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    They just featured ETH-USD on this sites morning watchlist. (
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    How do you guys think the Eth 2.0 update will affect the price
  • W
    Will Bitcoin and Ethereum prices break down together? It sure seems like that is exactly what is going to happen! Ethereum will decline to under $1300. in the near future! Watch Bitcoin for the clue! A close between $28,000 and $27,000 will cause the break! Get protection, the trend is not your friend if you are long! Crypto will have no catyalists all of 2022! Its a bad place to keep any money! Beware, you have been informed!
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    as long as this GME is still proving outstanding from the crowd, you will be paid nicely sooner or later. No worries.
  • R
    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while ETH-USD barley does anything at all.
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    Stock is the oldest online market we have done in the past years, we employ it because of the highest quality service it renders and how successful it is , today we now say crypto currency too , Iโ€™m just saying that people should develop the habit of investing .really helpful in lifeโ€ฆ
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    Just heard that ETH-USD got alerted at ( I hope it pushes us higher!
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    Is that a Cup n Handle bottom
  • D
    Be careful of advice recommending you sell crypto, especially ETH. If you have a lot invested, you may have some tax liability. I don't have much ETH, but I am holding on. I think the merger will change things for the positive. Plus, crypto is not a bank, it's an investment. Like all investments, they go up and they go down. Selling investments when they drop is just locking in your losses.
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    My Lord, the amount of spam these yahoo Yahoo moderators let through is almost enough to cause me to quit this bullsiht message board.
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    Real Carlos
    Crypto was suppose to be a bet against the dollar (main purpose). As the value of a dollar drops, so does what's the point?
  • B
    New trader watchlist was published by these guys and it featured ETH-USD. (
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    In the long term does the Luna/UST failure help ETH? Looking forward I believe it could be big for ETH. Luna was the second largest player in DeFi behind ETH. We now need a successful merge to Proof of Stake. ETH and Sol could both benefit. My moneyโ€™s on ETH and if it keeps dropping I will double down. GLTAL