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Fidelity Select Technology Portfolio (FSPTX)

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At close: 6:46PM EDT
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  • L
    Hi all, I am an amateur here, if it is going to be a capital gains distribution, when does that come and will it typically make up the $4 lost today?
  • S
    Does anybody know what happened with FSPTSX down 5.25%? The market was up toady while FSPTX down 5.25% which is nor supposed to be
  • k
    Most of the drop is $9.90 Dividend declaration, Will be paid out on Monday, 12/4.
  • G
    How is either ST or LT going to cover the $4 drop? Especially ST, only $.61 per share
  • N
    Nadim Muhammad
    I am trying to understand this dividend. Does this mean there in no additional amount is going to be paid as dividend and only adjustment to lower price will automaticall increase the number of shares to keep the amount constant. If this is the case, then whats the point of dividend?
  • G
    Why did this drop $4 today?
  • J
    So cap gains distribution and that is used to purchase more share of holdings?
  • D
    When does VISA & MASTERCARD = "Technology" ..... seems like an out of place investment for a technology fund.
  • J
    There sure were a lot of Posts here back when this did its year end dividend. I believe it was $4.35 ..the price went from $30.60 to the 26s again.

    I've only had this since early Dec and cannot believe how great this has been.

    It's like the Fund Said Oh Hello! ..here's a Bunch of money ..then proceeds to appreciate in price !

    Has been good for my Bank account ..and for my Portfolio value

    Thank You Select Technology
  • P
    When does the capital gain and dividend actually show up in the account? There's this massive drop overnight. Appreciate if some one can explain.
  • j
    Everyone, I just now spoke to a brokerage firm and everything is good. The 4.30 down on FSPTX is a distribution that will go into everyone’s acct. so it’s a wash or you may even gain a few dollars. This distribution should be in everyone’s acct. on Monday. So relax enjoy tomorrow and all is good.
  • m
    technology sector went up through the roof today but closed $ 6.38 less from the highest.unless is ready to pay div and capital gain tomorrow.
  • J
    Does anyone know why the price dropped so much today? It doesn't make sense from the individual stock price change.
  • A
    capital gains distribution... no biggie
  • X
    What’s going on price increase by 901%? Can somebody explain please.
  • m
    It's normal, and happens to most funds at year end. In a couple of days your number of shares will increase, which will offset today's "decline". Funds are required to pay out dividends and cap gains. Most people's funds are set to use these distributions to automatically repurchase additional shares. So the drop in price is offset by an increased number of shares.
  • M
    yields up, stocks down, covid spreads, stocks down, vaccines spreads, stock down, vaccines supplies up, stocks down, jobless claims down, stock down

    what gives?
  • L
    League Bowler
    2018 is predicated to bring similar results, time will tell but another 50% would rock!
  • m
    whats going on with fidelity they are late/overdue with the april capital gain/distribution!!!
  • X
    This fund has been falling for quite a while, it was doing great a couple of months ago, now we barely see a green day. (-23%) hoping for a soon raise.