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FedEx Corporation (FDX)

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291.20+3.39 (+1.18%)
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288.23 -2.97 (-1.02%)
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  • C
    2021-04-13 FedEx Price Target Announced at $350.00 by Keybanc. A bump up on price target, nice.
  • J
    $300 this week!
  • r
    FDX and UPS make all kinds of sense to own right now. They are both cheap from a valuation standpoint and have growth ahead of them. I am an owner of both as I believe owning the entire competition is better than picking and choosing, especially when all the players are solid companies. These companies will be around long into the future, and today's prices are very reasonable compared to where they will be in the future. FDX has made an almost complete recovery from the bad times and my faith in the company has been restored. I bought in around the 250 mark. I see this company going to 400 ultimately, maybe beyond. It's not too late to buy in, most valuation metrics still indicate FDX is at a discount.
  • S
    FedEx will increase it's profits in both small parcel AND LTL services. This is a no brainer in the current economic climate. Will see over $300 by June....easy...
  • p
    think of all that amazon volume making other carriers more efficient. when will fedx grovel back to amazon looking for crumbs???
  • k
    FDX upgraded at JPM. Just came on CNBC.
  • n
    I ship a lot ... FDX revenue will continue to grow as USPS has priced themselves out of the market...UPS has always been too expensive
  • R
    Real_Stacey Kronch
    $PYPL conversation
    I will add and hold. PYPL will crush earnings and revise guidance upward in early May.
    Didn’t anyone pick up on $FDX earnings and more importantly raised guidance.
    They go hand and hand and both are winners with continuing strength and huge growth.
  • J
    Jim Smith
    obvious it's going to $300 now. i'm sure hedge funds have loaded up on calls.
  • T
    $PBI conversation
    United States Postal Service is planning a "BIG change for Priority Mail Express Service, which will now guarantee delivery by 6PM on the guaranteed delivery date rather than providing users of this service with a variety of delivery guarantee times, previously at 10:30, Noon or 3PM. "

    This will ultimately be a boon to both $FDX and $UPS. $PBI's Global Ecommerce unit and $STMP will also benefit when their customers switch to Priority Mail for 1/3rd the cost.

    But why? It has been speculated that "most companies are open until 5 pm, so the decision to change PME delivery guarantee to 6 pm is incomprehensible unless it’s a deliberate move to discourage companies from using it."

    Source: https://icclogistics.com/breaking-usps-changes-two-important-business-services/

  • D
    Detroit Steel
    The current Suez Canal situation is a tremendous problem for the global supply chain. More product from Asia will be diverted to airfreight (I have been in this business for a few decades). The major publicly traded players with significant international air cargo capacity are FDX, UPS, AAWW - all three of them will benefit
  • V
    Bagholder sellers will always come just to get their money back. This stock will never breakout out. Enjoy the dividend.
  • r
    Increased Business Spending from Infrastructure bill a Plus for FDX..Other Revenue Gaining co's...PTNYF...XALL.
  • D
    Quite often stocks that gap open will refill the gap and FDX has done just that. The path north should now be on track and the shares should test their recent highs IMO. I now have 2k on margin
  • M
    Mike Mc
    Shares of FedEx Corp. FDX rallied 6.1% after the company reported fiscal third-quarter 2021 adjusted earnings per share of $3.47, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $3.21.
    Makes no sense then then why down today.
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    Real_Stacey Kronch
    $PYPL conversation
    Throwing out the baby with the bath water?
    I understand rising interest rates hurt growth stocks, that are starting out or expanding without the earnings that they will hope to earn on their nascent revenue which is growing. Since they need to borrow money to help fulfill that growth. Hence the sensitivity to any little tick up in interest rates.
    But companies like $PYPL and $AMZN for example can fund growth themselves as they huge earnings.
    Seriously look at the earnings of these behemoths and the projected earnings. These companies are cash cows. And $FDX FedEx earnings and more importantly guidance says it all about online commerce moving forward.
    These three companies and others in such an enviable position will outperform the market vastly.
    Ignore the background noise, look at the numbers, the verbal and written statements and projections made by these companies.
  • J
    Howard F and Frank. I made over $10,000 on RH. Bought in at $461 and sold today at $600... In less than two weeks. Yes, that stock went up 140 points in 10 trading sessions. How long will it take FDX to do that? just wondering, since you guys are experts.
  • J
    21% to 28% higher corp tax rate equates to roughly 9% lower earnings and stock prices. Liberals are also proposing higher individual tax rates on individuals making more than $200,000, and married couples making more than $400,000. This includes thousands of small business owners who employ a lot of people. Some liberals also proposing higher gasoline taxes, and implementing carbon taxes. Higher taxes will result in lower profits, lower capital spending, fewer people hired, lower wage increases, more employee benefit sharing, and more layoffs. Market will probably trade side ways until it can be determined whether or not liberal Democrats will be successful taxing the heck out of hard working Americans and corp America. Thus far, we've spent $5.3 trillion on stimulus in past 12 months which equates to roughly $40,000 for every tax payer! Now liberals want another $3 trillion for infrastructure, and trillions more for climate control. Outrageous, and bankrupting our kids, grandkids, and future generations.
  • J
    Is anyone else shocked by how many of their family members, neighbors, and co-workers don't have a clue about how higher corporate tax rates impact EPS, and how EPS is a key driver for stock values? Are you also shocked by how few of these people understand that thousands of the households that earn over $400,000 and will be paying the higher personal income taxes are also small business owners who employ the majority of workers in America? That higher taxes reduce profits and free cash flow that businesses use to hire more people, pay higher wages, give higher merit increases, and invest more capital in their businesses? This is just basic 101 economics and finance that apparently vast majority of Americans never learned in high school, college, from their parents, or just from common sense! $5.3 trillion in stimulus deficit spending over last 12 months, and now another $2.3 trillion....which equates to about $55,000 for every taxpayer in America PLUS the interest expense to service the debt for the rest of our lives! We've absolutely hosed our kids, grandchildren, and future generations.
  • l
    latin scholar
    FDX projecting full year adjusted earnings per share of $17.60 to $18.20, compared to $9.50 adjusted EPS in FY 2020. So using $18 for earnings and a relative low PE of 20 we reach a short term target price of $360 for FedEx. I would place any sell orders above the $360 price level. We have good company with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as shareholders.