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    You are buying the management. I like the tone and optimism of these guys. I'm staying.
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    Great price to buy right now. Off major exchange is not bad in some situation!
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    Christ, I hadn't check on FALC for a while and what a disappointment! I bought back in 2016 and paid about $2,500 for 300 shares. Now I have 30 shares worth $81. Yeah there was a 100 for 1 reverse split which if I had been aware of would have made me dump my shares. For me, everything I get caught in a reverse split the share price starts dropping. It's like a death spiral most of the time. Anyway, I just looked at the latest financial report and they talk about how sales keep increasing, but the problem is they don't know how to run their company and shareholders are paying to keep the afloat. They keep losing money. That's not new, but they don't seem to know how to get their #$%$ together. They claim to have the best backup solution for the lowest cost, but if that's true why can't they make money? Maybe their solution should not have the lowest cost...? Anyway, if you are thinking about investing in them, DO NOT be fooled by seeing a much higher share price in the past and think that the share price has to bounce back at some point because it was so high in the past. The thing is, it wasn't that high in the past. When a company does a reverse split, it makes all the shares before the split look like the price was higher. I got tricked on this with the first company that I had shares with the did a reverse split. It was only then I learned they had done a couple previous reverse splits. For them, it made their early shares look like they were $54,000 a share. Use the history option here on Yahoo and look up what FALC has done with reverse splits. I think they have only done one, but I didn't check them. Now I check ANY company I am thinking about investing in.Always good advice, but especially for this stock: "Don't invest anything you can't afford to lose."
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    Any kind of positive news that ensures that this Company has a real future will send the stock to $1 immediately. See you on Nov 20.
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    Where’s MAS in Vegas
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    They must have a feel for non-Hale demand for the units. If others step up, this sounds great. Lets hear the take on all of this on Monday. At least they are a fully funded company with believers in their products/strategies.
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    Nice job on the "creating shareholder value" thing.
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    The proof is in the pudding, so far trend in revenues is down. Another stock I am hoping for a miracle in.
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    time to close the doors, heard most of company has been let go
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    Where’s Pauline lo alker burning the midnight oil
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    FalconStor shareholders....URGENT! Contact the largest shareholders listed above as holders and let them know to do a full due diligence review on Todd Oseth before he begins as CEO on July 1st 2017. You have 9 days. This guy is a disaster! I worked with Todd at Intermap his most recent disaster and can say with 100% certainty he will take Falconstar down that same path. I found him to be dishonest, and in capable of operating a public company successfully. Just look at his track record on his previous executive positions, most all were busts! He will claim he was successful with McData in their eventual sale but get on the phone and ask other McData shareholders and executives and you will hear quite a different story. i am reaching out to the largest shareholders of Falconstar to, at the very least allow a few more weeks of due diligence on this guy, the results with even a slight bit of digging will be conclusive that he is not the guy for the job unless the Company is so desperate that he is the only one who would take the job which on the surface is even more frightful for Falconstar Software shareholders!
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    Profitable with nominally positive cash flow. Never expected that. Should have no problem attracting capital. Tomorrow should be fun.
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    Pump and dump
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    FALC has gained 800 followers in the last 4 days on stocktwits an increase of 44.35%. I guess the price has also gone up 34%
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    I just discovered this company and numbers look good. MACD lines converge signaling buy and already after hours +.01. RSI 52.36 is under 70 so it has not reached overbought. The vibe here says stay away?
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    Share price and volume up, Monday should be positive, remember the big stock buys recently. Good Luck!
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    The market cap of the stock equals last quarters revenue. And the company is profitable. What is going on here?
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    FalconStor has fantastic potential, in the right hands. What is not readily understood by investors is this - compared to the big ticket players in this space (NetApp, IBM, EMC, HP, Hitachi) who have solutions that provide a degree of storage virtualization all with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. What they lack is the follwing:
    1. The degree of interoperability (although IBM SVC is a phenomenal contender) for underlying storage that IPStor has is impressive, a few competitors can match. Why is this cool? You can build out an impressive performing storage solution using basic, inexpensive, storage arrays - for a fraction of the cost of a brand name competing storage solution. Easy to swap out and upgrade as time goes buy. FalconStor has customers who have been trucking along over multiple generations of storage arrays.
    2. Inclusive feature sets: in terms of application integration for point in time recovery and replication and mirroring capabilities that IPStor offers means you can not only provision to applications, you can mirror the data inexpensively locally and or remotely to build a highly resilient data center - again - for the fraction of the cost of the 'brand label storage solutions'. Especially now that they are only charging you for that first copy of the capacity.
    3. Performance: Being able to mix different storage tiers so that you can easily provision or move around what you have provisioned to different tiers is an outstanding way to meet the requirements of applications. Now with the new analytic tools you can better manage and tailor workloads. Why is IPStor better for performance? Since you are turning servers into storage controller appliances - they are taking over a lot of the work of the underlying storage arrays 'controllers'. The comparison of the compute power in even a 'higher-end' storage arrays controllers to a server dedicated for this purpose is dramatic. You will find that many analysts will agree that the 'cpu's' and 'cores' in the controllers have a bearing on the performance of the storage. So if your underlying storage is only dealing with provisioning (configured once and seen by IPStor which takes over from there) you get better performance. Putting multiple of these storage arrays under IPStor - you can quickly see how you can scale horizontally the performance needs of your environment.
    4. Resilience. No one does a stretch cluster (real-time mirror of data) as cleanly and easily as IPStor. When the distance between two fiber connected data centers is short enough that speed of light latency isn't an issue, you can spread your workload across two locations and extend your business continuity to a site resiliency capability that actually works. There are a number of architectural / feature advantages IPStor has over competitors in this scenario. Don't have two buildings? Fine. There are customers of IPStor who have been leveraging stretch-clustering locally for the uber-uptime that such a design brings to the table affordably.
    5. Recovery. Snap-Shot point-in-time recovery shows the heritage of the backup software engineering that designed it. It's all included. What happens if you are mirroring data in real-time and you delete data or your database experiences a snafu and you get corruptioon of data? Well, that deletion or corruption happens in real-time too. Don't worry though, because the snap-shot recovery can 'undo' that event reliably, with 100% transactional integrity. This point-in-time magic can be replicated so efficiently for DR recovery you don't even need WAN optimization appliances - IPStor has a patented 'micro-scan' which reduces change delta to a degree of granularity that is 8 times less than competing replication technologies. FalconStor cites customers with an 80% reduction in bandwidth requirements when the customer started using their replication.

    Bottom line - I am not a FalconStor employee, nor have I ever been. I do know a lot about storage virtualization technology and have been intently studying these technologies for many years. Frankly, I am astonished that another company has not snagged this company up, or that they have not been profitable. In the past two years, I have seen some pretty cool innovation continue to come out of this company. You should consider that you have a diamond in the rough with IPStor, a unique technology that competing products have taken YEARS to catch up to. If you want to reach out to me to discuss this further contact me via this Yahoo contact.
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    3 shares of Falcon store or a candy bar at least I'll get something out of the candy bar
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    seems like the recent news was good right?!! and no movement in the positive direction... ?