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ESCO Technologies Inc. (ESE)

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    Capital & Gains
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    $ESE.V conversation
    $ESE is rapidly expanding, with multiple rev streams including
    - E-Sports infrastructure software powering global tournaments
    - exclusive digital media distribution, broadcast rights,
    - owning world-class leagues and teams, including its K1CK global E-Sports franchise

    They are also still super tight with $53M mc and only 42.6M shares + they announced an apparel and merchandising sponsorship deal with Six Apparel today! They will supply and distribute merchandise for $ESE pro esports team = K1CK.

    = a buy here IMO at $1.26 following breakout and sell off.
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    $ESE.V conversation
    in the most recent news from $ESE.c / $ENTEF

    Ceos Konrad Wasiela said $ESE.c has seen revenue increases to $60M + run rate, With its latest e-sports acquisition. Almost a 6,000% increase from $ESE.c ’s run rate in the last 12 months.

    $ESE.v closed the acquisition of GameAddik and through its wholly owned brand PWN games, is one of the top CPA networks for gaming. GammAddik generating revenue of $24M and income of $4.7M.

    Konrad goes on to say this is only the start for $ESE.v and the goal is to only keep ramping this up until revenue its $250M in the next 18 months.

    Learn more through this interview with $ESE.c CEO Konrad Wasiela

    $ESE.v trading at $1.59 with a market cap of $95M
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    $ESE.V conversation
    $ESE.V $ENTEF made TMX Money's top 50 rising start stocks today.

    The companies in this list are all TSXV stocks with the largest price gains (by dollar value) in the past 3 months.
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    $ESE.V conversation
    ESE 's new acquisition Frenzy seems to be doing well. they are producing broadcasts for the ongoing PGL Major Stockholm 2021 tournament. It is one of the most prestigious esports tournaments in the world for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and will be watched by a huge audience. great press and recognition for the company. good move on ESE s part to acquire Frenzy, imo

    td, $ESE.V trading at $1.67 with market cap at $101.48 M
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    $ESE.V conversation
    $ESE is still climbing up. It was up 7.2% yesterday and another 2.3% today.

    Their gaming technology seems really promising, lIke their Virtual Pitstop company, which can scan racetracks into 3D models, but I've also been looking into their company as a whole and it seems like good stuff.

    They also own World Performance Group which runs one of the first exclusively gaming call centres.

    Many different gaming companies run their customer service through WPG and there seems to be a lot of room for growth, especially as games become more complicated.

    This is a good interview with their founder/CEO that explains a lot about the company as a whole as wells as his personal background in sports and gaming:
    ESE Entertainment's Focus on Esports, Gaming Infrastructure and Competitive Landscape
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    $ESE.V conversation
    Found this Rolling Stone article on the Esports market and its immense potential.


    - Expected growth in 2022 ($2 billion global revenue)
    - How Esports will continue to grow (i.e. mobile games)
    - Potential to breakout in European market
    - Betting on Esports
    - + more

    While reading it becomes apparent that $ESE.v $ENTEF is hitting all the bases to keep growing with the market. Excited to see what they can get done in 2022.
    It’s no secret that we’re living in a golden age of esports.
    It’s no secret that we’re living in a golden age of esports.
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    $ESE.V conversation
    $ESE.V @1.56 , market cap $94.99 M

    should be clear to everyone by now that a major e sports boom is coming -but what catches my my eye about $ESE in particular is how quickly and effectively theyve solidified their position in the sector.

    With still more major news expected by the end of 2021, they’ve already established the building of an empire this year, with strategic acquisitions setting themselves up in every key pillar of the market :
    - infrastructure, content, media rights, production, esport teams and leagues
    …. to name a few

    anyways once this rocket takes off $ESE ’s in such a prime position to rake it in off this 360 solution they’ve created for the entire esport and gaming industry 

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    $ESE.V conversation
    CEO of $ESE Konrad Wasiela recently sat down with Wall Street Reporter to discuss the future of $ESE.

    They discussed

    Expanding its global footprint with new partnerships with brands like Porsche.

    Driving revenue growth with aggressive focus on top line sales and margin expansion.

    E-sports infrastructure software.


    $ESE is currently up 8.3% , MC is $92.99M.

    Check out the interview
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    $ESE.V conversation
    $ESE is a company with the fundamentals to justify a $100M+ valuation. With the company continuing to drop big news through acquisitions and partnerships, I can easily see revenues surpass targets as they execute their aggressive growth strategy. Looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish this year!
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    $ESE.V conversation

    Video games and esports are booming globally, with massive growth coming from India, Latin America, and Asia.

    Looking forward to an update on ESE Entertainments Acquisition deal with Digital Motorsports’ for 100% of the issued and outstanding securities in the capital of Digital Motorsports

    This is an Irish company that provides infrastructure, technology, and support for esports across the globe – particularly in the simulation racing sector. They’ve worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands

    ESE and DM share a vision of becoming the number one global brand for esports in the motorsports industry.

    $ESE @ $1.41 , mc $72.44 M
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    $ESE.V conversation
    Great to see ESE Entertainment Inc. ($ESE $ESE.v $ENTEF) closing in the green!
    Sharing this interview again because it gives a solid overview of $ESE and what to expect in this quarter.

    Looking forward to seeing where they go with Frenzy and Pulse Media Group - two top companies $ESE is partnered with.
    ESE Entertainment’s esports team K1CK to launch NFTs, expands on intent to acquire Frenzy
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    $ESE.V conversation
    $ESE's acquisition target Frenzy was announced to produce Polish content for the CSGO World Championships this year. This is exciting news, as I think the E-Sports industry is going to gain escalated hype in the coming months/year.

    My thinking on this contains a few key points.
    1: the industry has been growing as an international market for some time now.
    2: the pandemic escalated interest in almost everything to do with streaming and viewership of video-game related content.
    3 (biggest one): the recent announcement of FAZE becoming a publicly traded entity is going to get a lot of news coverage and get tons of eyes on the E-Sports/competitive gaming industry.

    $ESE.V shares have decreased in volatility and prices have been consolidating for a couple of weeks. Prices are sitting strongly at historical support of ~$1.18 currently.

    ESE Entertainment $ESE is currently trading at $1.16 and valued at a MCAP of $70.49.
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESE Entertainment Inc. (TSXV:ESE) (OTCQB:ENTEF) (the “Company” or “ESE”) is pleased to announce that its acquisition target, Frenzy sp. z.o.o. (“Frenz
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESE Entertainment Inc. (TSXV:ESE) (OTCQB:ENTEF) (the “Company” or “ESE”) is pleased to announce that its acquisition target, Frenzy sp. z.o.o. (“Frenz
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    $ESE.V conversation
    In case you missed it check out this interview by Wall Street Reporter with CEO of $ESE Konrad Wasiela, they discuss

    Goal of $100 million MC by end of 2021
    The addition of Rick Brace to the team (Former President of Rogers Media)
    Recent acquisition of Digital Motor Sports
    Focus on motor sports gaming

    Current MC is $69.61M.

    Check it out
    NEXT SUPER STOCK ESE Entertainment (OTC: ENTEF) livestream 5/14,/21