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Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio (FBIOX)

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    Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio
    Manager Tenure: since 10/12/2005

    Sell the entire bloated 14.45% of your holding in FBIOX of AbbVie Inc., ABBV. Analysts have downgraded the company stock and you need to wake up and follow suit.

    I invested in the Mutual Fund to prosper from a basket of company stocks and not participate in an investment concentrated on one ‘Dog’.

    Completely divest of this loser immediately or submit your resignation!
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    Wade J
    How has this Portfolio Manager not been fired? Big Pharma with huge grosses and this thing goes South the last year.
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    almost a 10 year low. wow
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    Ex Islander
    Apparently Fidelity has discontinued paying dividends and providing capital distributions on FBIOX.
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    Just checked my Fidelity account online, it was a dividend payout. According to my quick math, stock went down 12.83% but the dividend paid out about 14.8% in shares. My Quicken software is telling me that from Dec 17th to Dec 18th it was a gain/loss of 0%.... it was a wash. Phew!!!
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    My point is one can do very well by investing in biotech, but one must be sensible choosing their entry and exits and they MUST check their emotions at the door. Some day biotech will have another mega run, but don't ask me when. That's why I continue to hold my (relatively speaking) small position.

    The larger point: For most people, it is difficult to beat the market. Given this, it makes sense to have the majority of most people's holdings in an index fund. Yes! I have FUN! investing (not trading) in individual stocks, and I've had some stocks that have had CRAZY returns. I've also had a few holdings blow up. FUN! can come at a cost. After accurately computing my annual returns for many years (no Beardstown Ladies' calculator was used--Google it), I came to the conclusion being mostly invested in VTSAX (or equiv.) was the most PRUDENT action for me. A/O 6/28/19, Total market vehicles represented 62.33% (and this takes into consideration that my 401K represents 4.39% and index funds are not an investment option). Some index funds are VERY TAX EFFICIENT (compared to say, FBIOX).

    I noted that my portfolio, for the SHORT YTD time frame, has lagged VTSAX by 107 bps.
    How have others fared? If you have lagged the market for six months, two years, five years or whatever time frame you choose, will you be taking any action or will you simply repeat what hasn't worked?
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    Fidelity® Select Biotechnology Portfolio
    Short-term cap gain 0.433
    Long-term cap gain 3.397
    Total cap gain 3.829
    Ex date 12/18/2020
    Pay date 12/21/2020
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    Is FBIOX paying capital gains for April,2022?
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    A dividend of 0.032 per share, short-term capital gain of 0.098 per share, and long-term capital gain of 1.573 per share, declared on 04/09/2021, will be posted to your account on 04/12/2021
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    Can anyone explain why under details if you scroll down to fund overview the year-to-date says -9.61. but if you keep scrolling and go to Performance and risk it says the year-to-date is + 13.75?
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    Did they payout the Q4 Divi? I think it dropped last year this time too and it was due to the Divi distribution.
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    Don't Invest in any Fidelity ETFs or MFs..
    The Money Managers don't work for the fund holders...
    FBIOX has been flat for the past 3 years?
    Who is managing this ETF?
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    Called Fidelity yesterday regarding the status of the splits for the identified funds they listed for 6/8 (FBIOX, Fidelity Contra, etc)... The rep said the split has been “postponed until further notice” and they gave him no further info other than that.
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    Is there a practical way to roughly estimate how this fund (or any stock mutual fund) may close, near the end of the active day? (The purpose is to predict whether or not to sell before closing on a particular day, vs. wait and see how it does the next day - because I decided to extract the money.) I can look at the real-time status of the top 5 holdings (for example), but since the percentages of each one in the holdings are all different, I can't visualize how to calculate this.
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    Deep into the 18.00 range today. Again, what a great fund! $25 a share by 2030!
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    Just Lightreading
    Was SadsackSage replaced by Ralph or "."?
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    Got dividend redistribution over the weekend. It was indeed a"wash sale" with the drop to share price. Have to see if the manager is going to be proactive after dropping from 27 to 21.
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    To be clear (since at least one fellow poster doesn't seem to grasp a thing I post), I am not advocating an investment in biotech. Rather, I'm simply stating OBVIOUS investment concepts--particularly ones related to mutual funds investing.
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    "When judging the overall performance of a mutual fund, always look at the fund’s total return instead of just the changes in its NAV. Distributions made by the fund may reduce the fund’s NAV but they still belong as part of the shareholder’s overall return. Viewing returns in this manner gives a more accurate depiction of a fund’s success."

    Found this blurb on an investment news website/forum that I think some people here need to read. All this whining about daily NAV swings is pointless unless you're buying and selling this thing day to day. I believe casual investors such as myself are concerned with the VALUE of their investment and the change in value over a period of time (1yr., 3yrs., 5yrs., 10yrs...whatever). Sure, capital gain distributions required to be paid out by the fund will reduce NAV and may require a cost basis adjustment for tax purposes depending if the distribution is kept as cash or reinvested, but that's just how the mutual fund passes the tax liability to the investor. The investments total value (not NAV) and total return will remain the same (ignoring tax effects). And if an investment's total return isn't providing you the growth in value you want after a period of time, then dump it and find something that will! C'mon this is just basic stuff we're talking about here. Each person needs to evaluate the performance of their holdings themselves and decide if it's meeting the performance you desire. No need for spam posts to complain about a -3% drop in NAV one one day wiping out the +3% gain from the prior day.

    While I have not held this fund very long (a little over. 13 months to date), I'll provide the total return for my holding in the fund and the return for the S&P 500 for the exact same timeframe:

    FBIOX: +19.99%
    S&P 500: +16.98%

    So, for now, I'm happy with this. Down the road...who knows maybe not, but I'll evaluate it as I go. And if it starts to underperform, I'll cut it loose instead of crying about it.
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    My god what just happened