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Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (EPD)

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26.41-0.39 (-1.46%)
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  • J
    Another great day in the market, only two stocks down a little. They are the ones I couldn’t even get
    a market order through on Friday, so once again going back to sleep was my best move.
    I hope everyone is having a good day, I know we all are here. I hear this morning people are worried
    the Fed will raise too quickly, we could only hope. They are not, once again they will let Stagflation
    tighten it’s grip before finally being forced to swift action. They did it the same way in the Seventies.
    Timid is too kind for the pain and misery they are extending, we all know they are not the initiators
    of the problem but it is their job to reduce the insanity.
    My Best
  • k
    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while EPD barley does anything at all.
  • D
    Just stay the course. Leave things alone. Don't do anything foolish. In every market sell off no matter how financially and fundamentally sound of an investment you have it is not immune to strong market forces. However, at the end of the day the cream always rises to the top. Right now my portfolio is down 5.4% from its all time high and it is delivering an overall 8.6% yield. I'll take that any day of the Nasdaq that is down 31%, the S&P that is down 19% and the Russell 2000 that is down 30% and none of them deliver any significant yield. Those indices are still significantly overvalued from a historical P/E basis. The S&P is sitting at a P/E of about 22 right now compared to its historical average of 15. My portfolio displays an overall P/E of 12.5, I am going to be just fine. I can't say that about many others who believed growth-at-any-price was a sound strategy and that P/E ratios had become irrelevant.
  • J
    Times are getting tough, but not for us, not really. I certainly wish we had consolidated $27.00 before
    the unaware investments hit everything with fear and consternation, just what do you do if you owned
    the exact same stocks as everybody else when Stagflation landed like a meteor about Thanksgiving.
    We were buying EPD at plus or minus $21.00 back then, getting set for trouble.
    Even inside the bunker we all felt it this week, personally I hit my all time high May 4th, thank goodness
    it’s hurts but not as much to give back the last several days.
    I even bought some EPD again today, not much but every little bit helps.
    I thought briefly about trimming the tops on May 4th, I did not, I’ve tied that in the past and the truth
    is I just can’t stand the thought of having to rebuy at a higher price and don’t trust myself to do it.
    The tried and true approach is avoid tax events or getting a bounce before you can rebuy just
    keep buying income and be safe.
    I try not to be too self congratulatory about making EPD my largest investment, the reality is a
    lot of blood sweat and tears combined with brilliant minds built EPD into the safe choice
    we all are benefiting from in this difficult period.
    Thanks again to our hard working EPD personnel.
    Best to All
  • r
    I have been very patient waiting to increase my holdings to the 50,000 unit that my target is… I believe that this bear market will rage until September… And that somewheres between now and then we will see $21 a unit… I noticed a major trend reversal in the units trading action… Also in the asset deflation rotation the only two assets left to deflate in this cycle our energy… Which could fall at any hint of a treaty or peace talks $20 war premium will disappear… Or the word recession becomes louder and louder as the corporate revisions to earnings increase… No matter how strong our investment is there will be irrational selling just like there was during the pandemic when I picked up the bulk of my holdings… So too we shall see the irrational behavior once again before this bear market is over… Keep your powder dry, Patience is the key to a very rich distribution in the $21 area… My outside target is $18.56 where there is a strong trend support… but I’ll be thrilled in the $21 area not to be greedy…
  • S
    correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that their $1.5B annual growth capex should result in a ROE of 12.5% (in the most conservative estimate). That should result in a run rate increase of $185MM/year in extra cash flow. That alone should add +3% a year to their cash flow. If we assume a conservative +1% growth in their existing cash flow stream (0.5% due to operating leverage in rates that should slightly lag inflation and 0.% due to increased volumes). That would result in a long term holding return of ~ 11.3%/yr (at current prices). Assuming no multiple expansion/compression current returns would result in annual distribution of ~7.3% with approx. 4% annual increases. Given the current environment and asymmetric risk to the upside I can would feel comfortable stating that expected returns should surpass 12% through the decade.
  • J
    Great Day up on every holding, tried to buy several things and everything moved faster than I could,
    managed one partial fill for 5 shares, apparently I am meant to hold cash, I take that seriously so
    I am going back to sleep; That’s when I do my best work.
    Congratulations Partners
  • J
    John Dorr
    In about a week EPD's distribution hits - yum.
  • Z
    Just saw EPD published on the daily alert watchlist at (
  • T
    Love my EPD payday!
  • S
    Sir John T
    Once the realities of our need for energy to sustain our economy going forward becomes apparent (certainly by 2024….and probably a lot sooner in my opinion), and the left’s fixation on green energy gets debunked, I think multiples on the EPD’s of the world will better reflect their underlying values. A 20-30% increase in P/Es is certainly not out of the question.
  • G
    Go to KMI., read Matt DILallo analyst article,about KMI and ET------Two companies to hold for next decade.---------------------------NOTHING about fully valued EPD----------------.
    Switch to ET,once it reach $17.50 ,then hold both KMI and ET------------The game plan for today.---------Those are the best plays for the future cause their bias to NAT GAS.......they both are the best plays for the future GREEN ,NAT GAS.
    DD as always.Buen dia.
  • t
    1.8x coverage is all I need to know, never selling so unit price means little, beautiful income deferred producer. Who cares about flash, I care about cash.
  • i
    MLP's continue to confound the market. Revenues are unreal, but profit not encouraged. We should see a series of dividend increases across the board. Pipes and Tanks need to return to 2018 distribution levels. Unfortunately, 2020 gave them the opportunity to sandbag their own share price, allowing them to keep distribution low. ET, PAA, SHLX, EPD, should be better inflation hedges, but the stock market is run by hipsters and handbags these days.
  • J
    Wow, lack of logic on Wall Street... Love the dips.
  • J
    Just added 50 units not a lot but I had just enough cash. So now I really want 1675 more. Sooner or later
    I will get them. You know as we see so many stocks hit so hard I am very thankful we are doing ok.
    The report was good, but everyone now knows Stagflation is here and it ends in recession.
    Best Luck Partners
  • j
    Raymond James Raises Price Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (EPD) $30.00 -> $31.00 Strong Buy
  • J
    Delbert Real Companies actually try to not to show too much profit, a well managed one like EPD wants
    to control for a consistent profit. I am trying to wind up the last of my companies now. For over 50 years
    I had on average 4, reported profit especially quarterly can and is within reason adjustable the whole
    Last In First Out and First In First Out Inventory choice is a major tool to use. Just think about how
    variable the cost input for our Value Added Products has been in recent times. My goodness the difference
    in Natural Gas prices has been from under $2 to $8. I am constantly amazed by so called stock analysts,
    they rarely even focus on reality, how much have the Real World assets expanded; of course with
    constant depreciation this would take real effort how much value is actually fully depreciated,
    I sold a fully depreciated building a few years ago book value was nil, I got a bit more.
    Just how much hidden value is hiding in giant storage tanks, almost certainly we have used last in first out
    mainly during this extreme inflation EPD said they expect gas back in the $4.?? range.
    Just keep focusing on asset reports we can see, we know what they spent on the Ethylene Storage from
    I believe Nova in the fourth quarter and the huge increase in loading capabilities at the docks in 2021
    and the February close on Navitas. Anyone making the choice to buy or sell EPD on 54 cents versus 52
    cents is not paying attention to what counts. This is real investing as Buffett said today the “Market” has
    been turned into a giant Casino, lot’s of fake companies that try to goose a profit will soon disappear Stagflation followed by
    Recession will clean the stable. I thank God every day my Great Uncle came out of retirement in
    1970 to teach me double entry bookkeeping as I put my accounting on computer processing.
    I literally was abusing my sweet Uncle, but you know I had been to college and learned programming.
    I hope this helps, the whole concept of trading has been so ingrained I am not sure a lot of people
    will understand investing, they read the wrong books and listen to strange people, many haven’t
    even heard of The Rule 72.
    Everyone here is an investor. We are all very blessed to be: when suddenly it matters very much.
    My Best
  • t
    park your money here a get 7% and don't worry about it as the stock moves up..owned this for 8 years.
  • T
    New JV project with OXY alert...interesting... to the best of my knowledge this the first of its' kind for EPD. I am ultra-long EPD, so I like projects like this...I want EPD to be a relevant player in whatever the future holds for carbon capture and "green" endeavors. PR as follows:

    "EPD and OXY, today announced they have executed a letter of intent to work toward a potential carbon dioxide (“CO2”) transportation and sequestration solution for the Texas Gulf Coast. The joint project would initially be focused on providing services to emitters in the industrial corridors from the greater Houston to Beaumont/Port Arthur areas. The initiative would combine Enterprise’s leadership position in the midstream energy sector with OLCV’s extensive experience in subsurface characterization and CO2 sequestration.

    Enterprise would develop the CO2 aggregation and transportation network utilizing a combination of new and existing pipelines along its expansive Gulf Coast footprint. OLCV, through its 1PointFive business unit, is developing sequestration hubs on the Gulf Coast and across the U.S., some of which are expected to be anchored by direct air capture (“DAC”) facilities. The hubs will provide access to high quality pore space and efficient transportation infrastructure, bringing more options to emitters looking to explore viable carbon management strategies. Enterprise and OLCV have begun exploring the commercialization of the potential joint service offering with customers."