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    Ethereum broke through the first major resistance level at $4,006 before briefly easing back to sub-$4,000 levels.A bullish end to the day, however, saw Ethereum break back through the first major resistance level to end the day at $4,080 levels. This free service can be helpful if want to find the best opportunities to trade and assemble your watch list ahead of the opening bell https://dailytrading.tools/7jh9n4
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    How many of you are familiar with ethereum gas fees and how they change throughout the day? Institutions make major sales and purchases of ethereum during these times to save on gas fees. The following times are the times when ethereum gas fees are the cheapest.
    (Sunday-2 AM to 3 AM)
    (Monday-1 AM to 2 AM)
    (Tuesday-6 AM to 8 AM)
    (Wednesday-11 PM to 7 AM)
    (Thursday 1 AM to 3 AM)
    (Friday-10 PM to 8 AM)
    (Saturday-2 AM to 3 AM)

    *Yahoo won't allow me to attach the tool or chart because they love censoring good things with the bad but google "don't share this ethereum gas secret" to find out more.
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    Had numerous people ask what the difference is between the proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms in real-world speak...

    Proof-of-work requires the miners/validators to show their worth/trust by spending their money on hardware and proving the vast amounts of funds spent by finding difficult to find hashes(solve puzzles) faster than others with said hardware that in and of itself don't lend anything additional that a simpler hash(without the puzzle) could achieve. It just shows that you spent money on hardware, invested vast amounts of energy/time to set things up, and therefore you have a vested interest in the network. Any nefarious activity would run counter intuitive to this investment.

    Proof-of-stake instead takes the money that would otherwise be spent on hardware to prove investment in the network and greater good, and simply puts it in escrow. Now the hashes that are calculated to secure blocks and the network are very simple(without the puzzle requirement) and much, much more basic hardware can contribute and the energy burn is gone. Now, by virtue of simply risking the loss of vast sums of money in escrow by doing something nefarious, you prove that you are invested in the security/validity of the network. Instead of racing to determine who "'solves a puzzle" to add the next bit of information to the network, it's determined by the size of your monetary stake. Clearly, the more you're willing to throw in, the less likely you are to be an evil actor and thus you will be chosen more often to validate(or mine in some speak) the next block for the blockchain.
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    Wanted to share this with you guys, dont know how long it will take to get but I am not going to pass up something that is free. https://perfectroi.today/rjvqbn
    Start Earning Crypto 24/7 By Helping Us Build "The People's Network"
    Start Earning Crypto 24/7 By Helping Us Build "The People's Network"
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    Y’all not realize we’re in the dip right now? We reached 5.2k CAD not even 4 days ago and it’s probably gonna reach 5.5k by the end of next week imo. Now is the time to buy!!!
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    Folks keep it! Let this ride u then sell high after the Sunday rush. It’s better to let it take its course than to bring it down. And guys. There are still ETF options Canada approved the first ETF based off of ETH. Good choose for ETH and ETC investors
    In January, Megan Kaspar said ethereum would hit the mid-$3,000 level. Now, she says $10,000 could be next.
    In January, Megan Kaspar said ethereum would hit the mid-$3,000 level. Now, she says $10,000 could be next.
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    $4050 see u soon. So I’ve learned a pattern. Every weekend it goes to $3700 and during the week $4050-$4200. Ima keep trading it and make $500 a week. Easy money.
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    Alfred E Neuman
    Elon’s tweet stated that they are currently looking at cryptocurrencies that use less then 1% of bitcoins energy/transaction. Once ETH successfully transitions past the eip 1559 protocol later on this summer, it will meet this criteria. All you really need to know is that ETH 2.0 will be a faster, cheaper, more secure and eco friendly crypto ecosystem then anything currently in development. Once ETH’s price action fully decouples from BTC this will easily hit the 1 trillion market cap and beyond. Hodling since late 2017. See you all on the moon.
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    It was $2600 3 weeks ago. Relax people. This too shall pass, still on target to hit 10k by the end of the year.
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    ETH is not BITCOIN! ETH is much better! Even JP Morgan chase approves.
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    Yesterday, I believe I made the best business decision in my sweet short life. I converted my BTC for ETH. Why?
    Let's look at this outside of the hodl and greed perspective. Yes, BTC is the big dog on the street its concept of rarity and exclusivity makes it very attractive to those with deep pockets and loose money looking for direction, however the concept is turning out wrong! True, I was romanced by the rarity and glad that I was early to this party while I got into BTC in the $30'sK. But realizing along with Elon that this currency is the "Dark side" of Crypto and my life doesn't acknowledge the dark side.
    I love the Ethereum name. it reminds me of the language of the Na'vi from the movie Avatar.
    The plight of BTC and ETH is very similar to the forces of good and evil. BTC is the Evil force because of the amount of electricity required that stresses out our planet, while Ethereum may not be so rare but it has more applications to more human requests beside greed.
    Who is interested in the movie rights to this series of Eastern dualism as it is apparent in the delicate equilibrium of the Force as the greed of the bully BTC vs. the human heart of ETH. Watch as the opposing Forces of light and dark vie for ascendancy, locking the planet in a perpetual cycle of progress and decline. I have over 50 episodes.
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    Lol. Scooped up another couple tokens at drop. Man, you can really ride misunderstood news and social media with crypto. Even more-so than stocks. I guess a lot of people trading dont get it. Ether is a fundamentally valuable crypto. 2.0 answers eco issues. NFTs materializes the intangible. Smart contracts. Tons of other utility applications. Of course its price is going to go back up. It has what everyone wants. It IS the future.
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    ETH is behaving exactly as it should, reversals and support are the logistical life form of how the market works. You buy with a cap in mind and you sell. The 4K milestone was expected from many to be able to sell collect profit, and wait for ETH to dwindle down to the next support level. In fact ETH was predicted to drive down to 3200 support level. This is the perfect number to re-buy as the next bull run will be a mighty long and successful one. Its not uncommon for other to sell their Bitcoin holdings to buy ETH
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    Hercules _
    Just 'coz Elon states that he is not going to allow Cryptos for purchasing Tesla cars should definitely not be an influencing factor for Cryptocurrencies. One person and his tweets should not be allowed to control an entire market. Cryptos were not built assuming that Tesla (Elon Musk) is going to support when they were brought into the market! My thoughts only.
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    buy now or forever hold your peace
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    I put all my money in Ethereum, litterly sold all my stocks too. I have about 17k in eth but it’s not enough. I wish eth would slow down a bit so I can put more money in cuz enough is never enough when there is a opportunity as amazing as eth. Eth is the easiest money anyone will ever come across in this life
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    Etheruem needs to stop following bitcoins charts and make some charrts of its own...
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    ETH uses 1/10th of the energy of BTC at the moment. Move to proof of stake should make ETH the largest most sustainable crypto. I believe it's market cap will surpass 1T in the next 24 months.
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    Elon Musk has just signaled Ethereum is going to surpass number one ....who could have thought number two would become number one so quickly.. and their point of stake and energy efficiency will make it so...
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    "Considering the possibilities with smart contracts, you can basically build a bank or a business on the Ethereum blockchain. There is a big chance that the next upcoming generation of bankers will take a look at the Ethereum blockchain. This has the potential for a new line of businesses being set up on this network, which will be highly disruptive for the banking industry."