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MFAM Global Opportunities Fund Investor Shares (FOOLX)

Nasdaq - Nasdaq Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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30.93-0.47 (-1.48%)
At close: 09:01PM EDT

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  • D
    I missed the discussion of the name & ticker change.

  • J
    So to the dividend/cap gain answer, do the shareholders receive a dividend? All I saw was a loss and this is a pretty big fee and almost wiped out my gains for the year.
  • m
    i have foolx---tmfgx---tmfgx some over 4 yrs and no stmts i have no phone numbers help
  • D
    When David was making the decisions about which stock to put into foolx it did well,
    but now he's moved on to specialty stock advice which he charges several thousand dollars.
    He's has turned his cheeper advice over to newby's right out of collage.
  • N
    It didn't really drop...they paid out a dividend/cap gain.
  • E
    15% short & long term gains distribution to the shareholders. Reinvested at lower rate gives you additional shares and total value equal to value prior to distribution.
    1000 shares @ 100/share = $100,0000
    15% distribution = $15,000.
    1000 @ $85 =.$85,000
    $15,000/$85 = 176.47 new shares
    1176.47 X $85 = $100,000
    You lost nothing!
  • T
    What happened in ONE DAY? Did they have a bunch of Bitcoin and it tanked?
  • j
    I have purchased some of Fools picks and done very well. Before I invest in any securities I do a lot of research.
  • j
    I’m glad I never drink coffee otherwise I might have invested in Luckin, when the Fool’s were touting the company.
  • R
    Rocky Marquez
    Been there done that!
  • J
    This stock is junk and so is their advice.
  • R
    I've seen this before. RBCC tanked taking my $6,000 invested with it. After 5 years of investing in FOOLX, now TMFG, I'm cashing out.
  • W
    Motley Fool & so many others are just out there to get your money! Follow the free sites & do your homework. Only 10% of your portfolio should be risk stocks, the others dividend growth stocks. However Zacks,The Fool,Oxford etc are a joke!
    They all try to sell you & say the same things as posted above! Use your head when investing!
  • S
    Overall seems like a very poor job of communication and followup by the fools. Hard to tell what happened and whats happening now. Im a semi active investor but have much time to track this individual investment. Is it now an etf? What are the holdings? What is exp ratio? Cant readily find that info. Dividend? I cant really tell. No info is readily available. Looks like my overall value has dropped more than expected as market is still near all time high. Something just seems fishy!!??