have been buying back at these discounted prices. GLTA
  • Why would anyone be buying this stock right now, up over 5% with so a negative outlook?
  • The multi-state lawsuits against drug companies for the opioid epidemic is what I believe is weighing heavily on ENDP at this time . That and the Trump Administration's goal of reducing drug prices going forward. Uncertainty is a stock killer. ENDP may revisit or break its 52-week low after the market corrects more and we have more clarity on drug pricing. Until then, I'm out of biotech and in TZA while things are messy and unclear. Good luck to all.
  • Nice move yesterday
  • The FDA decision on Opana ER is meaningless to ENDP beyond this year. Gabelli & #$%$ 3/23/17:"We believe that the impact to NDP beyond 2017 will be minimal regardless of he FDA's decision. Even if pulled from the market, Opana ER is expected to contribute approximately $45mm to ENDP's EBITDA of $1.39 billion in 2018."That's a 3% reduction in cash flow. This matches revenues also, as Opana Er had sales of 35.7 million last quarter. ENDP had sales of $1.03 billion. That's 3% of sales. Buy the dip.
  • The opoid issue is not new information. Most analysts, myself included have already assessed the incremental impact of an adverse political over-reaction to the problem. The new formulation was designed to combat abusive use. The company has evidence that the benefits to many far outweigh the reported problems with mis-use. Just as alcohol prohibition was a ridiculous extreme measure to assert the radical opinions of a powerful but influential minority, prescription drugs should not be unilaterally denied to patients in severe pain. Politicians often avoid early moderate solutions to problems and take too long debating irrelevant issues and the publically showcase broad over-reactionary heavy handed legislation to deal with perceived voter concerns. A small percentage of people have severe allergy to peanuts. The solution is not to ask peanut farmers to stop production. Conversely, wars kill a large percentage of troops and all participants are economically and socially devastated, but requesting a government to stop making war is usually futile. However the predicted panic response by the regulators is the typical dictatorial equivalent of the body's "fight or flight" central nervous system reaction to danger. The processing does not involve the higher brain, but is eventually followed by a more processed, less extreme measured solution. Therefore although the sales of the subject opoid are about 3.4% the market immediately reduced the stock price by 14% overnight disregarding the valuations already factored in during the year as uncertainty about the "opoid crisis" developed. A survey of recent company reports and professional financial analysis reports shows logical and proportional discounting of value based on predicted outcomes. The stock price had already dropped 16% this year digesting all factors. Most analysts had hold or buy recommendations recently. In other words, a 14% overnight price change is not justified so I am comfortable in my long position.
  • only 139 mil on 4 Bil sale. Whats a big deal here? Bought a bunch
  • It seems to me that Endo could have been working on a solution to this problem for quite some time. Their thin-film partner on Suboxone, Intelgenx(IGXT) was contracted with several months ago for a second undisclosed drug. Here are some of the attributes of the thin film technology:
    Pharmaceutical drugs can be contained within an abuse-deterrent film matrix that cannot be crushed or injected by patients, and rapidly absorbs under the tongue to ensure compliance.
    It would solve the abuse problem as well as add a few years to the patent life.
  • IGXT (MC $46 M)US-NDA Submission for BLOCKBUSTER Drug this month =1000%+ Upside Potential ! PLEASE READ THIS

    2 US-NDA submission within 2 months ,lot of Cash and heavily underpriced at a valuation of just $46 million .1 Big drug partnered with Endo Pharma already under review by FDA market launch expected in 1H 2018 .Load up guys before she the MEGA news hit the wire and thank me later .GL

    Intelgenx (IGXT)

    MarketCap $46 Million
    Cash ~$12 Million (including convertible debt) =cash untill 2021+
    Price: 0.70

    NDA submission for tadalafil (erectile dysfunction) thin-film version of Blockbuster drug Cialis in June or July
    NDA resubmission for Rizaport (migraine) in early Q3
    Partnership for Tadalafil in 2H 2017


    IntelGenx previously confirmed the bioequivalence of Tadalafil to Eli Lilly’s Cialis, which had sales of $1.5-billion in 2016 but faces generic competition in 2020. IntelGenx has an exclusive license for oral films from Lilly for its dosing patent, which would allow Tadalafil to enter the ED market in the U.S. free from patent litigation from Lilly. Dr. Matzen explains that Tadalafil, which offers a discrete dosing alternative, could enter the market in 2018, with up to three years of market exclusivity before Cialis is hit with generic competition.

    Tadalafil is an erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment that boasts bioequivalence with Cialis, the current leading brand, and with a successful biostudy in-hand a 505(b)(2) NDA is set to be filed any day now, meaning that a full launch should be expected in mid-2018. Cialis is already winning-out over Viagra in terms of numbers of prescriptions, which is largely down to price and efficacy, but when Tadalafil comes to market with the same product in a more convenient and discreet delivery mechanism, IntelGenX should see a massive number of customers take-up its services.

    IntelGenx has multi-faceted BD approach for its oral films
    With a burgeoning pipeline of pharmaceutical oral films, IntelGenx’s (OTCQX:IGXT; TSXV:IGX) business development strategy is focused on partnering its product pipeline along with actively meeting with potential partners to explore manufacturing
  • Really? A nearly 17% haircut based on a tiny slice of the revenue stream? Glad I sold everything yesterday and bought back about half at lower prices.
  • Glad I bought back only about 1/2 of what I sold the other day at the highs. One can never predict where the manipulators will take the stock.
  • Chinese fentanyl pouring over the Mexican
    border put moronic FDA shuts down legally approved source of much needed medication

    Junkies still get their fix while patients suffer with chronic pain

    Renegade doctors go unpunished

    What a cosmic joke the government has become
  • Doesn't make sense for a stock to be down 16% when only 3% of sales are being lost? Additionally one would've already thought that much of the risk of losing the battle with the FDA was already built into the stock price. Thoughts?
  • price target cut to $12 what a joke
  • The U.S. Government should have to pay Endo to take the drug off the market then... 5X sales at least.
    That's chump change for them.
  • The drug is sold all over the world. It is just the US Market that the FDA believes there is a problem. You can say the same about any opium based drug. Perhaps the drug in another form will be acceptable in the US Market.
  • Drop it...That's my recommendation. Voluntarily comply with the request, limit liability and move on to profitable segments of the portfolio.After all, these opioids are killing people. It's the moral thing to do and it will also be good business and also improve relations w/ the FDA.
  • Help FIGHT the drug epidemic! SHORT or SELL ENDP and all drug makers!!! Ah I feel better now. Ouch my back is killn me.!