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  • I
    Today Market News Just released this one: https://prem.li/Oot
    This is poised to move 30-x
  • Z
    Keep buying freal. This is way better than litecoin. If u missed $ETH & $BTC pls don't miss out on this one.
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    $BTC-USD conversation
    "Crypto carves out a path that everybody in the world can take part in, it doesn't matter what background, race, gender, or sexual preference that you have. Everybody is welcome and included. The goal of crypto is to make sure it benefits everybody and not only the guys at the top, contrary to the current financial system in place."


  • J
    Ethereum USD
    $btc money coming into $eth!!
  • W
    Want to be rich in 5 years? Buy Argo and buy some ethereum. $arbkf $eth you'll be thanking me later :)
  • L
    Ethereum is CRUSHING it lately. The price of ETH just hit a new all- time high, hitting $2200 on some exchanges. After the price of Ethereum was stalled for quite some time, we are seeing a brand new Ethereum pump. Today we discuss why Ethereum will crush Bitcoin in the 2021 Bull Run. I'll discuss the latest Ethereum news and tell you how ETH is becoming a household name. When is the best time to buy ETH and what is a good entry point? 'll also tell you what I bought last night and which positions I strengthened.

    Link to the video https://direct-link.net/239106/Cash
  • M
    $CSTR.V conversation
    Warren Lorenz @TechMeetsTrader said :
    Finishing up my personal wall of GPU miners in Alberta, CA... hosted and purchased directly at CryptoStar. This was weeks ago, but thought I’d share due to some of the DM’s I’m receiving. This is just the start... $CSTR #Ethereum #CryptoMining $ETH (8:30 PM · Jan 21, 2021·Twitter for iPhone)

    I saw the picture...real joke!
  • M
    $ETH-USD conversation
    #BTC and #ETH falling down simultaneously. 😐
  • E
    $XLM-EUR conversation
    Think twice, the ca. 1.9 Trillion helicopter money to hand out soon by the US Governement... this time the people will get the cash directly, printed out of thin air via the FED?? (helicopter money = creation of money, without corresponding assets, and its distribution into citizens’ bank accounts). What would happen if we were to drop freshly printed notes over a population from a (digital) $$$$helicopter, just like rain? Nothing other than inflation imho, yes it will create lots of financial asset inflation in the real economy, so not only on Wall Street but also on Main Street, Crypto Street, Gold Street etc. The trick will be to figure out where the inflation will show up... Equities might still do fine but Crypto and also GOLD/Silver Street. $XLM, $BTC, $CVC, $MANA, $DNT, $ETH, ... many of these decentralised cryptocurrencies are likely bound to pop up even higher. It isn’t that anything is more valuable it’s that the $USD $EUR,... (fiat currencies) are worth less in terms of those assets. Good luck all, wish you the best and plse always do your own DD!
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    $XLM-EUR conversation
    Ripple $XRP-USD vs. Stellar $XLM-USD Lumens: Will there be only one big winner in the long run or possible alliance or ...?

    Love the fact Stellar and Ripple run their own nodes across multiple servers, however, banks and private organizations that decide to use the technology can also run nodes + both Stellar and Ripple use a distributed ledger to verify a movement of funds. This means that transactions only take a few seconds to process and the fees are normally less than a cent. Way much fa$$$$ter then $BTC-USD.

    It also great to see Stellar and Ripple technologies both continue to form some amazing strategic partnerships.
    Imho they will become strong competitors in the near futur to both $BTC-USD and $ETH-USD. Matter of time, patience is a virtue.

    Also believe there might be a real possibility of a digital dollar/euro/yen/yuan XLM or XRP CORRELATION in coming years?

    Anyway, plse do your own due diligence and Good luck to all of U!
  • L
    Lord Blakeney
    $EHVVF conversation
    Just a few upcoming EHAVE catalysts to drive this baby to the moon and beyond!
    - Primetime TV coverage beginning this Sunday! I have no doubt this will bring new investors!
    - Upcoming listing to the OTCQB and CSE!
    - Distribution of 20/20 global stock to $EHVVF shareholders! This will be huge!
    - Revenue generation from Ketadash!

    Many more, but to name a few!

  • l
    Nikki I told you so.
  • B
    $ETH-USD conversation
    Does everyone own $BTC?
    I did but traded it all for $ETH.
  • A
    AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
    Yahoo finance is full off HF bots. do your own research and make your own opinion... #AMC #ETH #REEF 💎💎💎💎🚀🤲
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    $BTC-USD conversation
    ** Bitcoin $BTC Explodes Thru $60k As Altcoins Rocket Higher! $BSV $BCH $LTC $ETH $ETC $FIL $#Crypto #Altseason $AMP $CRV $MANA $BAT ** Link >> https://youtu.be/Iyc38vuf9e8

    *Follows, Comments & Likes on #YouTube are Appreciated!
    Bitcoin $BTC Explodes Thru $60k As Altcoins Rocket Higher! $BSV $BCH $LTC $ETH $ETC $FIL $#Crypto #Altseason $AMP $CRV $MANA $BAT [Join Us in the ⚡ Live Chat...
    Bitcoin $BTC Explodes Thru $60k As Altcoins Rocket Higher! $BSV $BCH $LTC $ETH $ETC $FIL $#Crypto #Altseason $AMP $CRV $MANA $BAT [Join Us in the ⚡ Live Chat...
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    Jimmy Stax
    $DOGE-USD conversation
    Since I been here a long time I have no qualms about suggesting you all look into Polkadot Coin $DOT. One of the original developers of Ethereum created it. It could rival and eventually compete with $ETH in my opinion as it allows for interoperability of blockchains. Currently hovering around $34-$35. I just got in yesterday at $31.

    Dogecoin to the MOOON!
  • V
    Value Invest
    Admit it guys, you are here for quick money due to hype and not the technology. FYI, most countries are doing digital currencies and this will thwart bitcoin soon. $ETH $HIVE $CAN $BITF
  • S
    $DOGE-USD conversation
    Hey kids, I’m very late to the crypto game but am looking to dip in my big toe. I’ve read some comparisons between them but to me, they all seem very similar. Which has the most potential over the next year?

  • A
    $SOS conversation
    Here is how 🆘 sos mining $BTC and $ETH, watch if you think Sos is scam
  • W
    Grayscale added 52,730 $ETH over the past 24 hours, worth $93.3 million.