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  • The Trump Border Wall (TBW) will be made with solar panels.
  • Now that solar is becoming mainstream and much more R&D is being applied it is just a matter of time before much more efficient solar cells become available and solar panels may be generating 1,000 watts each instead of today's 400 watts.

    Is there a wall ahead for microinverter technology or can microinverter technology keep up and process the power output of 1,000 watt panels? Does Enphase have the financial resources to stay in the game as much higher power output panels become available?

    According to some posters here and Enphase CEO Paul Nahi microinverters are the future and string inverters are history. Do they have it backwards?


  • Battery concerns in Australia for all battery vendors.
    The Enphase AC battery is only rated for indoor installation but can they be installed indoors in Australia?

    "Draft Battery Standards Concerns
    Another important reason the CEC is wanting the information is in relation to whether IEC 62619 testing can address concerns behind the draft AS/NZS 5139 standards. Release of the draft standards by Standards Australia last week caused a stir as they still seem to recommend most home battery systems need to be installed outside of homes; including external to garages – and housed in a purpose-built room or enclosure."
  • The significant challenge for Enphase will be to compete on price with optimized inverter solutions.
    1. A microinverter solution and an optimized inverter solution now both require MLPE devices on the roof and a smarts box on the wall.
    2. There should be no doubt that an optimizer is a simpler device than a microinverter and should cost less to produce and can likely be sold for a significantly better profit margin. From a lower cost point of view, the optimizer approach wins the roof.
    3. As for the smart box on the wall, the optimized inverter solution should cost somewhat more than the microinverter solution smart box (Envoy-S) but not buy much since the inverter function is now being implemented with digital transformerless technologies such as SEDG's HD wave technology.
    4. Optimizer solution companies such as SEDG and Huawei have significantly more resources and larger R&D budgets to advance their MLPE and smart box solutions compared to Enphase. Cost reduction is a very high priority for them as well.
    5. Enphase management has done incalculable damage to the company by ignoring profitability for so long.
    6. Even if Enphase can achieve profitability in the near term, they may be fighting a losing battle in the long term.
  • Wow I actually expected today we'd close at .90 today. Shorts clinging and thinking the new agreement with Flex is not an issue and that's where shorts became stupid, etc.
  • What is the announcement that is causing this to sky rocket in after hours trading?
  • Solar absolutely rocking today.

    Except our dog, that is.
  • Oppenheimer reiterated a buy rating... explains the pop ... $2.00 http://www.analystratings.com/2017/06/19/oppenheimer-thinks-enphase-energys-stock-is-going-to-recover/488512/

    Oppenheimer Thinks Enphase Energy's Stock is Going to Recover - Analyst Ratings
    June 19, 2017 Oppenheimer analyst Colin Rusch maintained a Buy rating on Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH) today and set a price target of $2. The company's shares opened to
  • If AC modules are available for sale next month as per the presentation, enphase must have shipped good quantity to both Jinko and LG. This should show up in their 2Q sales figures. If they disappoint, that would be a catastrophe.
  • We are back in the money! Happy days are here again!!!!!!!!!
  • This is what Enphase energy does with their batteries:


    This what Tesla energy does with their batteries:


    Price is one of the most important considerations to consumers. Can Enphase ever compete with Tesla on battery price?

    An incredible drone video of Tesla’s solar + Powerpacks project powering Kauai
    Tesla’s solar and energy storage project with Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) in Hawaii is a perfect example to showcase the company’s new offering in the energy sector. And it…
  • SEDG stock versus ENPH stock:

    Check for yourself. ENPH Pumpers should be ashamed of themselves.

    Don't blame the messenger. I tried to help.

  • If you live in Pheonix, AZ should you avoid the Enphase AC battery which has no active cooling and your AC system is off or not working?

    The upper limit for the AC battery is 45 degrees Celsius = 113 degrees Fahrenheit.


    It’s so hot in Phoenix, Arizona, planes can’t take off
    In a sign of just how hot things are getting, American Airlines cancelled 50 flights out of Phoenix because the planes can’t operate above 118°F.
  • "Are we ready to roll with the Internet of Energy?"

    Do the Analysts really care? Forget the technical BS which has gotten this company nowhere except in financial trouble.

    For an Analysts Day, the more relevant question for analysts and investors is: "Are we ready to stop losing money like crazy and are we ready to run our company at a profit."

    You should hope they tell Nahi to stay home for Analyst's Day.
  • Enphase Analyst Day 2017 https://seekingalpha.com/article/4081964-analyst-day-strategic-vision-enphase-energy

    Analyst Day - Strategic Vision For Enphase Energy
    Enphase Energy's Analyst Day 2017. New patents, new products and the potential future. Plotting a future that can keep Enphase on a profitable path. TJ Rodgers
  • I continue to be impress by the price action of the solar complex. It does look as if we are on the verge of a breakout, like in a few months. Does anyone think solar is reaching a critical tipping point faster than anticipated? It is not coming from oil or natgas or coal... If anything, this would be solar's nightmare. Yet, it is not. What else is affecting solar positively (enphase aside)?
  • Just got confirmation from SolarWorld Americas today; AC Modules are slated for Q3 release.
  • Fizzled Already?