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  • Why is it so difficult for this Administration to just Release FNMA for god sake after all the fraud and corruption that the Obama administration undertook with FNMA? Why I ask you, why? So much for draining the swamp.
  • The MBA cartel almost destroyed the US economy in 2008. Hensarling, Corker and Warner continue to promote what's good for the cartel rather than the US. I wonder if they had their fingers crossed when they took their oaths of office.
  • why would the fed invest $187 billion to save FnF in their mind only to wind them down? makes no sense to me
  • Mitch McConnell's new Senate TrumpCare bill will displace 6 M senior citizens from nursing homes and deny childbirth care to nearly 50% of the expecting mothers in America. And all so that wealthy campaign donors can get huge breaks on taxation. Up to 6 M healthcare workers can expect to lose their jobs as hospitals close in rural and inner city markets.

    Orange-haired Bozo the Clown delivers on yet another promise to rid HIS America of undesirables, the poor and, of course, immigrants.
  • Don't you find it strange that all these Bloomberg et "hit" pieces coincide with the 5% pps haircut that occurs whenever the piece gets published. Talk about a corrupt process - congress, FHFA, wall street, the media, treasury??? OMG 12 years ago the GSE's were golden and nobody cared about an implicit government guarantee because everybody was long. NOW everybody is short and bent to the extreme on shorting these companies into oblivion without the due process that occurs with a failing business model. These shorts want to steal this business and take it all for themselves and do a repeat of the exact same model only with a different owner - them. And its sanctioned as being OK for some reason even though these organizations essentially saved the us economy from a depression

    but we have no champion except a minority media attention and others who are identified as greedy hedge fund investors.... I really don't get that because it is the OPPOSITE, The greedy ones are the shorts stealing from owners..
  • Learn to solve for the value of (k) using a Pearson Product Moment Correlation formula for trend cycle analysis. Also, a linear regression will give a more general indicator value. There is a solid reason Mathematicians earn six-figure incomes. Deploy timeline apex points to graph wave directions. God speed.
  • Ignore the noise and focus on the long term. I believe events will ultimately reward FNMA longs. Despite what the trolls on this message post constantly, this administration is remaking our government including the courts, it just may take longer than we like.

    Donald Trump Is In The Perfect Position To Dramatically Remake The Courts
    With 100+ judicial vacancies and a Senate eager to fill them, conservatives are salivating.
  • It's nice the CEO of Fannie got an award, and that Fannie keeps getting awards for a job well done. Did anyone happen to take notice the government has stolen this company and all of its profits? It's like the government stealing your house and then getting awards for how nice they keep the lawn. Isn't the CEO supposed to be working for the shareholders?
  • Looks like someone wants the shares to cover the shorts...lower it goes I think it is better to buy more...every dip is a great opportunity...
  • "I don't lay awake at night worrying about what is fair to shareholders." "The first sounds they'll hear is their heads hitting the floor." Who is worse for their actions ... the General or the soldiers?
  • http://www.glenbradford.com/2017/06/fnma-fanniegate-562/

    another lawsuit just filed. from bradford Twitter post.

    Gov't gonna have more if they don't stop NWS and release us. LOL

    Three GSE shareholders filed a fresh lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota today, and a copy of their complain is attached to this e-mail message. The Bhatti Plaintiffs are represented by Scott D. Knudson at Briggs and Mor
  • Between a rock and a hard place. I have held this stock a long time. It seems the government has gotten away with this theft for two main reasons. First, they own the courts. Secondly, the vast majority of American's have no understanding of what has happened here. Most likely do not know what the GSE's are and what they do. It's likely most of the media does not understand, and won't take the time to learn. So, this puts the government in a position to get away with this theft.
  • FHFA Sues 17 Banks Over Massive Mortgage Losses at Fannie and Freddie.
    September 2, 2011. This proves the GSEs not at fault.

    Amount involved in the suits more than $170 billion.

    Below is a list of major institutions along with the value over which they were being sued for.

    Ally Financial Inc. $6 billion
    Bank of America $5 billion
    Barclays Bank $4.9 billion
    Citigroup, Inc $3.5 billion
    Countrywide Financial $26.6 billion
    Deutsche Bank AG $14.2 billion
    First Horizon National $883 million
    General Electric Co. $549 million
    Goldman Sachs & Co. $11.1 billion
    HSBC North American Holdings $6.2 billion
    JPMorgan Chase & Co. $33 billion
    Merrill Lynch & Co / First Franklin Financial Corp. $24.8 billion
    Nomura Holding America Inc. $2 billion
    The Royal Bank of Scotland Group $30.4 billion
    Societe Generale $1.3 billion

    Information From:
    Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/afontevecchia/2011/09/02/fhfa-sues-17-banks-over-massive-mortgage-losses-at-fannie-and-freddie/#4d4b188628ef

    Treasury Draws and Dividend Payments: 2008- 1Q 2017
    Fannie Mae: Draw: $116.1 billion, Payments: $159.9 billion. Difference $43.8 billion.

    Information From: Fannie Mae First Quarter 2017 Form 10Q Page 7
    Link: http://www.fanniemae.com/resources/file/ir/pdf/quarterly-annual-results/2017/q12017.pdf

    Freddie Mac: Draw: $71.3 billion, Payments: $108.2 billion. Difference $36.9 billion

    Information From: Freddie Mac First Quarter 2017 10Q Page 12
    Link: http://www.freddiemac.com/investors/financials/pdf/2017er-1q17_release.pdf

    The U.S. Treasury has received payment of the original $187.4 billion forced on the GSEs, plus $80.7 billion dividend payment, plus $170 billion on settled lawsuits.

    $187.4 billion original investment

    $80.7 billion dividends +
    $170.0 billion lawsuits = ($250.7 Billion)

    Total $438.1 Billion 133.78 % Return

    IN ADDITION: U.S. Treasury claim “Warrants” of 79.9% of both companies “Common Stock.”

  • Bloomberg is definitely ratcheting up their short-sided rhetoric with that Sculley (opinion) about MBS owners "feelings" regarding an implicit guarantee that suddenly (introduced by the shorts in 2007-2008 time frame to infuse fear in the underlying risk of said MBS security as demonstrated by the implosion of the housing market by the arbitrarily high home valuations coupled with illegal loan practices by the banks and other wall street crooks who lent money to people who could not afford homes in the first place)
  • NOt having fun yet? LOL ... Another elderly robbed today! My God... them eternal rewards must be racking up! I would TRUST you with the KEYS! You seem good for it!
  • https://www.housingwire.com/articles/40448-senate-judiciary-committee-chair-wants-answers-on-where-all-the-mortgage-settlement-money-went

    Senate Judiciary Committee chair wants answers on where all the mortgage settlement money went
    Earlier this month, the Trump administration’s Department of Justice put a stop to an Obama administration tactic of dictating that some companies send settlement funds to unaffiliated third parties, a practice that Republicans criticized as a “slush
  • I am ready for Mel to dance alone next week
  • Loading up! Let's see the green! Go FnF!
  • where the settlement money went

    Hey, Journalists: Obama Policy Diverted Settlement Cash To Soros-Funded Groups
    By Aly Nielsen, News BustersJudicial Watch recently filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice after uncovering evidence it forced companies to give money to left-wing nonprofits during the Obama
  • Wow. This stock really shlt the bed. This is headed below $2.25 or lower today.