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Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. (ETH)

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28.21-1.53 (-5.14%)
At close: 3:59PM EDT

28.22 +0.01 (0.04%)
After hours: 4:00PM EDT

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  • K
    $ADA-USD conversation
    #cardano moved $9.7 BILLION in transaction volume in the last 24 hours.
    #ethereum moved $24.81 BILLION.
    Fees: -
    $ETH charged users $88.99 MILLION. –
    $ADA charged users $18 THOUSAND.
    #cardano is 1,938 times more efficient. -- EIP-1559 won’t even come close to fixing this
  • Z
    I feel like today was a test of patience! As the people who didn’t panic will be rewarded tomorrow. Whether the company releases new or not tomorrow I feel everyone should be encouraged by the rebound and the strength of $ETH & CSTR following such a blood bath today.

  • R
    The thing I’m bullish about this stock is the fact that $SOS is the biggest miner of Ethereum. $ETH is $3800 right now and is just keep going up.
  • D
    $ETH-USD conversation
    Peter Brandt
    You know you are involved in a MAJOR bull market when you repeatedly catch yourself saying:
    "I sold some way too early"
    "I could have been a millionaire if only ____(fill in the blank)_____________________

  • M
    Welp! Doge out and about to blast off to the moon! This one https://digbywigbert.com/gamestonk-token
  • M
    In the year 2030, all transactions will be settled digitally with Ethan Allen interiors stock
  • M
    Mark 1010
    $COIN conversation
    BTC volume - 4.24 B
    ETH volume - 2.67 B
    DOGE volume - 7.32 B --> BAM!
    $DOGE > $BTC + $ETH
    Conbase shares down > 30%
    Coinbase CEO, Brain Armstrong right now missing out on the doge transaction revenue:
  • F
    $MARA conversation
    Doesn't Marathon Mine $ETH & others besides $BTC? Anybody chime in, please ✌👍💪
  • B
    Hey Creeptos: this board is for ETHAN ALLEN, which is up 9% today on a special dividend announcement. Maybe you should invest in that instead.
  • D
    You ppl do realize this is a furniture company right?
  • R
    $ETH-USD conversation
    Latest Stats:
    Major Support Level: 2,614
    1st Major Resistance: 2,826
    2nd Major Resistance: 2,900
    I do believe Ethereum will hit $3,000 by mid next week!!!!! AND, $5,000 before the end of the year!!!!
    A GOOD long term investment!!!!
  • Z
    $OZSC conversation
    Which will Double 1st --- DOGE or OZSP 🤔

    I recommended some friends take some Profits on $Doge-USA Coin and Buy $OZSC Friday.
    I said As soon as Elon starts talking Doge would fall.
    I also said OZSC would Double from .09 to .18 Before Doge Doubles from .72 to $1.44
    I just checked and Doge is Down to .487 😎
    I own $LTC-USA (Litecoin) for years and don't trade it as I wanted one of the main 3 Coins including $BTC-USA (Bitcoin) and $ETH-USA (Ethereum)
  • M
    $XRP-CAD conversation
    It looks like there may be a lesson playing out here that perhaps there are more threats and manipulation involved in decentralization of currency, which civilization has worked for thousands of years to avoid through its own banking system's evolution. Crypto as a decentralized vehicle may not be a financial advancement, but the Trojan horse that threatens the financial stabilities that societies have built. Albeit not perfect and far from it, but better than this variability of being rich one week and poor the next and vice versa in an endless cycle.
    Is it possible to drop or increase USD value by 30-50% in a week or two?Yet these moves are happening with little to no catalyst in Crypto often, either up or down.
    I dabbled in Crypto to learn more with optimism that it was a highly advanced move in currency that I was not smart enough to comprehend the full benefit of...however am now starting to lean toward it being smoke and mirrors of a runaway train that will inevitably jump the track, taking everyone's savings that is on it with it.
  • L
    Why would anyone invest in $COIN over $ETH or any other raw crypto?! 😂😂😂
  • k
    a tweet from NDA:

    $BTC $ETH on sale, $NDA is buying!
  • E
    $ETH-USD OR $BTC-USD where will we see highest growth next 5 yrs?
  • M
    Mark 1010
    $DOGE-USD conversation
    BitPay just tweeted: Get outside this spring! We’ve partnered with Camping World to accept #BTC, #ETH and #DOGE and other cryptos.
  • H
    Sold everyhing for a 10k profit, now parked in $Eth till the next dip, LOVE IT!
  • C
    $ETH to the moon! - give us something to sit in when we get there!
  • E
    $BTC-USD conversation
    “If something should have died many times in the past and it hasn’t, you need to look at it and figure out why.” Crypto is here to stay.