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  • E
    Fox news is dead. Good riddance
  • S
    Sports Fan
    Bye bye FOX!!
  • E
    Do I feel bad for Mitch McConnell home? No
  • M
    I fail to see what these posts have to do with money or the stock. Take your political diatribes (lib or con) elsewhere. If you think that one post here is going to change the direction of a multi-million $$ Corp, you're wrong.
  • b
    Fox should host the gab internet site.
  • f
    i hope AOC and libs runs us of a for at least 10 years straight ahahahahahahahahahahah, money printing will continue big time, no risk in mkts, liberals are the best!
  • D
    makes no difference who's in office....both sides are bland nothingness...i'd rather see Covid blow up again so i can load up on cheap stocks....
  • M
    $INO conversation
    Even though with good peer review data, there is no movement in the stock price today 😳 This will be much focused only if they announce the $$$ amount for P2 and P3 funding from DOD. Ones done they need to act quick with P2 and start P3 immediately crossing all the hurdles. Also we are lack of publicity here, no news on national TV’s CNBC, CBS, FOX, CNN. See how much hype they created for PFE, NVAX, MODERNA and AZA with Peer review data. One more thing is, people are thinking that we are behind, but the answer is NO. Best example is SNF, they didn’t even start P1 with TBIO partnership and CEO said on Madmoney that this is not a race to run and deliver the best, SNF is the world leader for vaccines with 100+ years of experience. They know that this virus will live forever and moreover a new strains will be coming every now and then which needs to be taken care. Bottom line, world should know about INO #CNBC, #CBS, #FOX, #CNN.
  • E
    Republicans will lose more seats come election. You can bet that , you guys won’t be running anything in government going for the next decade.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    FOXA is up 4.91% to 30.89
  • D
    David F
    I bet it goes down $1 tomorrow.
  • t
    Chris Wallace should not be on fox network he is a Democrat never watch his show
  • D
    all these people talking about Trump like he has so much bearing in their lives...its mostly rich yuppies, "progressive" whites that feign concern & act like corrections officers if you're indifferent.....regular people Barely think about this #$%$ its like a bad storyline in wrestling or something.....
  • s
    $RLF.SW conversation
    3,309 people died of the corona virus in the United States on Friday. The number of new infections has also reached a new high.
    In Europe look it not better😥
    We are need you now.
    opens the data and forwards it to every country, every authority, every news channel, simply to everyone.
    #COVID19 #Cnn #Fox #Bbc #Who #fda #neurorx #rlf-100 #Europe #usa #Mexico
  • J
    Have you noticed the massive drop in viewership at Fox?
    Tucker barely made the top 20.
    It's a holiday weekend and the new numbers don't drop until Monday, but I'd be willing to bet they aren't good.
    The takedown of Fox will continue.
    Maybe some of the MSNBC or CNN crowd can start watching it?
    I know I won't.
  • t
    China joe will never be my president
  • l
    rupert murdoch has blood on his hands
  • E
    Lastly I hope you catch and punish all of those punks at the capital hill. That cop who “hit” that 14 year vet in the face is a HERO. She was literally breaking through the window and got dropped lol. If she was a “ vet” she would of known what she was doing.