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    Jerry S
    Think about the future of this company before you spread FUD about Drone Delivery's service. FEDEX, UPS and DHL could make a partnership with Drone Delivery Canada Corp's services. The potential of this drone delivery service is gigantic.
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    BABY STEPS I know However I completely forgot we have Mr. Williams on the board of directors.

    Jim has over 30 years of experience in the Aerospace sector and recently served as Manager of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Office at the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). During his 15 years as an executive at the FAA, Jim held several important positions including Director of Systems Engineering, leader of the Integrated Product Team for ATC Communications, and finally, executive lead for all FAA UAS integration activities. During his tenure, the FAA approved the first commercial drone operations in the USA and published the regulatory structure that enabled routine commercial drone operations in the USA. Prior to joining the FAA, Jim was a flight test engineer and a production liaison engineer for the Lockheed Georgia Company’s C5, C-141 and C-130 programs. He also worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Mission Control during the initial flights of the US Space Shuttle.

    This is certainly bullish AF. IF DDC can execute proper cargo shipping from Airport to depots/warehouses in Canada which they are literally flying them now to test and finalize the setup... This should be easy to duplicate and use as proof along with MR. Williams navigating the FAA to step into USA as well.

    Who would the FAA rather approve? Companies that are still far from approval? or tested proven companies that have had approval in Canada for years and already have proven AI and model that works.

    Canada is also usually stricter rules and regulation wise vs America so I feel like this could be an easy move into the US sector. Hopefully DDC executes final tests at EIA with AIR Canada (who is finding them contracts BTW LOL) amazing.

    And the final fuel we need is Condor approval lets gooooo
    *Thanks to CompetitiveSplit1398 for bringing this to my attention on the Reddit forum for Drone Delivery Canada (Dronedeliverycanadaco)
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    The Watcher
    I said before I don't mind bashers but aside from the couple bashers I muted who post every 5 minutes, most of the bashers say nothing is in the air yet. Rome wasn't built in a day lol. They are making moves. Regardless Drone delivery will have it's use. Canada alone with its size and remote areas will benefit.
  • T
    Just one retail partner would transform this company and push earnings! 1 just give us 1 for Black Friday!! Walmart announced their drone partner.
  • R
    I am impressed with the number of Us & Cdn patents that Flt is obtaining. To me it's like building a foundation to a strong building. It would be interesting to see if other companies are using the same approach. I know currently, their revenues are not growing like others would like, however, I do think in time Flt will be able to translate these patents into future contracts and growing revenue. Long term holding, I'm happy with one brick at a time!
  • d
    condor is still gonna be tested for at least the next 2 quarters. MZ still has 700k in options. the latest white paper on drones said full scale operations should begin in 4-5 years. anyone saying anything different is misinformed. everything is going according to plan.
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    Winston Wolf
    Maybe we should all put down our swords in December? Hanukkah, Christmas... maybe not the best time to all be fighting. There's enough hostility in the world and on social media.
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    To complement Stephane's message, this is an article from July 2020. Here is the key excerpt: "Currently, Drone Delivery Canada is permitted to conduct limited delivery operations in the U.S. under FAA visual line-of-sight regulations." However, it doesn't say that DDC has permission for BEYOND line-of-sight flights. It takes time to get partners in the U.S. since they may favor partnering with U.S.-based drone companies... just guessing. Nonetheless, DDC has to prove that beyond line-of-sight flights work in a safe manner and reliable before committed partners show up at DDC's door. Mr. Williams will be our voice in the U.S. I strongly believe that we will get a partner in the U.S. and be able to scale up quickly (plenty of remote areas in the U.S. that need delivery services).

    I also included an article from October 2021 about DDC's potential of getting to a $B valuation. It's very possible, lot of ifs, but MZ has to make right moves going forward, and the opening of the Commercialization Center is a good move IMHO.
    Yes, I am bullish and for those who don't believe in this company, why would you spend time bashing an 84-cent stock? Seriously?
  • S
    Just saw the DSV video on LinkedIn and found MZ. His bio seems as if he is open to other roles?

    “ Experienced Executive and Board Director. Currently President & CEO of Drone Delivery Canada. Open to a remunerated Fiduciary or Advisory Board position with a for-profit entity or crown corporation”

    MZ or not, I believe in DDC. Just wanted to hear thoughts on this.
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    Millionaire maker Stock: Drone Delivery Canada!
    In Canada alone, 150K routes have been identified with their partner Air Canada Cargo. Clearly they are a longggg way from that currently. However, that is one country and does not begin to accurately quantify DDC's ultimate potential. So, here is the simple math. This is in $US.

    150,000 routes X $15,000 per month = $2.25Billion per month or $27Billion a year.

    Now clearly DDC is nowhere close to that. So, let's start small and build:

    100 routes X $15,000 per month = $1.5M per month or $18M a year 1,000 routes X $15,000 per month = $15M per month or $180M a year 10,000 routes X $15,000 per month = $150M per month or $1.8B a year 25,000 routes X $15,000 per month = $375M per month or $4.5B a year

    Now let's talk valuation. At each of the number of routes above I have assigned a revenue-multiple based on routes and maturity of the company. Valuation multiples are as follows:

    100 routes = 100 X revenue 1,000 routes = 50 X revenue 10,000 routes = 20 X revenue 25,000 routes = 10 X revenue

    Now let's translate to company valuation i.e. market cap (revenue X multiple = company valuation/mkt cap):

    100 routes = $1.8B company value 1,000 routes = $9B company value 10,000 routes = $36B company value 25,000 routes = $45B company value

    Now let's translate to share price at each of those levels. (company value/210M shares)

    100 routes = $8.57 share price 1,000 routes = $42.85 share price 10,000 routes = $171.43 share price 25,000 routes = $214.28 share price

    Financing needs will likely result in an increased share count, so the share prices at 1,000 routes and above may need to be discounted based on future dilution. But, it should be noted that as share price increases the diluted share requirement decreases. For example: At 1k routes, if the share price is $42, the company could raise $1Billion by selling only an additional 23million shares. So, the point is, dilution is not exponential.

    So, with respect to the industry, are drones coming? Yes Is DDC positioned as a leader and potentially "the leader" in the space? Yes

    When their is turbulence in the market, it can be easy to lose perspective. This loss is what ultimately leads to market capitulation i.e. weak-minded investors selling off shares that sophisticated investors buy at a huge discount.

    This is not investment advice. It is simply presented for the purpose of perspective. DDC still has to execute. *got this from another chat. Thanks to that person who originally posted it.
  • P
    People worry about inflation. Drone will reduce cost. Government should support the drone delivery.
  • N
    The zone patent news just released makes it easier to manage multiple drones at a drone spot as the routes get busier.
  • m
    Who has been here since last year? I remember names such as Sundance, Aaron, Jorgon (bear), Damanjeet, WallyWorld, Condorflying, and a few others. There was also one very annoying John who posted everyday saying "Buyer at 0.80" when the stock price was over 1.5. All of them disappeared over the last year, except I see Wally's comments recently. The stock price has taken a round trip from around end of Nov 2020 - 0.9 all the way to 2.38/2.55 and back. No regrets, I made some money here, although I expected a more steady growth rather than the extremes. Why am I still here? Well, I still believe in the technology, this stock is in my watchlist and I am looking for a reason and time to buy in. April 2020 was that moment for me when I thought I made the right investment when Michael Zahra said, few contracts are close to the finish line with Brick & Mortar companies and he also mentioned "within 1 month" around that time. May be he did mean the Edmonton airport, UBC and the few which are already up and running, when people expected Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon etc. Now my concern is whether there is even a market for drone delivery logistics that will generate big revenues for DDC and the like. Time will tell. Not believing in promises anymore and need to see numbers. Small cap growth stock investing is a very big risk in the first place. See what happened to WELL.TO, AT.TO, REAL.TO, XBC.TO, LSPD.TO, GRN.TO etc etc many more with ditto chart such as DDC...and... DDC is not even close to these companies in terms of revenue. Those invested here, be patient for another 3-5 years min to see sustained growth. Don't miss another rally though, it could happen soon on some news, so you can make up your losses.
  • S
    The EIA project was through our Air Canada connection. I am really curious to know an answer to this; Has DDC’s sales team actually acquired a project or has it been all through AC?
  • B
    Eh asperger or carlsberg whatever you call yourself, can you explain what was posted on LinkedIn yesterday from EIA? It’s related to us you should check it out… maybe even consider it an UPDATE?! 😂🤡
  • A
    Based of the patient approved today, I want to buy more
  • K
    perfect timing to buy this stock and other stocks everything is on sale
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    Patches & I were out in the square body 4x4 today checking on the cattle. There’s so much routine in farming that it made me think of how much of this stuff can be done hands free. From livestock temperatures to herbicide spraying.. I could spare the 64sqft of land for a drone spot.
    If you ate today, thank a farmer.
    … if you got it, a truck brought it…Buying more DDC shares in the morning.